Album Reviews
Abnormal Thought Patterns - Abnormal Thought Patterns, Also Eden - Think Of The Children! (Duo Review), Blue Dawn - Blue Dawn, Chest Rockwell - Laugh And The World Laughs With You [EP], Fankhauser, Merrell - Return To Mu, Gösta Berlings Saga - Glue Works (Duo Review), Humble Grumble - Flanders Fields, Infront - Inescapable, Introitus - Elements, Irvine, John Band - Wait & See, Kalutaliksuak - Snow Melts Black, Lunatic Soul - Impressions, Mostly Autumn - That Night In Leamington, Mostly Autumn - Still Beautiful Live 2011, Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys, Reed, Alan - Dancing With Ghosts [EP], Seventh Wave - Things To Come + Psi-Fi, Side C - Stati D'Alienazione [EP], Side C - Andare Via... [EP], These Curious Thoughts - Let’s See What 2moro Brings, Time Horizon - Living Water, Trip Wave (VA) - A Retrospective Collection, Überfall - Treasures, Willey, Dave & Friends - Immeasurable Currents, Zauss - Überall In Terra Straniera Borders Beyond, Trip Wave (VA) - A Retrospective Collection
Anubis - A Tower Of Silence, Astralia - Osmosis, Blue Mammoth - Blue Mammoth, Caligula's Horse - Moments From Ephemeral City, Camembert - Schnörgl Attahk, Cuthbert, Lisa - Obstacles, Factor Burzaco - II, Hackett, John - Moonspinner, J21 - Beyond The Holographic Veil, Moonwagon - Night Dust, National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats, The - The Chronicles Of Sylliphus [EP], National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats, The - The Three Walls Of Kolepta [EP], Øresund Space Collective - Sleeping With The Sunworm, Phi - For The Love Of Ghosts, Pineapple Thief, The - Variations On A Dream/8 Days (Re-issue), Slivovitz - Bani Ahead, Soft Machine - NDR Jazz Workshop - Hamburg, Germany 1973, Soft Machine - Alive & Well, Solstice Coil - Natural Causes, Stevens, Matt - Relic, Subsignal - Touchstones, Wilson, Damian - I Thought The World Was Listening 1997-2011
Bravo Johnson - Come Taste The Sun, Brighteye Brison - The Magician Chronicles - Part I, Bruce, Jack - Out Of The Storm, Burke, Dec - Paradigms And Storylines, Cynthesis - DeEvolution, D’Accord - Helike, Main, Bruce - Swimming In The Pixel Sea, Narcisi, Ian - Weight Of The Word, Narcisi, Ian - Feel No Evil [EP], Narcisi, Ian - Phone Call To Infinity [EP], Nick Riff - The Universe Is Mental, Refay, Fernando - The Paradox
Acelsia - Quietude, Andromeda - Manifest Tyranny, Arch/Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance, Chaos Divine - The Human Connection, Drover, Glen - Metalusion, Epysode - Obsessions, Factory Of Dreams - Melotronical, Fair To Midland - Arrows & Anchors, Hess & Franzen - {CLOSEDLOCKEDSEALED}, Innosense - Outcast, Various artists - Lion Music - Embrace The Sun, Memento Waltz - Antithesis Of Time, Minutian - Repercussions, Myrath - Tales Of The Sands, No Gravity - Worlds In Collision, Overdrive - Angelmaker, Silent Lapse - Birthright, Twinspirits - Legacy, Various artists - Lion Music - Embrace The Sun
Autumn [NL] - Cold Comfort, Can - Tago Mago, Flyin’ Ryan Brothers, The - Under The Influence, Fuzz Manta - Opus II, Knight Area - Nine Paths (Duo Review), Mandrake Project - Transitions, Moraine - Metamorphic Rock: Live At NEARfest 2010, Oxcart - Beekeeper Constellation, Pocket Orchestra - Phoenix, Proto-Kaw - Forth, RanestRane - Shining, Yesterdays - Colours Caffè
Arena - The Seventh Degree Of Separation (RTR)
Glass Hammer - Cor Cordium (RTR)
Airey, Don - All Out, Barker, Nicklas - El Último Fin De Semana (Original Soundtrack), Bradford, Mark - High Road, Craven, Ben - Great & Terrible Potions, Fatal Fusion - Land Of The Sun, Haslam, Annie - Still Life, Izz - Live [DVD], La Théorie Des Cordes - Premières Vibrations, Seven Steps To The Green Door - The?Book, Soul Secret - Closer To Daylight, Tempus Fugit [Brazil] - Chessboard, Wetton, John - Raised In Captivity
Bedford, David - The Odyssey Live, Cibola - Cibola Road, Farpoint - Kindred Spirit, Gungfly - Lamentations, Levin Torn White - Levin Torn White, Mangrove - Live Beyond Reality [DVD], Nelson, Bill - Northern Dream, Passover - Sacrifice, Path Of Samsara - Path Of Samsara, Spiral - The Capital In Ruins, Uriah Heep - Live In Armenia, Wesley, John - The Lilypad Suite
Blindead - Affliction XXIX II MXMVI, Contraluz - Novus Orbis, Core Zero - Doxology, Daal - Destruktive Actions Affect Livings, Dawn Band, The - Agents Of Sentimentality, Discipline - To Shatter All Accord, Goad - Masquerade, Haken - Visions (Duo Review), Hunter, Tim - The Pathway Of Light, Infinity Overture - The Infinite Overture Pt. 1, Lukas Tower Band - Albedo, Majestic - Labyrinth, Quorum - Klubkin’s Voyage, Sendelica - The Pavilion Of Magic And The Trials Of The Seven Surviving Elohim, White Willow - Terminal Twilight
Airbag - All Rights Removed, Bader Nana - Wormwood, Catafalchi Del Cyber - Benediktus Und Vobis Quoque, Catafalcus Est Tu, Ego - Evoluzione Delle Forme, Eternal Wanderers - So Far And So Near, However - Sudden Dusk, However - Calling, Manning - Margaret's Children (Duo Review), Motion Theory - It's Not As Dark As That, Friend [EP], Poor Genetic Material - Island Noises (Duo Review), Princiotto, Peter - Life's Mystery, Transatlantic - More Never Is Enough (Duo Review)
Agents Of Mercy - The Black Forest (RTR)
Arachnes - A New Day, Curved Air - The Lost Broadcasts [DVD], Furyu - Cio Che L'Anima Non Dice, Il Tempio Delle Clessidre - Il Tempio Delle Clessidre, Jacula - Pre Viam, Jonesy - Dark Matter (Inner Space), Man On Fire - Chrysallis, Mogador - All I Am Is Of My Own Making, Nosound - The Northern Religion Of Things, Sherinian, Derek - Oceana (Duo Review), Soulbreaker Company, The - Itaca, Zero Gravity - Misplaced Moments
Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt Two (RTR)
Karmakanic - In A Perfect World (RTR)
Agents Of Chaos, The (Dave Brock's) - The Agents Of Chaos, Baker Gurvitz Army - Baker Gurvitz Army, Baker Gurvitz Army - Elysian Encounter, Baker Gurvitz Army - Hearts On Fire, Bedford, David - Nurses Song With Elephants, Brock, Dave And The Agents Of Chaos - The Agents Of Chaos, Brown, Arthur & Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor, Coxhill, Lol - Ear Of Beholder, Earth And Fire - To The World Of The Future, Tangerine Dream - Atem, Tangerine Dream - Underwater Sunlight, Tudor Lodge - Tudor Lodge
Azazello - Transformation, Borealis (Canada) - Fall From Grace, Various artists - CPR, Volume 4, Delirium - Il Viaggio Continua: La Storia 1970-2010, Flaming Row - Elinoire, Geysir - Geysir [EP], Govea - Danza Urbana, Low Budget Orchestra - Innerstellar, Memories Of Machines - Warm Winter, Samurai Of Prog, The - Undercover, Sky Architect - A Dying Man’s Hymn, Tea Club, The - Rabbit, TR3 - From Space And Beyond, Unicorn, Johnny - Thinking Hard To Overcome Nervousness, Winter Tree, The - The Winter Tree
The Tangent - COMM (RTR)
Cosmograf - When Age Has Done Its Duty (Duo Review), Greylevel - Hypostatic Union, Hackett, Steve - Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (Duo Review), Kershaw, Nik - Live In Germany 1984, Krampl, Gerald - Lighthouse, Siani, Paolo & Friends Featuring Nuova Idea - Castles, Wings, Stories And Dreams, Soniq Circus - Reflections In The Hourglass, Touchstone - The City Sleeps, Vargton Projekt - ProgXpriMetal, Various artists - Prog NL, Wilson, Steven - Grace For Drowning, 25 Yard Screamer - Until All Are One, Nik Kershaw - Live In Germany 1984
Opeth - Heritage (RTR)
Cavalli Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi (CCLR) - Cavalli Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi, Earthling Society - Stations Of The Ghost, Emerson, Lake & Palmer - 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert [DVD], Gingerpig - The Ways Of The Gingerpig, Gudars Skymning - Mörka Vatten, Herd Of Instinct - Herd Of Instinct, Leprous - Bilateral, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - A.D. 2010 - La Buona Novella, Redemption - This Mortal Coil, Solstice - Kindred Spirits (Duo Review), Unified Past - Observations, 17 Pygmies - CII: Second Son
Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events (RTR)
Android Meme, The - Ordo Ab Chao, Anima Mundi - The Way, Aura - Deliverance, Avant Folk - Avant Folk, Calomito - Cane Di Schiena, Comedy Of Errors - Disobey, Various artists - Envelopes of Yesterday - The Manticore Records Story 1973 - 1976, Jack Dupon - Démon Hardi, Kaarna - Spring, October Equus - Saturnal, Sacred Dawn - A Madness Within, 413 - Path To Hocma
Aardvark - Aardvark, Anderson, Jon - In The City Of Angels, Brooker, Gary - Lead Me To The Water, Brown, Arthur ~ The Crazy World Of - Strangelands, Home - Pause For A Hoarse Horse, Home - Home, Isotope - Isotope, Isotope - Illusion, Isotope - Deep End, Tangerine Dream - Ride On The Ray, Tangerine Dream - Sunrise In The Third System, Thomas, Ray - From Mighty Oaks, Thomas, Ray - Hopes Wishes & Dreams, Williams, Tony ~ Lifetime - Emergency!, Williams, Tony ~ Lifetime - Turn It Over
Akin - The Way Things End, Antiklimax - Green Largo, Carducci, Franck - Oddity, Imagination School - The Savage Coast, Lunar Dunes - Galaxsea, Nerve Institute, The - Architects Of Flesh-Density (Duo Review), Odin's Court - Human Life In Motion, Sanhedrin - Ever After, Utopianisti - Utopianisti, White Denim - D
Ábrete Gandul - Enjambre Sismico, Accordo Dei Contrari - Kublai, Carpani, Alex - The Sanctuary, Dream The Elecric Sleep - Lost And Gone Forever, Glass - Spectrum Principle, Levin, Ben Group - Pulse Of A Nation, Mist Season - Mist Season, Mist Season - Woodlands, Morse, Neal - Testimony 2, Ske - 1000 Autunni, Solkyri - No House [EP], 1870 - Pogo Y 4 Historias De Horror
Acqua Fragile - Acqua Fragile, Acqua Fragile - Mass-Media Stars, Gong (Pierre Moerlen) - Leave It Open, Gong (Pierre Moerlen) - Live, Hawkwind - Distant Horizons, Illusion [UK] - Out Of The Mist, Illusion [UK] - Illusion, Moerlen, Pierre ~ Gong - Leave It Open, Moerlen, Pierre ~ Gong - Live, Out Of Focus - Wake Up!, Out Of Focus - Out Of Focus, Out Of Focus - Four Letter Monday Afternoon, Tangerine Dream - Zeit, Tangerine Dream - Poland - The Warsaw Concert
Yes - Fly From Here (RTR)
Atto IV - Atto IV – Shattered Lines, Dimæon - Exit Reality [EP], Dredg - Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy, Empty Yard Experiment - Empty Yard Experiment, Ferguson, Ali - The Windmills And The Stars, Fierce And The Dead, The - If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe, Introvision - 08:36:59, Michel Lazaro - Vision, MSA Project - Istree, Pagan’s Mind - Heavenly Ecstasy, Phi Yaan-Zek - Dance With The Anima, Trigon - 2011
Aranis - Roqueforte, City Weezle - Taboo, Enoch - The Hierophant, Mars Hollow - World In Front Of Me, RedZen, The - Void, Revivor - The Siege, Riverside - Memories In My Head [EP], Sommer, Ben - America'd, Tempul - Tempul, Uriah Heep - Into The Wild, Verbal Delirium - So Close & Yet So Far Away, Vitruvius - Vitruvius
Ani Lo Projekt - Miracle, Athem - The Extended Mind, High Watt Electrocutions - The Bermuda Triangle, Re-Stoned, The - Analog, Sadhana - Vicissitudes [EP], Sadhana - The Real [EP], Total B.S. - 2The Core
Combination Head - Museum, Dynamo Bliss - 21st Century Junk, Galleon - In The Wake Of The Moon, Garcia, Al - All Things Must Converge, Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part One), Marani, P.Y. - Outline, Marillion - Marbles [Re-issue], Marillion - Somewhere Else [Re-issue], Némo - R€volu$ion (Duo Review), Simeon Soul Charger - Meet Me In The Afterlife, Slychosis - Mental Hygiene
AltaVia - Girt Dog, Burn The Iris - Sovereign [EP], C-Sides - Devitrification, Green, Jeff - Jessica, Lunocode - The Last Day Of The Earth [EP], Snatch Magnet - Screw, Nut And Bolt, Sun Caged - The Lotus Effect, Sworn - Sworn, Trettioåriga Kriget - Efter Efter, Unicorn, Johnny - Sweet Edith Manton, Wobbler - Rites At Dawn, Wroten, Alex - Not Necessarily Like This
Amity In Fame - Through, Boutrup, Lars - The Symphonic Dream, - Quartus Artifactus, Jakszyk, Fripp & Collins - A Scarcity Of Miracles, Novus Rex - Plowshares Into Swords, Searching For Calm - Celestial Greetings, Sun Domingo - Songs For End Times, Townsend, Devin ~ The Project - Deconstruction, Townsend, Devin ~ The Project - Ghost, Wolverine - Communication Lost
Armaggedon (UK) - Armaggedon, Bond, Grahame - Love Is The Law, Bond, Grahame - Mighty Grahame Bond, Box Of Frogs - Box Of Frogs, Box Of Frogs - Strange Land, Dog Soldier - Dog Soldier, Murphy Blend - First Loss, Skin Alley - Big Brother Is Watching You, Skin Alley - Two Quid Deal?
D Project - Big Face, Al Fleeman - The Water Is Wide Variations, Gunn, Trey - I’ll Tell What I Saw, Gunn, Trey - Modulator, Iceland - Iceland, Lost In Thought - Opus Arise, Opus Symbiosis - Mute [EP], Psychedelic Ensemble, The - The Myth Of Dying, Resistor - The Secret Island Band Jams, Travis, Theo - All I Know : An Anthology
Apocalypse - The 25th Anniversary Box Set [DVD/CD], Baker Gurvitz Army - Live 1975 [DVD], Baker, Ginger ~ Airforce - Live 1970 [DVD], King's X - Live Love In London [DVD/CD], Pure Reason Revolution - Live At Scala - 09.12.10 [DVD], Tangent, The - Going Off On Two [DVD] (Duo Review)
Aleppo Pine - Holy Picnic, Group 309 - Dreams Of Sea, LaRue, Lisa ~ 2KX - Fast And Blue, LaRue, Lisa ~ 2KX - Fast And Blue [DVD], Miller, Rick - Dreamtigers, Mist Season - Reflections, SLP - Perception, Smith, Jesse J - Organic Rock, Thence - These Stones Cry From The Earth, Ulver - Wars Of The Roses
Aethyr - Messio, Anderson, Matthew - Uncaged [EP], Arnold, Bruce - Heavy Mental, Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA (Duo Review), Credo - Against Reason (Duo Review), Igayon - To Go, TDW - Scrapbook, Univers Zero - Heresie
Ether's Edge - Return To Type, Étron Fou Leloublan - À Prague, Höstsonaten - Summereve, Lindh, Pär Project - Time Mirror, Mats/Morgan Band - The Music Or The Money?, Paatos - Breathing (Duo Review), Pär Lindh Project - Time Mirror, Prophecy - Illusion Of Time, Tohpati Ethnomission - Save The Planet
DaKryA - Crime Scene, Effloresce - Shades Of Fate [EP], Evergrey - Glorious Collision, Filkins, Sean - War And Peace & Other Short Stories (Duo Review), Lerouge - Un Peu Plus De Noir, Miriodor - Avanti!, Ole Lukkoye - Petroglyphs, Tempus Fugit [Canada] - Shallow Water Blackout
Cuzo - Otros Mundos, Final Conflict - Stand Up (Re-issue), Finn Arild - Testament, Helmerson, Anders - Triple Ripple, Pendragon - Passion (Duo Review), Psicotropia - Psicotropia³, Qube - Incubate, TCP - Fantastic Dreamer
Phideaux - Snowtorch (RTR)
Acorn Project - Generation Debt, Amplifier - The Octopus (Duo Review), And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Tao Of The Dead, Beardfish - Mammoth (Duo Review), Dreyelands - Rooms Of Revelation, Lapouge, Jean & Christian Pabœuf - Atlas, Leap Day - Skylge’s Lair, Magnum - The Visitation, Nine Stones Close - Traces, Nine Stones Close - Re-Traced, Slaves To Fashion - Artistic Differences, Soup - Children Of E.L.B.
Brainbox - Brainbox, Christmas, Keith - Tomorrow Never Ends: The Anthology 1974-1976, Deuter - D, Deuter - Aum, Gilgamesh - Gilgamesh, Hawkwind - Choose Your Masques, Here & Now - All Over The Show, Lees, John - A Major Fancy, Mountain - Crossroader | An Anthology 1970-1974, Utopia (Todd Rundgren &) - Oblivion, Utopia (Todd Rundgren &) - POV, Utopia (Todd Rundgren &) - Redux ‘92: Live In Japan
Finnegans Wake - The Bird And The Sky Above, Jean Chaine And His Ulterior Lux - The Dancing Man, Spaltklang - En Suite, Stauss, Markus - "Special Review Feature", Trank Zappa Grappa In Varese? - So Uferios Im Abendwind, Überfall - So Uferios Im Abendwind
Conqueror - Madame Zelle, Dorian Opera - Crusade 1212, Dropshard - Anywhere But Here, Eureka - Silverware - The Best Of Eureka 1997-2010, Fusonic - Desert Dreams, Jump - The Beachcomber, Rock 4 Life (VA) - Volume 19, Silentclock - Elephants And Porcelain, Vega, Patrick - Anima, Rock 4 Life (VA) - Volume 19
The Watch - Timeless (RTR)
Colster - Colster, Hamadryad - Intrusion, Illesh, Robert - Golden, Information Superhighway - This Is Not The Ending, Machine, The - Drie, Magic Pie - The Suffering Joy, MindSplit - Charmed Human Arts Of Significance, Nichelodeon - Il Gioco Del Silenzio, Sungrazer - Sungrazer, Taylor’s Free Universe - Two Pack
Van Der Graaf Generator - A Grounding In Numbers (RTR)
Cue - Five Steps To Happiness, K² - Black Garden, Mindmovie - Happiness And Tears, Paintbox - The Night, Pocketful - Late Night Call [EP], Spirit Of The Matter - Zuble Land, Tracker - How I Became An Alien, Yeti Rain - III, Zip Tang - Feed Our Heads
Haiku Funeral - If God Is A Drug, Haiku Funeral - Hell, Jeavestone - 1+1=OK, Lang, Yogi - No Decoder, Neural Mass - Final Warning, Sehnsucht - Wachstum, Silent Call - Greed, Yes - Union Live [DVD], Leader Of The Starry Skies (VA) - A Tribute To Tim Smith : Songbook 1, Leader Of The Starry Skies (VA) - A Tribute To Tim Smith : A Loyal Companion
Pallas - XXV (RTR)
Coma - Excess, Djam Karet - The Heavy Soul Sessions, Eloy - The Legacy Box [DVD], Henderson, Mike - White Arrow Project, Matsutake - Singin’ Skin, Random Touch - Reverberating Apparatus, Renaissance - Renaissance, Renaissance - Illusion, Sanguine Hum - Diving Bell, Ukab Maerd - The Waiting Room
Moon Safari - Lover's End (RTR)
After... - Live At Home, Anta - The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit, Apeyga - Ring [EP], Appearance Of Nothing - All Gods Are Gone, Axiom - Truths Denied, Lebowski - Cinematic, Persephone’s Dream - Pan: An Urban Pastoral (Duo Review), Stevens, Matt - Ghost, Toxic Smile - I'm Your Saviour, Uil, Han - Dark In Light
BangTower - Casting Shadows, Barock Project - Rebus, California, Randy - Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds, Kings Of Frog Island, The - III, Lens, The - Regeneration, Love De Vice - Numaterial, Mr Gil - Light And Sound, Quandary - Ready To Fail, Soft Machine Legacy, The - Live Adventures, 21st Century Schizoid Band - Live In Japan [DVD]
Angra - Aqua, Areknamés - In Case Of Loss..., Brother Ape - A Rare Moment Of Insight, Bruford Levin Upper Extremeties (B.L.U.E.) - Blue Nights (Live), Bruford Levin Upper Extremeties (B.L.U.E.) - Bruford Levin Upper Extremities, Ingerslev, Marie - The Other Side, Majestic - Ataraxia, Masson, Colin - The Mad Monk And The Mountain, Roussak, Andrew - Blue Intermezzo, Sunchild - The Wrap (Duo Review), T - Anti-Matter Poetry, 16 Deadly Improvs, The - The Triumph Of The 16 Deadly Improvs
Absolace - Resolve[d], Aeon Zen - The Face Of The Unknown, Arcane - Chronicles Of A Waking Dream, CloverSeeds - The Opening, Creation's End - A New Beginning, Darkwater - Where Stories End, Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini, Fracture - Simple Chaos, Hookah The Fuzz - Hookah The Fuzz, In Search For - Faith, Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned, Persini, Sebastian - Lost City, Tears - Memories Of Things Unnecessary [EP], Tides Of Man - Dreamhouse, To-Mera - Earthbound [EP]
Asgærd - In The Realm Of Asgærd, Bardens, Peter - Peter Bardens, Blonde On Blonde - Contrasts, Café Jacques - Round The Back, Café Jacques - International, Dog That Bit People, The - The Dog That Bit People, Eela Craig - One Niter, Jade Warrior - Floating World (Duo Review), Jade Warrior - Waves (Duo Review), Juicy Lucy - Juicy Lucy, Juicy Lucy - Lie Back And Enjoy It, Soft Machine - Softs, Soft Machine - Land Of Cockayne, Titus Groan - Titus Groan