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Communic - Hiding From The World, Kevin Cummings - On Track... Kansas: Every Album, Every Song, Deathcraeft - On Human Devolution, Grumblewood - Stories of Strangers, Steve Hackett - Under A Mediterranean Sky, Peter Matuchniak - Sessions, McStine & Minnemann - II, Joe O’Donnell - Gael’s Vision, Sanguine Hum - A Trace Of Memory, Twan Van Gerven - How U Gonna Stroke Yer Solo
Blue Öyster Cult - The Symbol Remains, Albert Bouchard - Re-Imaginos, French TV - Stories Without Fingerprints, The John Irvine Band - The Machinery Of The Heavens, Mark Kelly's Marathon - Marathon, Multi Story - CBF10, Riverside - Lost 'n' Found - Live In Tilburg, Riverside - Lost 'n' Found - Live In Tilburg [DVD], TDW - The Days The Clock Stopped, Wire - Mind Hive
The Cyberiam - Forging Nations Live, Eloy Fritsch - Moment In Paradise, Karda Estra - Idols In The Flesh, Richard Wileman - Arcana, Xeno - Sojourn
Dream Theater - Distant Memories - Live in London [2DVD], Dream Theater - Distant Memories - Live in London [3CD] — Duo Review
Armed Cloud - Torque, La Maschera Di Cera - S.E.I., The Progressive Souls Collective - Sonic Birth, ReFrame - Reaching Revery, Silent Skies - Satellites
A review of Jump - Breaking Point plus an interview with the band.
Keith and Monika Domone - On Track... Barclay James Harvest - Every Album, Every Song, The Mighty Handful - Touchy Subjects, John Petrucci - Terminal Velocity — Duo Review, PreHistoric Animals - The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter 1), Andrew Wild - On Track... Crosby, Stills & Nash - Every Album, Every Song
Arcana - Letters From A Lost Soul, Act I: The World One Forms, Svjetlana Bukvich - Extension, Deep Imagination - My Silent Celebration, Claudio Delgift - Claudio Delgift, Faro - Luminence, Marquette - Into The Wild, Paraj - Inara, The Petal Falls - Workin' All Day, Workin' All Night, Potter's Daughter - Casually Containing Rage, The Reticent - The Oubliette
Built For The Future - Brave New World, Cosmos - The Deciding Moments Of Your Life, Valerie Gracious, Steve Unruh & Phideaux Xavier - 71319 Live At Monforti Manor, Methodica - Clockworks, Poor Genetic Material - Here Now, Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third, Nathaniel Webb - Marillion In The 1980s (Decades) [Book], Whitewater - Dark Planet, Zebras Don't Smoke - Don’t Mention The Swedes, ZIO - Flower Torania
Phil Doran - Into The Unknown, Dyble Longdon - Between A Breath And A Breath, Fuchs - One Lively Decade, Kevin Godley - Muscle Memory, Mattias Ohlsson Project - Illumination, Oscillazione Alchemico Kreative - Nine Witches Under A Walnut Tree, Rafael Pacha - Al Rincón Por Soñar, David Sancious - Eyes Wide Open, Devin Townsend - Order Of Magnitude - Empath Live Volume 1, Various Artists - Tributes - Songs for Neil (Volume 1)
Akenathon - Como Hormigas, Chaos Over Cosmos - The Ultimate Multiverse, DarWin - A Frozen War, Odd Times - A Journey In The Desert, Priory Of Sion - Priory Of Sion, Silius - Worship to Extinction, The Wheel Workers - Debut, Wytch Hazel - III: Pentecost
Duo Review of Ayreon - Transitus plus an interview.
Avandra - Skylighting, Panzerballett - Planet Z, Profuna Ocean - Continuation, Sólstafir - Endless Twilight of Codependent Love, Tiger Moth Tales - Still Alive, Vultress - Hypnopompia, Yargos - The Dancing Mermaid, Zip Tang - Cold Coming
Geoff Feakes - On Track ... The Who: Every Album, Every Song, Steve Pilkington - On Track ... Iron Maiden: Every Album, Every Song, Georg Purvis - Decades: Pink Floyd In The 1970s, Ryan Yard - On Track ... Mike Oldfield: Every Album, Every Song
Apogee - Endurance Of The Obsolete, Mallory Chipman & The Mystics - Aquarian, Code 18 - Human Error!, Robert Reed - Cursus 123 430, Sloth Metropolis - Humanise
Acute Mind - Under The Empty Sky, Glasswork - Metabolé, Lucid Planet - Lucid Planet II, Snowdrops - Volutes, Turdetans - Suite Of Dreams
Ars Pro Vita - Peace, Legacy Pilots - Aviation, Lighthouse Sparrows - The Deep End EP, Phog - This World, Staring Into Nothing - Love
Xavier Boscher - Zoologica Duodecim #3 : Pond, David's Van - Intervention, Robert Kropop - Psychodelicious Mushroom Juice, Leviathan Owl - Would You Kindly, Lunear - Curve.Axis.Symmetry, Might - Might, Northern Lines - The Fearmonger, OGD - The Big Game, Toxenaris - The Third Policemen
Acacia - Resurrection, Beneath A Steel Sky - Beneath A Steel Sky, Electric Mud - Quiet Days On Earth, Jhimm - The Golden Age Of Nothing, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - Through The Decades, Thurisaz - Re-Incentive
A convenient overview of all reviews published during DPRP's Progtober 2020.
Compass - Our Time On Earth, Lunar Clock - The Scream Of Nature, Swappers Eleven - From A Distance, Taskaha - Taskaha
Mesmerising - The Clutters Storyteller, Oteme - Un Saluto Alle Nuvole, Tilion - Suite Ritrovate
Gazpacho - Fireworker — Duo Review
Ozric Tentacles - Space For The Earth
Ontologics - Heading To The Outer Realm
Jakko M. Jakszyk - Secrets & Lies
The Flower Kings - Islands — Round Table Review
Derek Sherinian - The Phoenix
Soul Secret - Blue Light Cage
Yuri Gagarin - Yuri Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin - At The Centre Of All Infinity, Yuri Gagarin - The Outskirts Of Reality
Lufeh Batera - Luggage Falling Down
Pre-Med - Hawkestrel Presents Pre-Med
Galahad - Following Ghosts - Expanded Edition
Steve Hackett - Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith — Round Table Review
Pinnacle Point - Symphony Of Mind, Kimmo Pörsti - Wayfarer, Windom End - Perspective Views
"Flying Colors - Third Stage - Live In London
Neal Morse - Sola Gratia
Circuline - CircuLive::NewView, Kinetic Element - Live From New York, Soft Machine - Live At The Baked Potato
Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham - Mass Hysteria
Into The Open - Destination Eternity
Castanarc - Journey To The East, Castanarc - Rude Politics, Castanarc - Burnt Offerings, Castanarc - Little Gods, Castanarc - Water From The Well
Colour Haze - We Are
Jordan Blum - On Track: Dream Theater, Peter Kearns - On Track: 10cc and Godley & Creme, Gary Steel - On Track: Gentle Giant
Fish - Weltschmerz — Interview and Round Table Review
Black Noodle Project - Code 2.0
Redemption - Alive In Color (Live 2018)
Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly - Alone Together
Mandoki Soulmates - Living In The Gap + Hungarian Pictures — Duo Review
Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble - The Red Planet
Lee Abraham - Harmony/Synchronicity
The Pineapple Thief - Versions of the Truth
Arabs In Aspic - Madness And Magic, Colin Bass & Daniel Biro - Still, Days Between Stations - Giants, Dim Gray - Flown, En Stigma - Reforming The Universe, Eternity - Machines, Lucid Dream - The Great Dance Of The Spirit, Saris - Beyond The Rainbow
Aenemica - Secret Lines, Art Against Agony - Solanacaea, Assignment - Reflections, inFictions - Alphasand, IZZ - Half Life, Kong - Phlegmatism, Ville Lätheenmäki Utopia - Russian Body Language, Lotus - Emergence, Eddie Mulder - Beyond The Eye, Silas And Saski - Power Of Three, Roman Spektor - Functionality, Varus - A New Dawn
Apostle - Sky Above Me, Daal - Daecade, Notturno Concertante - Let Them Say, Shaman Elephant - Wide Awake But Still Asleep, Ubi Maior - Bestie, Uomini E Dèi, Vanishing Point - Dead Elysium
Grandval - Descendu sur Terre, Mantric - False Negative, The Prodigal Sounds - The Inevitable Obscenity Of Autonomous Weaponry, Qamar - Todo Empieza Aquí, Tiny Tree - Embolism, Vulkan - Technatura
Alcàntara - Solitaire, Caleb Dolister - Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering, Fren - Where Do You Want Ghosts To Reside, Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Homebound, Hovercraft - Fall, LogoS - Sadako E Le Mille Gru Di Carta
Chimpan A - The Empathy Machine, Degen Herb Mroszczok Schleicher - Theories In The Absence of Definition, Glass Hammer - Dreaming City, Bob Katsionis - Amadeus Street Warrior, The Opium Cartel - Valor, Tiberius - A Peaceful Annihilation
Kyros - Celexa Dreams, Melting Clock - Destinazioni, Morse / Portnoy / George - Cover To Cover Anthology (Vol. 1 - 3), That Joe Payne - By Name. By Nature., Stömb - From Nihil, Vimma - Meri Ja Avaruus
Kansas - The Absence Of Presence — Inter-Duo-Review, Kaprekar's Constant - Meanwhile, Marhold - A Homemade World, Pain Of Salvation - Panther, Traumhaus - In Oculis Meis
Dick - Second Thoughts, Mekong Delta - Tales Of A Future Past, Scaladei - The Swing Of Things, Marcel Singor - Travel Light, Zopp - Zopp
The Tangent - Auto Reconnaissance — Round Table Review
Review of Kedama - The Complete Collection (3LP) and an interview with the band.
Intelligent Music Project IV - Sorcery Inside, Intelligent Music Project V - Life Motion, Bastian Per - Epic Journey, Bastian Per - Epic Journey (Live At Sony Theater)
Fleesh - My Real Life, Fleesh - Versions, Fleesh - What I Found, Fleesh - The Next Hemisphere (A Rush Tribute), Fleesh - Script For A New Season (A Marillion Tribute), Fleesh - Across The Sea, Fleesh - Live At CaRIOca ProgFestival, Fleesh - In The Mist Of Time (A Renaissance Tribute)
The Arc Light Sessions - Chromatic Overture, Chest Rockwell - Ghost Of A Man Still Alive, Elder - Omens, Jargon - The Fading Thought, The Worm Ouroboros - Endless Way From You
Gösta Berlings Saga - Artefacts - Live, Gösta Berlings Saga - Konkret Music
Airbag - A Day At The Beach, Victor Go - Going For The Sense, Victor Go - The Leap, Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited: Live At The Royal Albert Hall, Kashmir - Balance, Nektar - Live From The Wildey Theatre
Childwood - Opalessence, Ciolkowska - Психоделия (Psychedelia), DC Sound Collective - Darjeeling Wireless, Daniel Crommie - Via, Si Hayden, Lisa-Cay, John McNally - Beyond The Cosmic Horizon, Sons Of Ra - Cognitive, We Here Now - The Chikipunk Years
Martin Barre - MLB 50 Years Of Jethro Tull, Eternal Wanderers - Homeless Soul, Fairyland - Osyrhianta, Green Carnation - Leaves Of Yesteryear, Three Colours Dark - The Science Of Goodbye
The Bloody Mallard - Realm, Electric Feat - Electric Feat, The Fierce And The Dead - Show Me Devon, Hale De Mars - Hypno, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Nostalgia For Infinity, Sublunar - A Welcome Memory Loss
Lonely Robot - Feelings Are Good — Round Table Review
Align In Time - On A Spiral, Chandelier - Live At Loreley, Virgil Donati - Ruination, Polis - Weltklang, Silver Nightmares - The Wandering Angel
Magenta - Masters Of Illusion — Round Table Review, Magenta - Masters Of Illusion [Special Edition CD/DVD]
Coldbones - The Cataclysm, Force Of Progress - A Secret Place, Lazuli - Le Fantastique Envol de Dieter Böhm, Marillion - With Friends From The Orchestra, Néfele - Cristal
Nick D'Virgilio - Invisible
Geoff Barone - The Darkest Of Summers, Course Of Fate - Mindweaver, Ghost Toast - Shape Without Form, Molesome - Tom & Tiger, Rantama - Rantama, Scarlet Hallow - A Window to October
Frost* - Others — Duo-Inter-Review
Lesoir - Mosaic, Mrs. Kite - Flickering Lights, Parhelia - Celestial Horizons, Quel Che Disse Il Tuone - Il Velo Dei Riflessi, Tiger Moth Tales - A Visit To Zoetermeer, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia - Benefit For Moogy Klingman
IO Earth - Aura — Duo Review
JPL - Sapiens - Chapitre 1/3: Exordium, Kayak - Live 2019, Magenta & Friends - Acapela 2016 & 2017, Rick Miller - Belief In The Machine, Pattern-Seeking Animals - Prehensile Tales, Sunset Mission - Journey To Lunar Castellum
Bioplan - Epipath + Ocular, Caligula's Horse - Rise Radiant, Duncan Harris - Hawkwind - On Track... - Every Album, Every Song [book], McStine & Minnemann - McStine & Minnemann, Odessey & Oracle - Crocorama, Claudio Scolari Project - Upside Down
Deep Energy Orchestra - The Return, Outside In - Karmatrain, Ruphus - Inner Voice, Subsignal - A Song For The Homeless - Live In Rüsselsheim 2019, Steve Thorne - Levelled - Emotional Creatures: Part 3
Haken - Virus — Duo Review
Higher Circles - The Overview Effect, Joviac - Here And Now, Ricochet - Pieces Of The Ricochet, Various Artists - A Tribute To Keith Emerson And Greg Lake, David Watkinson - Jon Anderson & The Warriors: The Road To Yes [Book]
Dreamwalkers Inc - A Night At The Theatre — Duo Review
Lakeman - Progenitor EP, The Last Innhouse - Skimming Stone, Mindtech - Omnipresence, Oceanica - OneDark, Sky Architect - Excavations Of The Mind [10th Anniversary Edition]
Bernard And Pörsti - Gulliver, Lars Boutrup's Music For Keyboards - The Great Beyond, Gabriel - New Life [CD], Jacob Holm-Lupo - Toto - On Track - Every Album, Every Song [Book], Dave Kerzner - Breakdown - A Compilation 1995​-​2019, Tusmørke - Leker For Barn, Ritualer For Voksne
Briand Boursin Rohr - The View Inside, Ghost On Mars - Lost Signals, InMe - Jumpstart Hope, Late - The One And I, SoundDiary - Anamnesis - Letter In A Bottle, Thoughts Factory - Elements
Marillion - Script For A Jester's Tear - Deluxe Edition — Duo Review
Nili Brosh - Spectrum, Cheer-Accident - Chicago XX, Jonathan Hultén - Chants From Another Place, Light - The Miracle Of Life, MaterialEyes - In Focus, Toundra - Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari
The Cyberiam - The Butterfly Effect [Single], The Cyberiam - Live In The Cyberiam [Blu-ray], Luo - Unspoken, Christine Ott - Chimères (Pour Ondes Martenot), Ptolemea - Tome I, Ptolemea - Maze
The Bardic Depths - The Bardic Depths, Final Conflict - The Rise Of The Artisan, Inner Odyssey - The Void, My Arrival - Satur9 & Indigo, Silent Call - Windows
Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant [LP], Gentle Giant - Acquiring The Taste [LP], Gentle Giant - Three Friends [LP], Gentle Giant - Octopus [LP]
Aiming For Enrike - Music For Working Out, Fall Of Episteme - Fall Of Episteme, John Holden - Rise And fall, M-Opus - Origins, Morgendust - Storm Will Come
Aton Five - Childhood's End, Eternity - Vangeliana, Little King - Occam's Foil, Mystic Prophecy - Metal Division, Red Morris - Time, Roz Vitalis - Daybreaking Live, Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes - Roots & Grooves, Soniq Theater - Fortune Tunes, Sunrise Auranaut - The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Vault - Blindfolds Aside
Realisea - Mantelpeace — Duo Review
Pure Reason Revolution - Eupnea — Round Table Review
Anubis - Homeless, Annie Barbazza - Vive, Mangala Vallis - Voices, Modern-Rock Ensemble - Night Dreams And Wishes, Orange Clocks - Metamorphic
Pandamoanium - Paradigm Shift
About:Blank - Anthology Of A Cave, Godsticks - Inescapable, Obsidian Tide - Pillars Of Creation, Udo Pannekeet - Electric Regions, Marjana Semkina - Sleepwalking
Gentle Giant - Unburied Treasure
Alex’s Hand - Hungarian Spa, Dyscordia - Delete / Rewrite, The Oneira - Inection, Fernando Perdomo - The Crimson Guitar, Psychotic Waltz - The God-Shaped Void
The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventour - Live In Brno 2019, The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventour - Live In Brno 2019 [Blu-ray]
Apairys - Vers La Lumière, Different Light - Binary Suns Part 1 (Operant Condition), Jack O' The Clock - Witness, Trio Kadabra - Hot Jats, Vikram - Behind The Mask I
Antoine Fafard - Borromean Odyssey, Hooffoot - The Lights In the Aisle Will Guide You, Kaizen - Aqvila, Levitation Orchestra - Inexpressible Infinity, Nicolas Meier World Group - Peaceful, Sonar with David Torn - Tranceportation (Volume 1)
Alhena - Breaking The Silence ... By Scream, David Cross And Peter Banks - Crossover, Foschia - Dalla Città Al Cielo, Last Knight - Seven Deadly Sins, Led Bib - It's Morning
Flaming Row - The Pure Shine [CD], Kaprekar's Constant - Depth Of Field, Pyjæn - Pyjæn, Shrine Of August - Coatlicue, Wish - Stay Here My Friends
Pendragon - Love Over Fear — Round Table Review, Pendragon - Love Over Fear (Deluxe Edition 3CD Book)
Dušan Jevtović - If You See Me, Kinkajous - Hidden Lines, Nim Quartet - Nim Quartet II, Markus Reuter (featuring Fabio Trentini and Asaf Sirkis) - Truce, The Three Wise Monkeys - Isolation
Dave Brons - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, Mike De Souza Trio - Slow Burn, InVertigo - InMotion, Nektar - The Other Side, Twelfth Night - A Night To Remember
Vengeance - Vengeance, Vengeance - We Have Ways To Make You Rock, Vengeance - Take It Or Leave It, Vengeance - Arabia, Vengeance - The Last Of The Fallen Heroes, Vengeance - Back From Flight 19, Vengeance - Power Of The Rock 1, Vengeance - Power Of The Rock 2, Vengeance - Power Of The Rock 3, Vengeance - Power Of The Rock: Anthology 1983 - 1998
Mother Turtle - Three Sides To Every Story, Orion 2.0 - Virtual Human, Kev Rowland - The Progressive Underground, Vol. 2 [book], SL Theory - Cipher, Sparrow - The Window
Ex Libris - Ann - Chapter 3
Tylor Dory Trio - Unsought Salvation, Herd Of Instinct - Incantation, Maiden United - The Barrelhouse Tapes, Metronhomme - 4, Solid Sky - Frames
Blind Ego - Preaching To The Choir, Chickn - Bel Sprit, Frequent Flyers - ∞ (Infinity), Hepcat Dilemma - Art Imitates Life, Joe Olnick Band - Iguana, One Now Ago - No One's Listening, Ciro Perrino - Planets, Pyramids On Mars - Edge Of The Black, Oscar Salas - At This Time, Serpentyne - Angels Of The Night, Daria Shakhova - Fluoresense
Bodine - Anthology, Bodine - Bodine, Bodine - Bold As Brass, Bodine - Three Times Running, Bodine - Bodinism
Gandalf's Fist - The Clockwork Fable [3CD], Gandalf's Fist - The Clockwork Prologue [2CD]
Atertrip - The Wind Between, Glorious Wolf - Zodiac, Kaleidoreal - Finally See Myself, Ruphus - Let Your Light Shine, Sonus Corona - Time Is Not On Your Side
Rhy Dongju - Lions'den II: Essence, Los Exploradores - Inventure, Les Penning With Robert Reed - Return To Penrhos, Yuval Ron - Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum, Sons Of Apollo - MMXX
A Formal Horse - Here Comes A Man From The Council With A Flamethrower, Halcyon Reign - The Voyage, Life In Digital - Signs To The Far Side, Moonrise - Travel Within, North Of South - The Dogma And The Outsider
Atlantaeum Flood - One Day, Bill Bruford’s Earthworks - Heavenly Bodies: The Expanded Collection, Jalayan - Sonic Drive, Penna - SoulMagnet, Trita - Tunguskan