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Matteo Infante - Dynamic LightsA few months ago the Italian progressive rock band Dynamic Lights released their second album called "Shape". In lots of magazines and e-zines the reviews were very good and spoke of a promising new Italian band. Bart, who did the review for DPRP, also recommended this album and he named bands like Pain Of Salvation and Wolverine as the main influences of Dynamic Lights. It is now the beginning of the summer and I have a talk with singer Matteo Infante and first of all I would like to know how the tour with Nightingale went.

MATTEO: "It was great, the response in Europe was more than we could wish for, even in places like Berlin, where there only were 60 people, the crowd was really enthusiastic. So, we are really looking forward to October when we will be playing on the Prog Power Festival in your country."

MARTIEN: Wolverine will be playing there as well, so any chance that Jamina Jansson will be joining you during "In The Hands Of A Siren"?

"I really hope so, that would be fantastic."

Is it true that it was your idea to ask Jansson to do a duet with you on the first song of Shape?

Dynamic Lights - Shape Album Cover"Actually, yes. During the writing of the song and while listening to the song's melody, I really thought that a female vocal part would fit in perfectly into that song. I was impressed by the performance of Jamina who also sang in a Wolverine song and when I spoke to Stefan, who is the singer of Wolverine and a friend of mine, I asked him if this was possible. He said yes, of course and so the song was born as you can listen to it now on the album."

Were you surprised by all the positive reviews about "Shape'?

"Yes, surprised and really satisfied and it was great to see such a fantastic response all over the world. We have really worked hard to finish this album and we are still promoting our album as good as possible."

I suppose DVS Records supports you in every possible way, how did you get into contact with DVS?

DVS Records"It all started when we sent our EP "Resurrection" to the Prog Power selections. Rene Janssen of DVS Records, as organizer of the Progpower Festival in The Netherlands, listened to our music and he was really impressed by our music. Later on he called us and after many conversations we finally agreed on a contract. From that point on everything went well and it is still going great at this moment."

Speaking of "Resurrection", what are the main musical differences between your first EP and "Shape"?

"I think that they are completely different from each other. You can hear that "Shape" is much more modern, our musical style has evolved a lot, I think. In those five years we have become much more progressive."

How did you guys meet each other in the first place?

Before Dynamic Lights was formed with the actual line up, we all played in different bands in the same city, so we already knew each other. Marco (Poderi, guitar, MK) and Raffaele (Mariotti, bass, MK) were the first to play together as Dynamic Lights, then I joined, and later on Simone (Del Pivo, drums, MK) and Giovanni (Bedetti, keyboards, MK) completed the line up. We all had the same ideas actually; create and play music where everyone could and would give his best, with lots of creativity, originality and definitely without any compromises."

In most of the reviews I read your music is compared with bands like Wolverine, Pain Of Salvation and even Fates Warning; so, so much for originality, right?

"No, I do not agree with you there. Of course critics like you use other bands to describe the music of unknown bands like Dynamic Lights, but we definitely have our own style. You can describe our music like that but our musical influences are different and to name just these bands is not properly correct. Do not get me wrong, we are honoured to be compared to these great bands, but again we do not want to play like them. We listen to a lot of different music. Each member of the band has a different background and his own personal style, so…"

Could you tell something about the song writing process within the band?

Yes, of course. Each member contributes to a song. We normally start with a simple idea, which someone of us has. Then everybody adds something to that idea/song and normally we are completely free how the song will develop. We try to decide what kind of direction the song will take and what we would like to tell with our music."

So the lyrics are about…

"We certainly have no political messages, not yet anyway. We always try to write a lyric that fits perfectly with the song and the music. It can be a story or a thought, just a dream or something that comes into mind when we hear a song. It can be related to real life or not; we get inspiration from everything we hear and see, so."

In a few reviews your pronunciation has been criticised, does this bother you?

"No, it is normal that I have an Italian accent, I cannot change that. But a lot of Italian bands do have this problem and I am still trying to improve my English, of course."

So, have you never considered singing in Italian, then?

"No, because it limits you too much. Singing in English gives us the opportunity to be heard and understood all around the world. It's also the reason why we try to spread our music not only through Italian channels. There is not much space in Italy for our kind of music and you can understand that singing in Italian would probably close even more doors for us."

Giovanni's keyboards and especially his piano playing are very dominant on Shape, will this be the trademark of Dynamic Lights?

"No, we never decide to follow guidelines in the writing process of a song, so the piano parts came in a natural way since Giovanni is a great piano player. We are happy if something in our music seems special and is therefore remembered. So, if the piano sound on "Shape" is considered to be "our" trademark, we are satisfied about that."

Of course, Dynamic Lights activities do not pay the bills in your daily life. What else do you do to earn a decent living?

"I work in a business company at the moment and the other guys are still at university. But, it is our dream to become full professional musicians and play the music we want and like."

Do you as a singer have a role model, or in other words, who is your favourite rock singer?

"Very difficult question, my friend…….well, I have to say, hmmm….. Russell Allan, Jorn Lande of Masterplan and probably Daniel Gildenlow."

Any last words for our Dutch fans?

"I must say I am really thankful for the attention we get from The Netherlands, it sure feels good. About the DPRP website I would like to say that it is the most interesting and most complete progressive web site I have ever seen. Keep up the good work and I hope that you will be at the Prog Power Festival in October so that we can eat a frikandel together, ha ha ha..

Thanks for your time and your answers. See you in October.


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