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Interview with Daniel Gildenlow of Swedish Pain Of Salvation

Pain Of Salvation

René : Daniel, before Pain Of Salvation saw the lights, you already formed the band Reality. Can you tell us something about that band?

Daniel : I formed Reality when I was 11 years old. I still like a lot of the songs I wrote then – I guess that I would have bigger chances of becoming a rich composer on those songs than on the music I write nowadays. We had some success locally and nation-wide those early years. Johan Langell started playing in the band around 1989, when he was 14 years old, so we go way back.

René : Why the change of the bandname into Pain Of Salvation?

Daniel : I was sick and tired of Reality, and I looked for new names for quite some time when I studied at Music College. I wanted a name that meant something, a name that was more than a cool expression. For me, Pain of Salvation has the meaning of balance. Taking the good with the bad. It is also a good expression in everyday use, when something does not go the way you planned; “well, that’s just the pain of salvation,” to indicate that this is just a slight setback on an otherwise painless journey towards your goal.

René : Till now the debut album is only released in Japan, why?

EntropiaDaniel : We signed with the Japanese label very early, even before recording the first album. The European and US record companies are more coward, so it took us some time to find one that we could really believe in. We only work with people that really like what we do, we don’t care much for money-talk. Anyway, when we found InsideOut they wanted to release “One Hour by the Concrete Lake” first, for obvious reasons. That was fine with us since we do not make particularly trend-sensitive music; our albums are built to last.

René : It will be released in Europe finally this summer, can we expect a different version than the japanese version?

Daniel : Well, it has the unique feature of lacking the bonus track. *smile* If you already have the Japanese version, there is really only one reason for you to buy the European one: all the artwork is in full colour. The European version will be released all over Europe on the 23rd of August.

René : The second album was released in Europe earlier this year (the first POS release in Europe), what are the reactions so far?

Daniel : Really, really great. We meet one brilliant review after the other and we receive great feedback from our fans. I must say that I am surprised. Not that our music deserves less, but you have to consider that we are a new, young band with quite a different sound, and this must be seen as our European debut since Entropia is not yet released. The number of fans is constantly growing.

One Hour by The Concrete lakeRené : Is the response you get now in Europe the same as in Japan?

Daniel : Yes, very much so. Only problem in Japan is that we only received 82/100 in the biggest magazine. They want us to be more mainstream progressive (if you allow that somewhat strange terminology), stripping away the aggressive and funky parts, which we will not do.

René : And what about the US??

Daniel : I cannot tell you to much so far, but our US fans (and they seem to be quite a few despite the fact that we have not released our albums there yet) will soon have reasons to rejoice. Once again, some areas are harder than others when it comes to finding a good label that dares to open a new bottle of champagne instead of sipping the old one yet another decade. And how’s that for a silly metaphor?

René : In Europe you have toured with Threshold and Eldritch recently. Was it are you satisfied tour for POS?

Daniel : Yes, it was a great tour and a great experience. Some gigs were better than others of course, but that is just the way it is. We always seek to be the best band on stage, why settle for less? *smile* It is not so common that a band gets to tour Europe one month after the release of their first album. Consequently, I did not expect people to come and see us in particular! Some fans even travelled between countries just to see us more than once! I bow my head in respect and gratefulness. The gig in Uden, Holland, was the best one on the whole tour. The audience was just great and the feedback made us even better on stage.

pain Of Salvation live

René : Have you ever toured that extensive or are you planning to tour in Japan and / or US?

Daniel : The European tour was our first tour ever, even though I went to Japan for a promotion trip after the release of Entropia. As for now, we are taking a short break after two years of constant stress and pressure, and then we will finish and record our next album. And of course we have the ProgPower gig, which we look forward to a lot.

René : Well, talking about ProgPower, can we expect something special?

Daniel : Oh, just the ordinary POS stuff: passion, perfection and pure divinity exploding on stage. *laugh* Who knows, perhaps we will play one of the new songs for you – but only as an encore. How’s that?

René : Let's talk a little bit about the future, are there already plans for a third release?

Daniel : Yes, we have about seven or eight songs almost completely finished, except for the lyrics. We are not sure whether it will be a concept album or not, so I have waited with the lyrics. I am sure that it will be a great album.

Pain Of Salvation

René : Or maybe a liveCD and/or video?

Daniel : We have spent no thoughts about a live-CD yet. To be honest I have never liked live-CDs myself. I guess it is a nice substitute for seeing a band live but... About videos; we have actually made three videos already, from the first two albums. Two of the videos even won awards. But we haven’t made any live videos – perhaps we will bring a camera to the ProgPower.


René : OK, I guess we have discussed the most important things, Is there something else you want to tell the fans?

Daniel : I want to thank everybody out there that supports our music and our thoughts. It would not be the same without you. We will be there for you, in mind and music

René : Daniel, thanks for your time and good luck in the near future!

Daniel : Thank you. I look forward to meet you again at the ProgPower festival, René. Take care.

Pain Of Salvation Band Photo

Saturday 07 August 1999



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