Album Reviews
Yes - Relayer (Duo), Yes - Going For The One (Duo + Guest), Yes - Tormato (Duo), Yes - Drama (Duo + Guest), Yes - 90125 (Duo + Guest), Yes - Big Generator (Duo), Yes - Union, Yes - Talk, Yes - Keys To Ascension Pt.1
Yes - Yes (Duo + Guest), Yes - Time And A Word (Duo), Yes - The Yes Album (Duo + Guest), Yes - Fragile (Duo + Guest), Yes - Close To The Edge (Duo + Guest), Yes - Close To The Edge (Steven Wilson 5.1 Surround Remix) (Duo), Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans (Duo)
Anta - Centurionaut, Bertoni, Alessandro - Keystone, Budjana, Dewa - Joged Kahvangan, Circle of Illusion - Jeremias: Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms, Giltrap, Gordon - Fear of the Dark, Irvine, John Band - Next Stop, Jevtovic, Dusan - Am I Walking Wrong?, Osada Vida - Particles, Psychedelic Ensemble, The - The Tale of the Golden King, Reptiel - Violent Sagas of the Ancient, Yeti Rain - Stars Fall Darkly
Various artists - Progstravaganza 14: Timeshift
Also Eden - [REDACTED], Circadian Pulse - In The Blink Of An Eye [EP], Doracor - La vita che cade, Early Cross - Pathfinder, Hackett, Steve - Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith (CD/DVD) (Duo Review), miRthkon - Snack(s), Three Wise Monkeys - Perihelion, TUGS - Europa Minor, Tusmørke - Underjordisk Tusmørke
Brown, Pete & Ryan, Phil - Ardours of the Lost Rake/Coals To Jerusalem, The Climax Blues Band - Sense of Direction, The Climax Blues Band - Stamp Album, The Climax Blues Band - Gold Plated, Downes, Bob - Deep Down Heavy, Giltrap, Gordon - Visionary, Giltrap, Gordon - Perilous Journey, Hackett, Steve & Friends - The Tokyo Tapes [2CD/DVD], Steve Hackett & Friends - The Tokyo Tapes [2CD/DVD]
The Samurai Of Prog - Secrets of Disguise (RTR)
Bony, Fabrice - Inner Lands, Chris - Days of Summer Gone, Clannad - Nádúr, In The Silence [Review 2] - A Fair Dream Gone Mad, Marsh, Rhys - Suspended In A Weightless Wind [EP], Mavara - Forgotten Inside, Mavara - Season of Salvation, simakDialog - The 6th Story
Various artists - Progstravaganza 13
Ayreon - The Theory of Everything (RTR)
Manning - The Blood, The Leaf and The Bone (RTR)
The Flower Kings - Desolation Rose (RTR)
Barre, Martin - Away With Words, PBII - 1000 Wishes [DVD], Project 7 - Paradigm Shift, Soma White - Soma White, Worm Ouroboros, The - Of Things That Never Were, Wyatt, Robert - '68, PBII - 1000 Wishes [DVD]
The Tangent - L'Étagère du Travail (RTR)
Blackmore's Night - Dancer and the Moon, Clements, Carl & Kastning, Kevin - Nowhere, Now Here, Fierce And The Dead, The - Spooky Action, Fromuz - Sodom and Gomorrah, I Know You Well Miss Clara - Chapter One, Kastning, Kevin & Clements, Carl - Nowhere, Now Here, Lantinor - Ensign of Fairies, Book 1, Vespero - Droga, Votum - Harvest Moon
CCS - Tap Turns On The Water: The CCS Story, Nektar - Remember The Future: 40th Anniversary Edition, Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana - Iconography, Quatermass - Quatermass [Repertoire Edition], Quatermass - Quatermass [Esoteric Edition], Royal Hunt - 20th Anniversary: Special Edition, Sphincter Ensemble - Harrodian Event #1
Dream Theater - Dream Theater (Duo Review)
John Lees' Barclay James Harvest - North (RTR)
Azure Agony - India, Crystal Palace - The System of Events, Lazuli - Live @ l'Abeille Rôde [DVD], Moogg - Le ore i giorni gli anni, Oxhuitza - Oxhuitza, Parhelia - The Precipice of Change, Ulver - Messe I.X-IV.X, Various artists - Tales from the Edge - A Tribute to the Music of Yes, Lazuli - Live @ l'Abeille Rôde [DVD]
Aeon Zen - Enigma, Dead End Space - Distortion Of Senses, Factory Of Dreamsg - Some Kind of Poetic Destruction (Duo), Fates Warning - Darkness In A Different Light (Duo), Maestrick - Unpuzzle!, Memento Waltz - Division By Zero (Duo), Standing Ovation - The Antikythera Mechanism, Subsignal - Paraiso, Tellus Requiem - Invictus (The 11th Hour), Tempul - All the Windows of the World, Transcend - The Mind, Until Rain - Anthem To Creation
Cyril - Gone Through Years, Derek Trotson - Threads, Harper, Roy - Man & Myth, National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats, The - Vaaya and the Sea, Pinhas, Richard - Desolation Row, Symbolon Obscura - Symbolon Obscura
Disperse - Living Mirrors, Fiore, Dino - Fleur Folia, Fish - A Feast Of Consequences, Garden - Garden [EP], Sound Of Contact - Dimensionaut, Verbal Delirium - From The Small Hours Of Weakness
Believe - Hope To See Another Day (Reissue), Burnin' Red Ivanhoe - Canal Trip 1969-1974, Gazpacho - Night (Reissue), Hull, Alan - Squire, Man - The Welsh Connection, Mats/Morgan Band - Radio Da Da/The Teenage Tapes
Magenta - The Twenty Seven Club (RTR)
Dodson And Fogg - Sounds of Day and Night, God Is An Astronaut - Origins, Hanspal, Chanan - Ephemeral Morph, Némo - Le Ver dans le Fruit, Roz Vitalis - Patience of Hope, Thieves Kitchen - One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
Haken - The Mountain (RTR)
Audio Cologne Project - 2911, Ekos - Luz Interna, Homunculus Res - Limiti aa'eguaglianza della Partecon il Tutto, Keneally, Mike - You Must Be This Tall, McKechnie, Simon - Clocks and Dark Clouds
BSI - Clevarity, La Coscienza di Zeno - La Coscienza di Zeno, La Coscienza di Zeno - Sensitività, Miller, Rick - Immortal Remains, Opus Symbiosis - Nature's Choir, Rhùn - Ïh, Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution, Violent Silence - A Broken Truce, Ysma - Vagrant
Aristocrats, The - Culture Clash, Earthling Society - ZodiaK, Inner Road, The - Visions, Inner Road, The - Ascension, Jupiter Society - From Endangered To Extinct, LoreWeaveR - Italic, Moon Safari - Himlabacken Vol.1, Purson - The Circle and the Blue Door, Silvestri, Gianluca - In My Universe
Maschine - Rubidium (RTR)
Cochise - Velvet Mountain - An Anthology 1970 - 1972, Dark - Round the Edges, Ginhouse - Ginhouse, Juicy Lucy - Get A Whiff A This, Henry Lowther Band - Child Song, Moody Blues, The - Timeless Flight, Mountain - Go For Your Life, Vanilla Fudge - Rock & Roll
Chest Rockwell - ...Weep and You Weep Alone [EP], Dialeto - The Last Tribe, Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside, Methexis - The Fall of Bliss, Morild - Aves, Mother Black Cap - Energy, Phi - Years of Breathing, Pymlico - Directions
Brother Ape - Force Majeure, Gizmo - Gizmo, KingBathmat - Overcoming the Monster (Duo Review), Leafblade - The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh, Moonlight Banquet - Moonlight Banquet, Nem-Q - 301.81, Not A Good Sign - Not A Good Sign
James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance (RTR)
Arena - Rapture [DVD], Carpet - Elysian Pleasures, Ilydaen - Digressions, IOEarth - Live in the USA, Little Atlas - Automatic Day, Luna Rossa - Sleeping Pills and Lullabies, Savanna - Aurora [EP], Wrong Object, The - After the Exhibition, Arena - Rapture [DVD]
Apple Pie - The Gates of Never, Cartographer - Cartographer [EP], Custodian, The - Necessary Wasted Time, Djam Karet - The Trip (Duo Review), Bertrand Loreau - Nostalgic Steps, Shineback - Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed, Soniq Theater - Stardust Memories, Zayn - Medeia [EP]
The Tangent - Le Sacre du Travail (RTR)
Big (drum&bass) - Apokálupsis, Blacklands - A New Dawn, IfSounds - Red Apple, Kharmina Buranna - Seres Humanos, Mastercastle - On Fire, May, Brian & Tangerine Dream - Starmus: Sonic Universe, Sanguine Hum - The Weight of the World, Tangerine Dream & Brian May - Starmus: Sonic Universe, Vitriol - Into the Silence I Sink
Bulbs - On, Combat Astronomy - Kundalini Apocalypse, Elephants of Scotland - Home Away from Home, Haiku Funeral - Nightmare Painting, Haze - The Last Battle, Morph - Sintrinity, Nosound - Afterthoughts, Primitive Instinct - One Man's Refuge, Science NV - Last Album Before the End of Time, William Gray - Silentio
The Climax Blues Band - Tightly Knit, The Climax Blues Band - Rich Man, The Climax Blues Band - FM/Live, FM - Black Noise, FM - Direct to Disc, FM - Surveillance, FM - City of Fear, Pavlov's Dog - Pampered Menial, Pavlov's Dog - At the Sound of the Bell
Anima Mundi - The Lamplighter, DBA (Downes Braide Association) - Pictures of You, Flying Circus - Ones and Zeros [EP] (Duo Review), Green Violinist, The - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings, Marsh, Rhys and the Autumn Ghost - Trio, Maze Of Time - Masquerade Show, Psychic For Radio - Standing Wave (Duo Review), Resistor - Live At ROSfest, Schulze, Klaus - Shadowlands
Comedy Of Errors - Fanfare & Fantasy, Experimental Quintet - Atlantis, Inner Light Orchestra - Pearl Moon, Majestic - V.O.Z. (Duo Review), Nolan, Clive - Alchemy, Poor Genetic Material - A Day in June, T - Psychoanorexia, TumbleTown - Done With the Coldness, Unreal City - La Crudelta Di Aprile, Zenit - The Chandrasekhar Limit
Leprous - Coal (RTR)
Autumnal Blossom - Against the Fear of Death, Coarbegh - The Colour of Happiness, Flicker - How Much Are You Willing To forget?, Humble Grumble - Guzzle It Up!, Il Giardino Onirico - Perigeo, Karjalainen, Elmo - Unintelligent Designs, Lafuente, Victor - Inside, Taipuva Luotisuora - 8
After Tea - Joint House Blues, Anyone's Daughter - Anyone's Daughter, Anyone's Daughter - In Blau, Anyone's Daughter - Neue Sterne, Anyone's Daughter - Live, Chicken Shack - Imagination Lady (Review #2), Chicken Shack - Unlucky Boy, Chicken Shack - Goodbye, Finch - Vitus Dominica, Jump - Home Songs
Barone, Geoff - Conversation Piece, Five-Storey Ensemble - Not That City, Giltrap, Gordon & Oliver Wakeman - Ravens & Lullabies (Duo Review), Green, Clay - Polysorbate Masquerade Band - Chronicles of Bubbledroid, Hallebeek Project, Richard - RHP II: Pain in the Jazz, Illumion - The Waves, Jeseter - Proměna, Living, The - The Jungle Is Dark But Full Of Diamonds, Webb, Martin - Anjar
Camelias Garden - You Have A Chance, Days Between Stations - In Extremis, Demetra Sine Die - A Quiet Land of Fear, Edwin, Colin & Durant, Jon - Burnt Relief, Hidden Lands - In Our Time, Logic Mess - Element of the Grid, New Eden Orchestra - Vikings, Pendragon - Out Of Order Comes Chaos, Second Culture - Flying Potion, Townsend, Devin ~ The Project - Epicloud
Brislin, Tom - Hurry Up and Smell the Roses, Dianoya - Lidocaine, Half Past Four - Good Things, Krampl, Gerald - Wonder Way, Necromonkey - Necroplex, PBII - 1000 Wishes, Phlox - Vali, Roversi, Cristiano - AntiQua, Star FK Radium - Solitude Rotation, Unicorn, Johnny - Sadness and Companionship
Alex Torres - The Fifties Child: A Social History Through the Songs of Barclay James Harvest [Book]
Arachnes - The Goddess Temple, Arachnes - Apocalypse, Avatar - Essence, Engine - Superholic, Forces At Work - Straight, Freak Kitchen - Dead Soulmen, Freak Kitchen - Move, Heartbeat Parade - Hora de Los Hornos, Kamelot - Epica, Morifade - Imaginarium, My Soliloquy - The Interpreter, Pyramid - The Immaculate Lie, Pyramid - Gaudi's Legacy, Retrospective - Lost In Perception, Semantic Saturation - Solipsistic, Silent Voices - Chapters Of Tragedy, Stealing Axion - Moments, Stonehenge - Angelo Salutante, Time Grid - Life, Time Requiem - Time Requiem, Tunnelvision - Tomorrow, Van Helden, Roel - RvH
Alquin - The Marks Sessions, Gnidrolog - In Spite of Harry's Toenail, Gnidrolog - Lady Lake, Kayak - Royal Bed Bouncer, Marillion - Radiation 2013, Solution - Mythology, Spriguns - Revel Weird and Wild, Spriguns - Time Will Pass, Wigwam - Tombstone Valentine
Colossus Project (Various artists) - The Stories of H.P. Lovecraft - A SyNphonic Collection (RTR)
Arilyn - Shadows Of The Past, Baron - Columns, Flower Flesh - Duck in the Box, Michal Mierzejewski - Symphonic Theater Of Dreams, Pineapple Thief, The - Build A World [EP], Soft Machine Legacy - Burden Of Proof, SoulenginE - Mind Colours, Symphonika - Symphonika, Venturia - Dawn Of a New Era
Budjana, Dewa - Dawai In Paradise, The Curator - Inside the Whale and Other Songs, Dodson And Fogg - Derring-Do, Nielsen, Jake - Perspectives, Phobos Corporation - Felicity [EP], Zauss - Notturno/Leise Im Wind
Spock's Beard - Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (RTR)
Love De Vice - Silesian Night 11.11.11 [DVD], Mangrove - More or Less...An Acoustic Evening [DVD], Erik Norlander - The Gallactic Collective [DVD], Osada Vida - Where The Devils Live [DVD], PBII - [DVD], Syzygy - A Glorious Disturbance [DVD], Townsend, Devin - By A Thread: Live in London 2011 [DVD]
Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection
Boyce - Boyce, Cleveland, Barry - Mythos, Henry Fool - Men Singing, Jorn - Symphonic, Marbin - Last Chapter of Dreaming, Red Bazar - After the Ice Storm EP, Sombre Reptile - Timeless Island, Tucana - Tucana
Australasia - Sin4tr4 EP, Ballo delle Castagne - Surpassing All Other Kings, La Maschera di Cera - Le Porte del Domani, La Maschera di Cera - The Gates of Tomorrow, Le Orme - Felona e Sorona (Deluxe Edition), Marchesi Scamorza - La Sposa del Tempo, Psycho Praxis - Echoes From the Deep, Rigoni, Alberto - Three Wise Monkeys, Tristema - Dove Tutto è Possible
Argos - Cruel Symmetry, Echoe - Echoe, Far Arden - Songs Of Intuition, Jadis - See Right Through You, Keep It Deep - Hatching, Lake, Greg - Songs Of A Lifetime, Morse, Tim - Faithscience, Pineapple Thief, The - What We Have Sown, Taylor's Universe - Worn Out, Unwritten Pages - Pt.1: Noah, Unwritten Pages - Fringe Kitchen
Barclay James Harvest - Eyes Of The Universe, Barclay James Harvest - Turn Of The Tide, Barclay James Harvest - Turn Of The Tide, The Climax Blues Band - Plays On, The Climax Chicago Blues Band - The Climax Chicago Blues Band, The Climax Chicago Blues Band - A Lot Of Bottle, The Gods - Genesis, The Gods - To Samuel A Son, Tippett, Keith - You Are Here...I Am There, Tippett, Keith - Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening
Brock, Dave - Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams, Cosmograf - The Man Left In Space, Guapo - History Of The Visitation, Hawkwind Light Orchestra - Stellar Variations, Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part Two), Lickerish, Francis - Far And Forgot, From The Lost Lands, The Minstrel's Ghost - The Road To Avalon, When Mary - 7Summers7Winters
Big Big Train - English Electric (Part Two) (RTR)
Amplifier - Echo Street (Duo Review), Fafard, Antoine - Solus Operandi, Herd Of Instinct - Conjure, Lucid Fly - The Escape Stage, Phi Yaan-Zek - Deeper With The Anima, Relevant Discord - The Days Of Deferment & The Refrain EP, Session 606 - No Zeros
Aparecidos - Palito Bombón Helado, Backyards - Horizon, Charmanis, Spyros - Wound, Charon, A-J - Humouring Gods, Hekz - Tabula Rasa, Hipgnosis - Relusion, Luley, Johannes - Tales From Sheepfather's Grove, Lyrian - The Tongues of Men and Angels, Toyz - The Infinite Road, Wallpaper Poets - The Other Side of Maybe
Acelsia - Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, ARZ - Turn Of The Tide, Crowned In Earth - A Vortex Of Earthly Chimes, Various artists - Dutch Exposure, Fire On Dawson - 7 Billion and a Nameless Somebody, Fish On Friday - Airborne, Laramee, Pete - 7 String Cinematoid, Lest - Odysseus, Magnum - On The 13th Day, My Sleeping Karma - Soma, Panzerpappa - Astromalist, Sumo Elevator - Breakfast, Various artists - Dutch Exposure
Finch - Mythology, Greatest Show On Earth, The - Horizons, Greatest Show On Earth, The - The Going's Easy, Matthews, Ian - If You Saw Thro' My Eyes, Matthews, Ian - Tigers Will Survive, Matthews Southern Comfort - Kind Of New / Kind Of Live, Odyssice - Impression, Spontaneous Combustion - Spontaneous Combustion, Spontaneous Combustion - Triad
Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) (RTR)
Barock Project - Coffee In Neukölln, Eaton, Marcus - As If You Had Wings, Lord Of Mushrooms - Perspectives, Mountain Mirrors - Asylum Acres, Oblivion Sun - The High Places, Room, The - Open Fire, Seven Waters - Pathfinder, Toon Martens Project - TMP, Unit Wail - Pangaea Proxima, Unitopia - Covered Mirror Vol.1: Smooth As Silk, Yugen - Mirrors
Glass Hammer - Perilous (RTR)
Colour Haze - She Said, Farmers Market - Slav To The Rhythm, Jeremy - From The Dust To The Stars, Lifesigns - Lifesigns (Duo Review), Metaphysics - Beyond The Nightfall, Phillips, Anthony - Private Parts & Pieces XI: City Of Dreams, Shadow Circus - On A Dark And Stormy Night (Duo Review), Syd Arthur - On And On
Brainstorm - Planetfall, Centric Jones - The Antikythera Method, Dodson And Fogg - Dodson And Fogg, Ines - Hunting The Fox, Ines - Eastern Dawning, Kotebel - Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble, Nosound - At The Pier [EP], Status Minor - Ouroboros, Thumpermonkey - Sleep Furiously, Travis & Fripp - Follow, Zylver - Van Verre
Consortium Project III - Terra Incognito, Consortium Project IV - Children Of Tomorrow, Dædalus Spirit Orchestra, The - Tabula Rasa, Diagonal - Second Mechanism, Didbo - Global Pictures, InVertigo - Veritas, Jastreb - Jastreb, Morse Portnoy George - Cover2Cover, Ricca, Vincenzo - The Roma Pro(g)ject, Skyfox 8 - It's Time To Be Inside Now
A Lonely Crowd - User Hostile, Apogee feat. Gerald Heimann - Die Gläserne Wand & Schleifen, Ashent - Inheritance, Boxer - Below The Belt, Boxer - Bloodletting, The Enid - Invicta (Duo Review), Godsticks - The Envisage Conundrum (Duo Review), Kingcrow - In Crescendo (Duo Review), Mind:Soul - Patterns 1.5 [EP], Nelson, Bill - Trial By Intimacy (The Book Of Splendours), Syndone - The Beauty Is The Beast, Tír na nÓg - Tír na nÓg, Tír na nÓg - A Tear And A Smile, Tír na nÓg - Strong In The Sun
Cressida - Cressida, Cressida - Asylum, Cressida - Trapped In The New Real (Duo Review), Cressida - The Vertigo Years Anthology 1969-1971 (Duo Review)
Absinthe Junk - Living Ghosts, Amarok - Gouevia, Amber Spyglass - Breathing in Essence [EP], Cryptic Vision - Of Infinite Possibilities, DouBt - Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love, Lucassen, Arjen Anthony - Lost In The New Real, Nine Stones Close - One Eye On The Sunset (RTR), Procosmian Fannyfiddlers - Interference Number 9, Rayburn - Your Mind, Stormy Atmosphere - Colorblind, String Driven Thing - The Machine That Cried, Transbohêm - Déserts, Various artists - Breaking The Layers 2012 [DVD]
IQ - Tales from the Lush Attic (30th Anniversary Collector's Edition) (RTR)
Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (RTR)
Census Of Hallucinations - Dragonian Days, Chantry - Crystal, Fusion Syndicate, The - The Fusion Syndicate, Hawkwind - 1991-2012, Magma - Trilogy, Manring, Michael & Kastning, Kevin - In Winter, Moon Safari - Lover's End Pt. III: Skellefteå Serenade, Phi - The Deflowering Of Reality [EP], Reasoning, The - Adventures In Neverland, Semistereo - Semistereo, Shadow Of The Sun - Monument, Wakeman, Rick - Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Weston, Calvin - Of Alien Feelings
Aranis - Made In Belgium, Cargo - Cargo, Circus Maximus - Cargo, Cochrane, Steve - La La La: Variations On A Happy Song, InFictions - Maps of Revenge and Forgiveness, Intersphere, The - Hold On, Liberty!, Kompendium - Beneath The Waves (Duo Review), Layton, Trevor - The Endless Dream, Low ID - Discoverock, Mahogany Frog - Senna, Mars Hollow - Mars Hollow, Pitts Minnemann Project, The - 2 L 8 2 B Normal, Seeger, Dylan - Readers & Reporters, Wolfspring - Cargo