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Dave Foster Band — Glimmer, Kite Parade — Retro, Rafael Pacha — A Bunch Of Forest Songs, Svntax Error — The Vanishing Existence
The John Irvine Band — Scanning The Dark Horizon, Madlen Key — Event Horizon, Seven Reizh — L'albatros, Arjen Lucassen's Supersonic Revolution — Golden Age Of Music
Leon Alvarado — Charging The Electric Dream, Ardarith — Home, Docker's Guild — The Mystic Technocracy - Season 2: The Age Of Entropy, Mr. Gil — Love Will Never Come, Starquake — At The Circus, TNNE — Life 3.0
Arena — The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance, Glen Brielle — Still, Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius — Behind The Curtain - Live At Progstock, Dorian Shroom — Nothing Is Sacred, Dreaming David K — Black Cat Metaphysics, Great Wide Nothing — Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Vol. II
Amplifier — Hologram, Greybeard — Dark Age, David Paton — Magic - The David Paton Story, Robeone — Dream Suite, Various Artists — Songs For An Angel – Tribute To Eric Bouillette (Volume 1), Michal Wojtas — Lore

Prog Bites

Franck Carducci & Mary Reynaud — Naked, Emetropia — An Acoustic Endeavor, Magna Zero — All Must Go, Peter Mergener — New Horizons, Mönster — Life Science, Aksel Røed's Other Aspects — Do You Dream In Colours?, Shroud of Bereavement — A Beautiful Winter
Aisles — Beyond Drama, Cairo — Nemesis, Kinetic Element — Chasing The Lesser Light, Keith A. Gordon — On Track: Spirit, The View Inside — Strange Destinations — Duo Review

Prog Andaluz

Arábiga — Amores Y Desengaños, Randy Lopez — Apocalipsis ?, Onza — V - Divergencia Y Convergencia, Sherish — Escampa
Amaryllis — Inquietum Est Cor, Collage — Over and Out, Disperse — Journey Through The Hidden Gardens, Division By Zero — Tyranny Of Therapy, Millenium — Exist, Mindfields — One, Nemezis — Nemezis, Peter Pan — Days, Pinkroom — Psychosolstice, Tale Of Diffusion — Adventures Of Mandorius (The Bird)
Echo Us — Inland Empire, Morgendust — Morgendust, Palimpsest — Primary, Scaladei — School Of Pure Soul, Strandberg Project — The Works, Wedingoth — Five Stars Above
Circe Link and Christian Nesmith — Cosmologica, Chas Cronk — Liberty, Steve Pilkington — Decades: Van Der Graaf Generator In The 1970s, Pryzme — Four Inches, Ricochet — Kazakhstan, Vault — The Perfect Truth
Julien Delaye — Ancient Monster, eMolecule — The Architect, The Enigma Division — The Enigma Division, Redemption — I Am The Storm, Mike Starrs — Electric Garden, Void of Light — Enshroud
Albion — Broken Hopes, Believe — Seven Widows, Collage — Living In The Moonlight [DVD], Grendel — The Helpless, Hipgnosis — Sky Is The Limit, Lebowski — Galactica, Lion Shepherd — III, Lizard — Tales From The Artichoke Wood, Loonypark — Egoist, Moonrise — The Lights Of A Distant Bay
Klone — Meanwhile, Rick Miller — Altered States, Poly-Math — Zenith, Signs — Uchronia, John Van der Kiste — Decades: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band In The 1970s, Zopp — Dominion
Jethro Tull — RökFlöte — Round Table Review
Mystery — Redemption — Duo Review

Prog Bites

All My Shadows — Eerie Monsters, Animatone — Who Saw Us, Johanna Lillvik — The Love Hate Syndrome, Longheads — Mars Doesn't Feel Like Home Anymore, Nubdug Ensemble / Amanda Chaudhary — Split EP, Osyron — Momentous, Outer Space Experiment — Frequencies, Sendelica — One Man's Man
Cydonia — Stations, Isobar — III, Nomadic Narwhal — Fathoms (Parts I - IV), The One — Sunrise, The Prog Collective — Seeking Peace, Ten Jinn — Ardis
Antimatter — A Profusion Of Thought, Baris Dai — Ambient Conditions Pt.2, Leprous — Aphelion (Tour Edition), Neuschwanstein & Sonja Kristina — Alice In Wonderland, Nola — Stranded, Unquiet Music Ltd — MEMEmusic
RPWL — Crime Scene — Duo Review
Edenya — Another Place, Highproject — Highproject, Initial Mass — Alluvium, Mike Keneally — The Thing That Knowledge Can't Eat, Royal Hunt — Dystopia Part II, The Tyromancers — Colors Through The Void
Colour Haze — Sacred, Cye — Strange Animal From The North, Connection Theory — In Plain Sight, Karma Rassa — Хмель (Khmel), Matt Karpe — Decades: Faith No More In The 1990s, Mahogany Frog — Faust
Caravela Escarlate — III, Floating — The Waves Have Teeth, I.AB — In Time, Nazz — Lost Masters & Demos, Rocking Horse Music Club — Circus Of Wire Dolls, Twombley Burwash — Grak II Blak
Hayley Griffiths — Far From Here, Hayley Griffiths Band — Melanie
Ice Age — Waves Of Loss And Power — Duo Review
Athak — Daturapyramides, Berlin Heart — The Low Summit, Dune Sea — Orbital Distortion, Haken — Fauna, Kuhn Fu — Kuhn Fu 7 - Jazz Is Expensive, Kuhn Fu — Kuhn Fu 6 - Live In Saalfelden, Yesterdays — Saint-Exupéry álma
L'Estate di San Martino — Kim, Reale Accademia di Musica — Lame Di Luce, Red Bazar — Inverted Reality, The Universe By Ear — III, Vanguardian — II: The Heretic, Wild Card — Cabin 19 Fever
EBB — Mad & Killing Time, Gintonic — Gintonic IV, Kansas — Another Fork In The Road – 50 Years Of Kansas, Klangwelt — Here And Why, Psychonaut — Violate Consensus Reality, Nerissa Schwarz — New Eyes For Laika
The Tangent — Pyramids, Stars And Other Stories — Duo Review
Damanek — Making Shore — Round Table Review
The Aaron Clift Experiment — The Age Of Misinformation, Alta Forma — Spatium & Tempus, Avandra — Prodigal, Carmine Capasso — Assenza Di Gravità, Max Enix — Far from Home, Nothing Is Real — The End Is Near
Transatlantic — The Final Flight: Live At L'Olympia — Round Table Review
Overhead — Telepathic Minds — Duo Review
Andras Atlason — Atlantis, Caravaggio — Caravaggio, Desbot — Pass Of Change, Dramanduhr — Tramohr, Eddie Mulder — Signature, Privative Alpha — 21 Grams
Elder — Innate Passage, Godzilla In The Kitchen — Exodus, Limite Acque Sicure — Limite Acque Sicure, Magenta — The White Witch - A Symphonic Trilogy, Manticore — Elements, Robert Schroeder — Floating Music Edition 2023, Tales of a Liquid Dawn — Fall Of The Xafyre Dynasty, Devin Townsend — Lightwork
Inner Prospekt — Canvas Three, Jordsjø — Jord Sessions, Lodestone — Time Flies, Odonata — Gravitational Perturbation, Ticket to the Moon — Elements, Yurt — V - Upgrade To Obsolete
Cøllapse — ἈNÁΓKH — Duo Review, Saro Cosentino — The Road To Now — Duo Review, Riverside — ID.Entity — Duo Review
Welcome to 2023! After our annual break early in the new year when it comes to album reviews, we are back with this year's first issue, with Codespeaker — Codespeaker, Flamborough Head — Jumping The Milestone — Duo Review, Opus Arise — The Network, Pacha & Pörsti — Views From The Inner World, Six By Six — Six By Six.