Album Reviews
King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic [40th Anniversary Edition], King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black [40th Anniversary Edition], King Crimson - Red [40th Anniversary Edition], King Crimson - Discipline [40th Anniversary Edition]
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King [40th Anniversary Edition], King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon [40th Anniversary Edition], King Crimson - Lizard [40th Anniversary Edition], King Crimson - Islands [40th Anniversary Edition]
Bow - The Man in the Machine, Corima - Quetzalcoatl, Cosa Brava - The Letter, Cosmic Dealer - Crystallization, Eter-K - Watching the Universe, Gate6 - God Machines, i.AB - Counting, Karcius - The First Day, Knifeworld - Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat, Knifeworld - Clairvoyant Fortnight [EP], Nichelodeon - No, Points North - Road Less Traveled, The Prog World Orchestra - A Proggy Christmas, Twelfth Night - Live and Let Live - The Definitive Edition
Die Schwarzen Ladas - Wahrheit, Emerson, Bonilla, Mikkelsen - Three Fates, Levin, Ben Group - Invisible Paradise, Moebius Cat - End Of Time, Mystery - The World Is A Game (RTR), Osanna - Rosso Rock: Live in Japan, Profusion - RewoToweR, Schwarzen Ladas, Die - Wahrheit, Solution - Solution, Solution - Divergence, Strangers On A Train - The Key Part I: The Prophecy, Strangers On A Train - The Key Part II: The Labyrinth
Awake - Forever More, Collective Memories - Swimming In My Head [EP], Cosmos - Mind Games, Focus - Focus X, Hackett, Steve - Genesis Revisited II (Duo Review), Happy the Man - Happy the Man, Lord, Jon - Concerto for Group and Orchestra, Ping - The Hurricane Spoof, Reserve De Marche - The Last Twenty Years, SBB - SBB, Treat, The - Lepers & Deities, Winter Tree, The - Guardians
Änglagård - Viljans Öga (Duo Review), Alan Holdsworth - Hard Hat Area, Alan Holdsworth - None Too Soon, Morse, Neal - Momentum (Duo Review), Nauticus - The Wait, Nelson, Bill - Simplex, Paatos - V (Duo Review), Quantum Sphere - The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy
Galahad - Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria (Duo Review), Kong - Merchants Of Air, Manning - Akoustik, Panzerballett - Tank Goodness, Picklelegaz - Bedroom Circus, Various artists - Psychedelic World Music, Vol. 1 - Discovery, Quasar - Live 2011, Session 606 - Rebirth, To-Mera - Exile, Vitruvian Man - The Stranger Within
Threshold - March of Progress (RTR)
Beardfish - The Void (RTR)
American Hollow - Screaming Into The Void [EP], Bob Lazar Story, The - Space Roots, Brain Connect - This Shit’s Got To Go! [Single], CMU - Open Spaces, In The Silence [Review 1] - A Fair Dream Gone Mad, Marsh, Rhys and the Autumn Ghost - The Blue Hour, Pendragon - Out Of Order Comes Chaos [DVD], Reed, Alan - First In A Field Of One, Sanguine Hum - Live In America, Trout Qt - Trout To Lunch, Pendragon - Out Of Order Comes Chaos [DVD]
Beyond The Epilogue - BtE [EP], Dün - Eros (Duo Review), Green, Mark - Fantasy Bridge, Hopewell - Another Music [EP], Kaipa - Vittjar (Duo Review), Montresor - Daybreak, Pendragon - Kowtow, Thank You Scientist - Maps Of Non-Existent Places
Crommie, Daniel - With Glyn Havard & Friends - Aquarius In Retrograde, Day Of Phoenix - Wide Open N-way, Donaghue, Manir - Selene, Eyevory - Eyevory, Fletcher, Lee - Faith In Worthless Things, Frequency Drift - Laid To Rest, Erik Norlander - Live In Gettysburg, -, Skybicycle - Hours, Tohpati Bertiga - Riot
Ache - De Homine Urbano, Ache - Green Man, Altrock Chamber Quartet - Sonata Islands Goes RIO, Barclay James Harvest - Ring Of Changes, Barclay James Harvest - Victims Of Circumstance, Cailyn - Four Pieces, Jack Dupon - Bascule A Vif, Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made, Mr Gil - I Want You To Get Back Home, Sylvium - Purified [EP]
Bolus - Watch Your Step, Different Strings - The Sounds Of Silence Part 1 - The Counterparts, Distorted Harmony - Utopia, Hunter, Tim - The Aura, Janel & Anthony - Where Is Home, Minerals - White Tones, Mostly Autumn - The Ghost Moon Orchestra, Ordinary Brainwash - Me 2.0, Plastic Overlords - Sonic Astronomy, Tausig, Jay - The Trip Around The Sun
Big Big Train - English Electric (Part One) (RTR)
Docker’s Guild - The Mystic Technocracy (Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance), Father Golem - I/O, Frames - In Via, Harvest - Chasing Time, Notturno Concertante - Canzoni Allo Specchio, October Tree - The Fairy’s Wing, Oshean - Live, Sendelica - The Satori In Elegance Of The Majestic Stonegazer, Stabat Akish - Nebulos, Thorne, Steve - Crimes & Reasons
Dissonati - Reductio Ad Absurdum, District 97 - Trouble With Machines, Kayak - See See The Sun, Kayak - Kayak, Motorpsycho And Ståle Storløkken - The Death Defying Unicorn (A Fanciful And Far Out Tale), Pineapple Thief, The - All The Wars, Renaissance - Tour 2011 - Live In Concert (Duo Review), RWA - ©RWA 2010-2011, Slychosis - Fractured Eye, 3rdegree - The Long Division (Duo Review)
Chicken Shack - Imagination Lady (Review #1), Clements, Carl & Kastning, Kevin - Dreaming As I Knew, Cluster - Cluster II, Decameron - Say Hello To The Band, Decameron - Mammoth Special, Echolyn - echolyn (Duo Review), Kastning, Kevin & Clements, Carl - Dreaming As I Knew, Landmarq - Entertaining Angels, Miller, Rick - Dark Dreams, Panic Room - Skin, Telesma - Action In Inaction
Alkozaur - Serum Of Life, Rob Gould - The Broken Road, Gunnelpumpers - Tritonium, Human Groove Hormone - Self [En]titled, Riversea - Out Of An Ancient World, Saga - 20/20, Silhouette - Across The Rubicon, Subtilior - Absence Upon A Ground
Autumn Chorus - The Village To The Vale, I And Thou - Speak, KingBathmat - Truth Button (Duo Review), Ligro - Dictionary 2, Mappe Nootich - Cieli Sotterranei, Mercury Tree, The - Pterodactyls, Romantic Warriors II (VA) - A Progressive Music Saga About Rock In Opposition [DVD], Romantic Warriors II (VA) - A Progressive Music Saga About Rock In Opposition [DVD]
Affector - Harmagedon, Anthony, Michael - Words And Music - Excursions In The Art Of Rock Fandom [Book Review], Asia - XXX (Duo Review), Keneally, Mike - Wing Beat Fantastic, Sweet Fingers - Sweet Fingers, Tangerine Dream - Tyger, 3 Mice - Send Me A Postcard
Addiction Dream, The - Essence, Ancestors - In Dreams And Time, Daal - Dodechahedron, Daal - Call Of The Witches [EP], Chris Fry - Composed, Gígur / Iván Tamez/ - Realidades Paralela, Hensley, Ken - Love & Other Mysteries
Dimension Act - Manifestation Of Progress, Egonon - Risveglio, Greenslade - Greenslade & Bedside Manners Are Extra, Greenslade - Spyglass Guest & Time And Tide, Headspace - I Am Anonymous, Obiymy Doschu - Elehia, Puzzle King - Anna's Revolution, RAK - Lepidoptera II - The Book Of Flight, Reasoning, The - And Another Thing... [EP], Vajra - Pleroma
Bedford, David - Star’s End, Capaldi, Jim - Oh How We Danced, Capaldi, Jim - Whale Meat Again, Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck, Nelson, Bill - Luminous, Nelson, Bill - Practically Wired, Tangerine Dream - Le Parc, Wyatt, Robert - The End Of An Ear
Against The Wall - Things Are Not Like They Said, Alias Eye - In-Between, Fröberg, Hasse & The Musical Companion - Powerplay, Fuchs - Leaving Home, Hammill, Peter - Consequences, Mess - Küsi Eneselt, Salva - Thirst, Ulver - Childhood’s End, Van Der Graaf Generator - Alt (Duo Review), X-Panda - Flight Of Fancy
Akribi - Black Morning Sun, Amarok - Canciones De Los Mundos Perdidos, Ambeon - Fate Of A Dreamer (Special Edition), Coralspin - Honey And Lava, Evergaze Eternity - Uninvolved, Magicfolk - Tales Of Power, Perri & Neil - Then, Strawberry Fields - Live [DVD], Strawberry Fields - Live [DVD]
Believe - Seeing Is Believing [DVD], Cremer, Uwe & Thomas Rydell - Sirius Singularity, Elf Project - The Great Divide, Fish On Friday - Shoot The Moon, Gordon, Ian - The Box, KasjaNoova (Claudio Milano with Erna Franssens...) - Adython, Kershaw, Mike - Reason To Believe, La Desooorden - El Andarín, Milano, Claudio with Erna Franssens (aka) KasjaNoova - Adython, Milano, Claudio (The Radiata 5tet) - Adython, Moon Of Ostara - The Star Child, The Radiata 5tet (Claudio Milano) - Adython, Relocate To Heathrow - Often Lost, Never Forgotten, Relocate To Heathrow - An Ordinary Poison
Canada - ReCycled [EP], Children Of Nova - Impossible Landscape, Instant Drone Factory - Ho Avuto Paura Del Mare, No-Man - Love And Endings, OHMphrey - Posthaste, Overhead - Of Sun And Moon, Quidam - Saiko, San Martin, Rodrigo - Eyes
The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden (RTR)
Rush - Clockwork Angels (RTR)
Astra (USA) - The Black Chord, Boogeymen, The - The Agnostic’s Book Of The Living Dead [EP], Citizen Cain - Skies Darken (Duo Review), De Mieulle, Louis - Defense Mechanisms, Edifice - Arc Mentis, Immram - The Voyage Of The Corvus Corrone, In The Labyrinth - One Trail To Heaven, Mothlite - Dark Age, Strandberg Project - Made In Finland, T2K - Remote Transmissions
Anathema - Weather Systems (RTR)
Galahad - Battle Scars (Duo Review), Incidense - Incarcerated, Inner Ear Brigade - Rainbro, MaterDea - Satyricon, North Atlantic Oscillation - Fog Electric, Sebastian Hardie - Blueprint, Timescape - Until Then, Vaiping - Industrial Workers Of The World
Squackett - A Life Within A Day (RTR)
After Forever - Decipher: The Album - The Sessions, Delusion Squared - II, Echosilence - Distorted Horizon [EP], Effloresce - Coma Ghosts (Duo Review), Hunt, Leslie - Wait For It, Lunocode - Celestial Harmonies, Mastercastle - Dangerous Diamond, MoeTar - From These Small Seeds (Duo Review), Phavian - Meridian I, Phavian - Foreword [EP]
Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion (RTR)
Absolace - Fractals, Asylum Found - Asylum Found, Ball, Lawrence - Method Music, Difícil Equilibrio - Present Live In Tiana 2008 [DVD], Index - Ao Vivo [DVD], Miller, Rick - In The Shadows, Morse, Neal - Testimony 2 - Live In Los Angeles, Nektar - Man In The Moon | Evolution, Royal Hunt - Show Me How To Live, Thinking Plague - Decline And Fall, Vespero - Subkraut – U-Boats Willkommen Hier, We Could Build An Empire - We Could Build An Empire, Difícil Equilibrio - Present Live In Tiana 2008, Index - Ao Vivo [DVD]
Argent - All Together Now, Bardens, Peter - Heart To Heart, Lindisfarne - Back And Fourth, Lindisfarne - Magic In The Air, Matching Mole - Matching Mole, Matching Mole - Little Red Record, Rundgren, Todd & Utopia - Disco Jets, Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation, Tangerine Dream - Pergamon, Utopia (Todd Rundgren &) - Disco Jets
Astralfish - Far Corners, Domain Of Dreams - Domain Of Dreams, Everwood - Without Saving, Izz - Crush Of Night, Jack O’ The Clock - How Are We Doing And Who Will Tell Us?, Miller, Phil - In Cahoots - Mind Over Matter, Øresund Space Collective - West, Space And Love, RedRocks - Cosmic Dream [EP], Ter' Azur - Falling Asleep, Watson, Dean - Imposing Elements (Duo Review)
Flying Colors - Flying Colors (RTR)
Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) - Thick As A Brick 2 (Duo Review), Colossus Project (Various artists) - Decameron - Ten Days In 100 Novellas - Part 1, Diversion Voice - Underwater, Forgas Band Phenomena - Acte V, Gekko Projekt - Electric Forest, Hogarth, Steve & Richard Barbieri - Not The Weapon But The Hand (Duo Review), Iszil - Back To The Seed, Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson) - Thick As A Brick 2 (Duo Review), Locanda Delle Fate - The Missing Fireflies, Moon Safari - The Gettysburg Address, Six Elements - Primary Elements, Ben Sommer - Super Brain, Various artists - Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To The Modern Guitar
Cucamonga - Alter Huevo, Doe, Sifu Stephen - Requiem, Hemina - Synthetic, It Bites - Map Of The Past (Duo Review), Matuchniak, Peter - Uncover Me, Pulseve - Magnet [EP], Resonance Association, The - Heliopause, Super Florence Jam - We Always Knew It Would Come To This [EP], Taylor's Universe - Kind Of Red, These Curious Thoughts - Building Mountains From The Ground
Agitation Free - Shibuya Nights - Live In Tokyo, Mario Cottarelli - Una Strana Commedia, Harrison, Gavin & Ø5Ric - The Man Who Sold Himself, Neograss - Atlantis, Pig Soul - Chorume Da Alma, Razl - Microscopic, Spock's Beard - The X Tour - Live, Ulver - The Norwegian National Opera [DVD], Violette Sounds - Feelin' Inside, The Last Daze Of The Underground (VA) - Tribute To Delerium Records, Ulver - The Norwegian National Opera
Alhena - Alhena [EP], Daymoon - All Tomorrows, Fierce And The Dead, The - On VHS [EP], Haines, Norman Band - Den Of Iniquity, Hollow Branches - Okanagana Waves, Mattsson - Aurora Borealis, Netherland Dwarf - Moi Moi, Oceans Of Night - Domain, Ozone Player & Matt Howarth - Long Range Influence, Red Orchid - Blood Vessels And Marshmallows, RPWL - Beyond Man And Time, Zen Rock And Roll - Undone
Arkaidence - A Timeless Mechanical Clockwork Animal [EP], DeeExpus - King Of Number 33, Different Light - Il Suono Della Luce, Edison's Children - In The Last Waking Moments..., Fourteen Twentysix - In Halflight Our Soul Glows, IOEarth - Moments, Jelly Fiche - Symbiose, King Of Agogik - From A To A, Mad Crayon - Preda, Musica Ficta - A Child & A Well, Quicksand - Home Is Where I Belong, Sleepwalker Sun - Sleepwalker Sun, Sleepwalker Sun - Stranger In The Mirror, Xanadu - The Last Sunrise
Gazpacho - March Of Ghosts (RTR)
Altair - La Esencia Del Tiempo, Anyone’s Daughter Mit Heinz Rudolf Kunze - Calw Live, Been Obscene - Night O’ Mine, Cross - Wake Up Call, Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, The - All Out Of Peaches, Geysir - Urworte [EP], Grand Astoria, The - Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom [Single], Human Abstract, The - Digital Veil, Lloyd, Robert - Home Truths, Martinelli, Kevin - Che Guevara Practices Telekinesis By The Dodge, Moerlen, Pierre ~ Gong - Downwind, Moerlen, Pierre ~ Gong - Time Is The Key, Red Bazar - Differential Being, Sleepin Pillow - Superman’s Blues, Spiral - The Traveler
Abandoned Stars - Opening Act [EP], After... - No Attachments, Atomic Rooster - The Lost Broadcasts [DVD], Byrds, The - The Lost Broadcasts [DVD], Firefly - Lightships, Grand Astoria, The - Omnipresence, Incrdible String Band, The - The Lost Broadcasts [DVD], Iarla Ó Lionáird - Foxlight, SimpleXity - Click To Start, Torman Maxt - The Problem Of Pain Part 2, Tu (Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto) - Tu, Uranian - La Ciudad De Los Sueños, Atomic Rooster - The Lost Broadcasts, Incrdible String Band, The - The Lost Broadcasts, Byrds, The - The Lost Broadcasts
Sylvan - Sceneries (RTR)
Brown, Arthur & Vincent Crane - Faster Than The Speed Of Light, Consortium Project V - Species, Desert Wizards - Desert Wizards, Druckfarben - Druckfarben, Eloy - The Tides Return Forever, Frequency Drift - Ghosts..., Gazpacho - London, Menel, Paul - Part Of The Story [EP], North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon, Reasoning, The - Live In The USA: The Bottle Of Gettysburg, Roz Vitalis - Revelator, Telergy - The Exodus, Wakeman, Rick - Caped Crusader Collectors Club - Bootleg Box Vol. 1, Wakeman, Rick - Caped Crusader Collectors Club - Bootleg Box Vol. 2, Wingfield, Mark & Kevin Kastning - I Walked Into The Silver Darkness
Aristocrats, The - The Aristocrats, Drake, William D - The Rising Of The Lights, Future Kings Of England, The - Who Is This Who Is Coming?, Henderson/Oken - Dream Theory In The IE, Hillmen - The Whiskey Mountain Sessions, Iona - Another Realm, Karda Estra - New Worlds, Krakowka, Arnaud - Antic Journey, Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of OrwarriOR, Psicodreamics - Ancient Wisdom, Pythagoras - The Correlated ABC (Duo Review), Rotor - Festsaal Kreuzberg, Spirits Burning - Behold The Action Man, Voyager - The Meaning Of I, Wilson, Damian ~ Band - Cheers Lads! [DVD], Damian Wilson Band - Cheers Lads!
Lazuli - 4603 Battements (RTR)
Anathema - Falling Deeper (Duo Review), Arabs In Aspic - Strange Frame Of Mind, Byrd, James ~ Atlantis Rising - Beyond The Pillars, Consortium Project I - Criminals & Kings, Consortium Project II - Continuum In Extremis, Paul Cusick - P’dice, Various artists - The Electric Garden Festival [DVD], From Oceans To Autumn - The Flood/The Fall, Graal - Legends Never Die, Joseph Magazine - Night Of The Red Sky, Paidarion - Behind The Curtains, Smith, John Gilmour - The Story We've Been Sold, Tides From Nebula - Earthshine, Viljanen, Elias - Taking The Lead, Yes - In The Present - Live From Lyon
Aican - Art Saves/Kills, Anabasis, The - Back From Being Gone, Knitting By Twilight - The Weathering, Level Pi - Dunkelstunde, Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling, Magenta - Chameleon, Moor, The - Memoirs Of Rossum, TheRoom - A Casual Believer/A Multitude Of Angels [Singles], Us - The Road Less Travelled