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Android Trio - Other Worlds, Drifting Sun - Forsaken Innocence, Eldritch - Eos, Elements Of A Dream - Cry Of The Subconscious, Escape Samsara Cycle - The Awakening, Dusan Jevtovic - Vasil Hadzimanov - Duo, Keoma - Hypotheses, Magma - Eskähl 2020, Momentum - Uit Het Leven Gegrepen, Shamblemaths - Shamblemaths 2
A Dying Planet - When The Skies Are Grey — Duo Review, Fleesh - Here It Comes Again (A Tribute To Genesis), Bill Thomas - Decades: Genesis In The 1970s, Mostly Autumn - Graveyard Star — Duo Review
Beautiful Bedlam - Beautiful Bedlam, Dec Burke - Life In Two Dimensions, Coarbegh - Watercolours, Cyan - For King And Country, Kama Kollektiv - Toivo, Muva - Yum Cháak
Bengal - From Outer Space, Compassionizer - An Ambassador In Bonds, ElisaDay - Auftakt, Gájanas - Cihkkojuvvon, Stefano "Lupo" Galifi - Dei Ricordi, Un Museo, Ross Jennings - A Shadow Of My Future Life, Lord Helmet - Get Back To The Ship, Marekvist - Solrenning, Rhapsody of Fire - Glory For Salvation, TDW - Fountains
Airbridge - Paradise Moves, Airbridge - Return, Airbridge - Memories Of Water
Antinode - The Canary That Named The Stars, Feras Arrabi - Al'Arrabi, Kosmodome - Kosmodome, What Strange Beasts - The Maestro's Tale
Rachel Flowers - Bigger On The Inside, Outrun The Sunlight - A Vast Field Of Silence, Snowdrops - Inner Fires, Lyle Workman - Uncommon Measures
Yes - The Quest
Burnt Belief - Mutual Isolation, Chaos Over Cosmos - The Silver Lining Between The Stars, Head With Wings - Comfort In Illusion [EP], Prog Dylan - Home Birth, Riverside - Riverside 20 - The Shorts & The Longs, Sandstone - Epsilon Sky, Diego Spinelli - Some Prog, Wolves Of Saturn - Bunker Tapes Part 1 – Demo
Gong - Live At The Gong Family Unconventional Gathering, Red Sand - The Sound Of The Seventh Bell, Solaris - Nostradamus 2.0 - Returnity (Unborn Visions), Various artists - Legends Play The Beatles
Albaluna - Heptad, Amarok - Hero, Anyone - In Humanity, Tony Thompson - The Doors: On Track... Every Album, Every Song
Arlekin - The Secret Garden, Albert Bouchard - Imaginos II: Bombs Over Germany (Minus Zero And Counting) — Duo Review, Al Kryszak - Murmur Rations, Nektar - Sounds Like Swiss
Azure - Of Brine And Angel's Beaks, Megalith Levitation - Void Psalms, The Ocean - Phanerozoic Live, Proud Peasant - Peasant Songs
Force Of Progress - R3design, Maragda - Maragda, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep, Rhizone - Timelines
Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World — Round Table Review
Shumaun - Memories And Intuition
Agusa - En annan värld, Fufluns - Refusés, Three Colours Dark - Love's Lost Property, Zero Times Everything - Sound Of Music
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - Miles From Nowhere
The Paradox Twin - Silence From Signals
Leo Carnicella - Until A New Dawn, City Weezle - No.2, Hooeymoon - Hooeymoon, Hooeymoon - Different View, The Vegetarians - Bill Haley
Nick Holmes - Porcupine Tree - On Track... Every Album, Every Song, Odd Brew - Kummapaahtoa, Andrew Ostler - Crossing The Line, The Sun Or The Moon - Cosmic
A special edition of Belgio-contemporary progressive jazz and world music, with reviews of Azmari - Samā'ī, Don Kapot - Hooligan, Echoes Of Zoo - Breakout, ECHT! - Inwane, and ESINAM - Shapes In Twilights Of Infinity
Less Is Lessie - The Escape Plan
Opher Goodwin - Roy Harper: On Track... Every Album, Every Song [Book (157 pages)], Obsidian Mantra - Minds Led Astray, Asaf Sirkis - Solar Flash, Sweeping Death - Tristesse
Hayley Griffiths Band - Live At 't Blok, Mahogony Frog - In The Electric Universe, Möbius Strip - Time Lag, Kimmo Pörsti - Past And Present
A Gardening Club Project - The Blue Door, A Gardening Club Project - The Time Trilogy
A convenient overview of all reviews published during DPRP's Prog-Tober 2021.
Lee Abraham - Only Human, Alessandro Corvaglia - Out of the Gate, Hanlon's Razor - Paradigm, Marillion - With Friends At St David's, Noisy Diners - The Princess Of The Allen Keys (The History Of Manto), Sam C Roberts - Escapism
Siena Root - Far From The Sun, Siena Root - Different Realities
Marbin - Shreddin' At Sweetwater, Marbin - Fernweh
Dikajee - Forget-Me-Nots, The Far Cry - If Only, Stephan Thelen - Fractal Guitar 2, Andrew Wild - Eric Clapton Solo On Track... Every Album, Every Song
Flor de Loto - Árbol de la vida, Flor de Loto - Eclipse
Heartland - Into The future, The Stranger - Kaleidoscope, Venus Syndrome - Cannibal Star
Fleesh - Eclipsed, The Prodigal Sounds - Circles Vol 3: Annulus, Tangle Edge - Cispirius, Tillison Reingold Tiranti - Allium: Una Storia
Glass Hammer - Skallagrim: Into The Breach
Molybaron - The Mutiny — Duo Review
Tamarisk - Suspended Animation — Duo Review
Art Against Agony - Reincarnation Suite, Black 7 - Look Inside, Dario And The Clear - Optic Nerve, Great North Star - Great North Star, King Of Sweden - The Training
Theodore Wild Ride - Theodore Wild Ride
Katre - Behind The Resilience, Antti Martikainen - Carmina Gloria, The Omnific - Escapades, St. Tropez - Icarus
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Let Me Be A Ghost
Khadavra - Hologram
Fragment Soul - Axiom Of Choice, Himmellegeme - Variola Vera, Muddles - Mind Muddling, Geoff Proudley - Tales From Strange Travels
OVRFWRD - Starstuff
Iron Maiden - Senjutsu
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes - Omellete du Fromage, Dan Jones - Zero Four Nine, Metamorphosis - I'm Not A Hero, The Osiris Club - The Green Chapel
Obrasqi - Dopowiedzenia
Geoffrey Feakes - On Track... Steve Hackett - Every Album, Every Song [book], Graeme Scarfe - On Track... Peter Gabriel - Every Album, Every Song [Book]
Blacksmith Tales - The Dark Presence, Bernardo Lanzetti - Horizontal Rain
The Devil's Staircase - The Devil's Staircase
Clara Engel - Dressed In Borrowed Light
Kardinal X - The Revolution, Paragon Zero - Omass
Kyros - Recovered, Lind - A Hundred Years: The Justification of Reality Part 1, Motorpsycho - Kingdom Of Oblivion, The Samurai Of Prog - The White Snake
England - Garden Shed, England - The Last of the Jubblies - Silver Edition, England - The Imperial Hotel
The Neal Morse Band - Innocence And Danger
Daniel Eliseev Project - Lost Humanity, Victor Go - Tales From McIntyre Lake, Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren with Ethel - State Theater New Jersey 2005, Plenty - Enough
Amanda Lehmann - Innocence and Illusion, Little King - Amuse De Q, Resistor - The 5th Season, Timelock - Stay Awake
Xavier Boscher - Earthscapes, Darren Johnson - Decades: The Sweet In The 1970s, Pentesilea Road - Pentesilea Road, Thumos - The End Of Words
Gentle Giant - Free Hand (Steven Wilson Remix)
Shade Of Memories - Glaciers Of Tomorrow
Between The Jars - What's To Come, Tyler Kamen - The Cassowary Manifesto, Tony Kaye - End of Innocence, Rain - Singularity, Mickey Simmonds - Mickey Simmonds 3
Big Big Train - Common Ground — Duo Review
Aeon Zen - Transversal, Decimals - Symmetry, Fotis Delinikolas - Alma, Pentral - What Lies Ahead of Us, The Vicious Head Society - Extension Level Event
Chain Reaktor - Homesick, Wojciech Ciuraj - Kwiaty na Hałdzie, Different Strings - The Sands Of Time, Napier's Bones - The Fields, Stonekind - Spirit Of The Void
Hamish Kuzminski - On Track... Camel - Every Album, Every Song
Castanarc - The Sea Of Broken Vows
Birth - Birth, The Brainiac 5 - Another Time Another Dimension, Gerald Gradwohl - Episode 6, Phobos Monolith - When The Light Will Fade, Plant My Bones - Stage 1.0
Feeling Of Presence - Of Lost Illusion, Inner Prospekt - Canvas One, Inner Prospekt - Canvas Two, Mourning Knight - Mourning Knight, Single Celled Organism - Percipio Ergo Sum
Joe Bailey - Ghosts, Kiku Latte - Stories, Matelo Mantra - Architects of Fantasy, Seventh Dimension - Black Sky, That Joe Payne - By Name By Nature Tour
Acolyte - Entropy
The Cyberiam - Connected — Round Table Review
Rymo - Kinetic
Big Hogg - Pageant Of Beasts, Paradigm Blue - Transist, Salva - A Thousand Ways To Disappear, Devin Townsend - Galactic Quarantine, The Wring² - Project Cipher
Bastian Per - Way Back Home
Andy Boot - On Track ... Caravan: Every Album, Every song [book], Catalyst*R - Catalyst*R, Leslie Hunt - Ascend EP, Syndone - Kãma Sũtra, Luca Zabbini - One
Steve Hackett - Surrender of Silence
Gsus-SG - Cloverfield, Kultika - Capricorn Wolves, Metalwings - A Whole New Land
Dark Horse White Horse - Dark Horse White Horse, Elephant 9 - Arrival Of The New Elders, Michael C. Sharp - Synth Vehicles For Guitar, Silent Temple - Marvelers Of Creation, Subterranean Masquerade - Mountain Fever
Age of Aquarius - Out There, Dwiki Dharmawan - Hari Ketiga, Mariusz Duda - Claustrophobic Universe, Spirits Burning - Evolution Ritual, Mike Tiano - Creétisvan
A review of young Swedish band Nephila's eponymous debut album and a short interview.
Celeste - Il Principe del Regno Perduto, Rob Koral - Wild Hearts, Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 3 — Duo Review, Marcelo Paganini - Idenity Crisis, Laura Shenton - Decades: Curved Air In The 1970s
The Gardening Club - The Owl, Bernard L'Hoir - Noachis Terra, Toto - With A Little Help From My Friends, The Zone - Prophecies
Laura Meade - The Most Dangerous Woman In America — Duo Review
A.C.T. - Heatwave
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Ding Dong. You're Dead.
Cronofonia - Cronofonia
Genune - Inert & Unerring, Heyoka's Mirror - The Uninvited King, Rhapsody Of Fire - I'll Be Your Hero, Terravoid - Ectogenesis
Neil Ardley - Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows: Live 1975, Graham Costello's Strata - Second Lives, Tyler Kamen - Mr. Loon And His Spectacular Machine, Mick Paul - Parallel Lives, VOLA - Witness
Kenny Bisset - Broken Wilderness, Tom Newman - A Faerie Symphony II, Nine Skies - 5.20, Svarc Hanley Longhawn - 20/21, White Moth Black Butterfly - The Cost Of Dreaming
Confusion Field - Disconnection Complete, Infinitome - Voyage Home
Dewa Budjana - Naurora, Echo Us - The Windsong Spires, Ekphrasis - Weird Interbreeding (White Edition), Kali Trio - Loom, Guy M Tkach and Peter M Sieker - Steven Wilson Footprints. Volume 1: Early Years & Porcupine Tree [Book]
Peter Braidis - On Track ... Asia: Every Album Every Song, Per Nilsen - Iggy and The Stooges On Stage 1967 to 1974, Steve Pilkington - Decades: Uriah Heep In The 1970s, GD Praetorious - Babysitting A Band On The Rocks, Chris Sutton - Decades: Alice Cooper In The 1970s, Andrew Wild - Decades: Fleetwood Mac In The 1970s
Blazin' Quartet - Sleeping Beauty, Daniel Crommie - Noisemaker, Daniel Crommie - A Prelude To The New Normal, MaterialEyes - Three Of A Kind, The Samurai Of Prog - The Lady And The Lion And Other Grimm Tales I, Stealing The Fire - King Of Shadows
Karmamoi - Room 101 — Duo Review
Baris Dai - Ambient Conditions Pt. 1, Kyros - Celexa Streams, Let See Thin - 2Years 2Late, Nolan & Wakeman - Tales By Gaslight, Red Bazar - Connections, Solstice - Sai, Darryl Way - Destinations 2
Jaume de Viala - Sonoritat de mil miralls, Vince DiCola - Only Time Will Tell, Peter Gallagher - On Track ... Marc Bolan, Tyrannosaurus Rex and T.Rex: Every Album, Every Song, Kingfisher Sky - Rise, Kostas Sampanis - Autumne
Pim Koopman & Cindy Oudshoorn - Reappearance, LDDSM (Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel) - Polaris
Stephen Lambe - Decades: Focus In The 1970s, The Guildmaster - The Knight And The Ghost, Kelp Dwellers - Surfacing, Peter Swart - Oderan, Texel - Metropolitan
Eric Baule - Treasures From The Deep (Demos 2010 - 2013), Eric Baule - Reflecting Circles, Focus - Focus 50 - Live In Rio, Seas, Starry - Anatomy, Watershape - You Are Not, Daniel Weiss - Dive
Archangel - Third Warning, Aura - Imaginations, Echoes And Signals - Mercurial, Exanimis - Marionnettiste, Illutia - Un sitio sin lugar
Sylvan - One To Zero — Duo Review
Joost van Dongen - The Ageless Gate
Artnat - The Mirror Effect, Stefano Panunzi - Beyond The Illusion, Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star... Live!, Tubular World - Tubular Bells, Various Artists - Still Wish You Were Here - A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Morpheus Project - Mozaick
Last Son Of Eve - Gathering Stones
Derev - Leap Of Faith
ED - Evolved
Final Gravity - Surviving Humanity, Adam Loveridge - Lost And Found, Throne Of Exile - Dimensions Adrift, Vokonis - Odyssey
At The Grove - ...And All The Fear We Left Behind, JPL - Chapitre 2/3: Deus Ex Machina, The Mighty Handful - Men In Stasis, RPWL - God Has Failed - Live & Personal, Various - Miniatures 2021
Robin & The Woods - Moonfall
Saga - Symmetry
Hillward - Alternate Timelines, Jordsjø - Pastoralia, Poor Genetic Material - Spring Tidings, Psychic Equalizer - Revealed I + II
Frost* - Day And Age — Round Table Review
Rick Armstrong - Infinite Corridors, Estompen - Trend Des Universums, InHuman - InHuman, It Bites - The Tall Ships, It Bites - Map Of The Past, Bob Lord - Playland Arcade, Machine Mass Sextet - Intrusion, Robert Schroeder - Pyroclast
Alfio Costa - Frammenti
Eternal Return - Once Only, Kayak - Out Of This World, Minutian - Magical Thinking, Relayer - Broken Branches, 3 Dreams Never Dreamt - Another Vivid Detail
Oceana - The Pattern, Ciccada - Harvest, Holy Monitor - Southern Lights, Egor Lappo - Trancevoicer, Telergy - Black Swallow
Tiger Moth Tales - The Whispering Of The World — Duo Review
Astrakhan - A Slow Ride Towards Death, DarWin - 3 - Unplugged, Raven Sad - The Leaf And The Wing, Devin Townsend - Devolution Series #1 - Acoustically Inclined, Live In Leeds, Witherfall - Curse Of Autumn
Christine Ott - Time To Die
Deckchair Poets - The Crop Circlers' Guide To Abstract Expressionism, District 97 - Screenplay, Edenya - Silence, Intelligent Music Project VI - The Creation, Simon McKechnie - Retro
The Abyss Inside Us - What Words Can't Say, Aziola Cry - The Ironic Divide, Edison Junction Band - Torn Mind, Ekzilo - Ekzilo, Grey Mouse - A Moment of Weakness, Isobar - Isobar, Mark Wingfield & Kevin Kastning - Rubicon I, The Mastelottos - Too Much Happiness - A Romantic's Guide To King Crimson, Melancholic Prosperity - Contents Under Pressure, Matt Phillips - On Track... Level 42 - Every Album, Every Song, Jez Rowden - On Track... Aimee Mann - Every Album, Every Song
Pixels & Sound - Sentimentalism
Slaves To Fashion - The History Of Heavy Metal
Blank Manuskript - Himmelfahrt, Blue Hour Ghosts - Due, Stewart Clark - Let's Go There, Deadburger Factory - La Chiamata, KDB3 - When It All Comes To Pass, Long Tall J - 2020, Majestic - Monument, Qirsh - Aspera Tempora - Parte I, Corrado Rustici - Interfulgent, Soniq Theater - Time And Space
Kevan Furbank - On Track ... Gong - Every Album, Every Song, Richard James - On Track ... UFO - Every Album, Every Song, Andrew Wild - On Track ... Dire Straits - Every Album, Every Song
Cosmograf - Rattrapante
Trettioåriga Kriget - Till horisonten — Duo Review
Illuminae - Dark Horizons, Steve Lukather - I Found The Sun Again, Joe Macre - Bullet Train, Molesome - Are You There?, Dennis Rea - Giant Steppes, Unquiet Music LTD - In The Name Of... (A Prayer For Our Times)
Tony Cassista - Created On Various Infectious Diseases
Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi
Chest Rockwell - The Existentialist, Mindwork - Cortex, Scott Reed's String Theory - Revolution, Thorium - Empires In The Sun
Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Quartet - Phoenix, Big J - Above, Mark Murdock - The Phoenix Has Risen, Samurai Of Prog - Beyond The Wardrobe, Sons Of Birches - Wooden Head And Several More Scenarios, Sonus Umbra - A Sky Full Of Ghosts
Fair Wind Pleases - The Wind Of The Season, The Flying Caravan - I Just Wanna Break Even, Bill Thomas - On Track... Kate Bush: Every album, Every song, Thr33 - Thr33, Vandemonian - Xenophilia
Nepal Death - Nepal Death
Wheel - Resident Human
Asia Minor - Points Of Libration, Eyesberg - Claustrophobia, Mystery - Caught In The Whirlwind Of Time, Soft Works - Abracadabra In Osaka, Various Artists - Fanfare For The Uncommon Talent: The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert
Richard Barbieri - Under A Spell
Clive Mitten - Suite Cryptique: Recomposing Twelfth Night 1978-1983
Konom - Konom
Brian De Wild - Lucid Delusion, Gate To Infinity - Levaturium, Nubdug Ensemble - Volume One: The Machines Of Zeno, Riverside - Out Of Myself, So Far As I Know - Breach, Vacuum Tree Head - Rhizomique
Exodus To Infinity - Archetype Asylum
Atravan - The Grey Line
Trope - Eleutheromania
Amon Sethis - Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair, Evergrey - Escape Of The Phoenix, Lucas Lee - Síndrome de Estocolmo
Cast - Vigesimus, Hawkestrel - SpaceXmas, Paul Sadler - Soon to be Absorbed, Rick Wakeman - Christmas Variations, Wingfield Chapman Adewale - Zoji
David Detmer - On Track... Renaissance - Every Album, Every Song, Tyler Kamen - Potions, Kerrs Pink - Presence of Life, ProAge - 4. Wymiar, THEO - Figureheads
Breaths - Lined In Silver, Cody Clegg - Tomorrow Is Moments Away, Everdawn - Cleopatra, External - Stillness, Novena - Eleventh Hour, Odd Dimension - The Blue Dawn
Roland Bühlmann - Dubnos, Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard - Chemical Reactions, IT - Live At Progdreams VIII, Nova Incepta - Visions of Arcadia, Joseph Williams - Denizen Tenant
Argus - The Outsider, Faulk - Men, Eloy Fritsch - Cosmic Light, Helmet Of Gnats - Travelogue, Vajra - Irkalla
Lifesigns - Altitude — Duo Review
Crystal Palace - Scattered Over Europe, Tom Doncourt & Mattias Olsson's Cathedral - Tom Doncourt & Mattias Olsson's Cathedral, Nodo Gordiano - Sonnar, The Prog Collective - Worlds On Hold, Rodrigo San Martín - Arcana (Act 1), Tusmørke - Nordisk Krim
Anyone - On The Ending Earth, John Holden & Friends - Together Apart, Tim Lane - As Sure As The Sun Rises In The East, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - Crowdless Sessions, Morrum - Death Of Amazement, Reflection Club - Still Thick As A Brick
Wojciech Ciuraj - Iskry w Popiele, Wojciech Ciuraj - Dwa Żywioły
Andrew Darlington - Derek Taylor For Your Radioactive Children [book], Peter Kearns - On Track... Joni Mitchell - Every Album, Every Song [book], Kev Rowland - The Progressive Underground Vol. 3 [book], James R. Turner - On Track... Roy Wood, The Move, ELO & Wizzard - Every Album, Every Song [book]
Dream Aria - Out Of The Void, Stefan Elefteriu - Quantum Gates, Julius Project - Cut The Tongue, Sproingg - Clam, Starfish64 - The Crimson Cabinet
John Holden - Circles In Time
Downes Braide Association (DBA) - Halcyon Hymns — Duo Review
Transatlantic - The Absolute Universe
The Foxholes - Foxholesque, The Foxholes - Konzert
Ellesmere - Wyrd, Il Bacio Della Medusa - AnimAcusticA, Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Contaminazione 2.0, Daniele Sollo - Order And Disorder, Witchwood - Before The Winter
Pete Chilvers And Jon Durant - Always Golden Sands, Pete Chilvers And Jon Durant - Vista, Fife Augury - The Shape Of A Tree, Meer - Playing House, Nine Stones Close - Traces (10th Anniversary Version), Steven Wilson - The Future Bites
Xavier Boscher - Waterscapes, Tim Bowness - Late Night Laments, Noram - Antropocene, Ritual - Glimpses From The Story Of Mr Bogd, Victor's Rampage - Infinite Elbow
3.2 - Third Impression
Entheogen - Other World, Need - Norchestrion: A Song For The End, Vanden Plas - The Ghost Xperiment - Illumination
Âscent - Forward, Celestial Burst - The Maze, Mental Fracture - The Mind's Desire, Anthony Pirog - Pocket Poem, Yobrepus - Mycelium Days
Gepetto - Evolutive Songs, John Hahn - Undiscovered World, Rick Miller - Unstuck In Time, Red Fiction - Visions Of The Void, Daniel Tompkins - Ruins
Coldun - Grand Sun Ritual, Level Pi - Elektronische Philosophie, Meadows - Modern Emotions, Perfect Storm - No Air, Stick Men (with Gary Husband) - Owari
Eternity - Atmospheres, Tim Hunter - The North Yorkshire Variations, Kepler Ten - A New Kind Of Sideways, Millennium Trilogy Project - Act 1: The Trial, Tim Morse - The Archaeology Project: 2005 - 2020, Wobbler - Dwellers Of The Deep
Fates Warning - Long Day Good Night, A Lily Gray - Sirens, Our Oceans - While Time Disappears, Serdimontana - On The Sunny Side, Soniq Circus - I'm Awake, Carry On Life, Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock - The Hollow Lands
Damn Fine Coffee - For Richmond Or Poorer, Dawnwalker - Ages, Eye 2 Eye - Nowhere Highway, Naryan - The Withering, Outside In - Karmatrain [boxed edition], Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project - I Am A Stranger In The Earth
Dan Coffey - On Track... Van Der Graaf Generator - Every Album, Every Song [book], Hawkestrel - Pioneers Of Space, Instant Curtain - Let Tear Us Apart, Eoghan Lyng - On Track... U2 - Every Album, Every Song [book], Rainbow Face - Stars' Blood, Show Me A Dinosaur - Plantgazer
Connection Theory - Connection Theory, Herd Of Instinct - Unravel, Motorpsycho - The All Is One, Rien Faire - Rien Faire, Violent Silence - Twilight Furies
Bruford - Rock Goes To College, Djam Karet - Burning The Hard City / Suspension & Displacement (Special Edition), Lunatic Soul - Through Shaded Woods, Ed Palermo Big Band - The Great Un-American Songbook Volume III, The White Kites - Devillusion