Album Reviews
Abacab - Mal De Terre, Armageddon (Germany) - Armageddon, Glass Hammer - Three Cheers For The Broken Hearted, Jefferson Starship - "Performing Jefferson Airplane @ Woodstock", Psychedelic Shag - The Sunlight Underground, Strickland, William R - Is Only The Name, Tangent, The - Down And Out In Paris And London (Duo Review), Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Night Castle
DeeExpus - Far From Home [DVD], Kansas - There’s Know Place Like Home [DVD], Lazuli - Six Frenchmen In Amsterdam - Live At Paradiso [DVD], Oceansize - Feed To Feed [DVD], Rolling Drunks - Live & 131 [DVD/CD], Shadowland - Edge Of Night [DVD], Tinyfish - One Night On Fire - Live In Poland [DVD], Van Der Graaf Generator - Live At The Paradiso 14.04.07 [DVD]
Breathing Space - Below The Radar, Junk Farm - Didn't Come To Dance, La Compagnie Des Arts - Detour, Oceans Of Night - The Shadowheart Mirror, Pain Of Salvation - Linoleum [EP] (Duo Review), Signs Of One - Innerlands, Thorne, Steve - Into The Ether, Toxic Smile - Overdue Visit [EP]
Antique Seeking Nuns - Careful! It's Tepid [EP], Art Of Infinity - Art Of Infinity - The Flow Of Time (Radio Edit) [Single], Brother Ape - Turbulence, Celestial Oeuvre - This Mortal Coil, Hillage, Steve Band - Live At The Gong Family Unconvention, Redemption - Snowfall On Judgment Day, Slaves To Fashion - Slaves To Fashion [EP], Spirits Of The Dead - Spirits Of The Dead
Believe - This Bread Is Mine, Burdon, Eric - Mirage, Fernwood - Sangita, Franklin, John Orr - Transformation, Jolly - Forty Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds Of Music, Majestic - Arrival, Mindflower - Little Enchanted Void, Mob Rules - Radical Peace, Pictoral Wand - Face Of Our Fathers, Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts
Camel - Breathless [re-issue], Camel - The Single Factor [re-issue], Camel - Stationary Traveller [re-issue], Colossus Project (Various artists) - Tuonen Tytär II, Elf Project - Mirage, IT - Departure, Marillion - Less Is More, Narrow Pass - In This World And Beyond, Townsend, Devin ~ The Project - Addicted (Duo Review), Vital Might, The - Red Planet, Ziai, Ron - Ron Ziai, Various artists - Undercover by 10t Records
Alquin - Marks, Alquin - The Mountain Queen, Alquin - Sailors And Sinners, Astral Travellers - The Truth Beyond, Aurora Project, The - Shadow Border, Chris - A Glimpse Inside, Earth And Fire - Earth And Fire, Earth And Fire - Song Of The Marching Children, Earth And Fire - Atlantis, Intentions - Place In Time, Knight Area - Realm Of Shadows, Leap Day - Awakening The Muse, Mangrove - Beyond Reality, Silhouette - Moods
Diptyque - 7, Earthling Society - Sci-Fi Hi-Fi, Future Kings Of England, The - The Viewing Point, Hawkwind - Levitation, Mind Furniture - Hoop Of Flame, Native Window - Native Window, Quinn, Asher - Open Secret, Uncreated Light - Whom Should I Blame
Transatlantic - The Whirlwind (RTR)
Aaen Anima - Aaen Anima [2EP], Allen, Daevid - Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life, Galea - Theo’s Drive-In, Indukti - Idmen, Midas - Beyond The Clear Air, Midas - 25th Anniversary Concert & Early Rare Tracks, Nosound - A Sense Of Loss, Pineapple Thief, The - 3000 Days, Various artists - Progfest '97 [DVD], Siddhartha - Trip To Innerself, Various artists - Progfest '97 [DVD], Various artists - Progfest '97
Beardfish - Destined Solitaire, Circulus - Thought Becomes Reality, Gabard, Nadine & Erik Baron - Noches Buenas, Galaxy Transport - Visitors, Jakszyk, Jakko M - Waves Sweep The Sand, Parzival’s Eye - Fragments, Potter, Nic And Friends - Live In Italy, TEE - The Earth Explorer
Muse - The Resistance (RTR)
Atomic Workers - Third Disaster, Baroque - La Fiaba Della Buonanotte, Dead Heroes Club - A Time Of Shadows, Heckstall~Smith, Dick - ... A Story Ended, Meridiem - Full Catastrophe, Meridiem - A Pleasant Fiction, Mostly Autumn - Pass The Clock, Pantokraator - Tormidesööjad, RanestRane - Nosteratu Il Vampiro, Xerath - I
Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day (RTR)
Adventure - Beacon Of Light, Apogee - Mystery Remains, Being & Time - Being & Time, Cirrha Niva - For Moments Never Done, Deluge Grander - The Form Of The Good, Enochian Theory - Evolution: Creation Ex Nihilio, Flamborough Head - Looking For John Maddock, Gargamel - Descending, Quidam - The Fifth Season, RPWL - The RPWL Live Experience [DVD], Thompson, Chris - Live, Thompson, Chris - Backtrack 1980-1994, RPWL - The RPWL Live Experience
Bond + Brown - Two Heads Are Better Than One, Bruce, Jack - Automatic, Circus - Circus, Edge, Graeme ~ Band - Paradise Ballroom, Fat Mattress - Fat Mattress, Fat Mattress - II, Fire - The Magic Shoemaker, Hatfield And The North - Hatfield And The North, Hatfield And The North - The Rotters’ Club, Hawklords - Live '78, Hawkwind - Love In Space, Hawkwind - The Chronicle Of The Black Sword, Maestoso & Wooley Wolstenholme - Uneasy Listening, Swindells, Steve - Fresh Blood, Wolstenholme, Wooley & Maestoso - Uneasy Listening
Aeolian Race - Landlocked Nation, Arpia - Racconto D'Inverno, Cusick, Paul - Focal Point, Engineers, The - Three Fact Fader, Il Cerchio D’Oro - Il Viaggio Di Colombo, Leafblade - Beyond, Beyond, Quicksilver Messenger Service - Reunion, Sideways - Fate, Sylvan - Force Of Gravity, TCP - The Way, Twelfth Night - Smiling At Grief - The Definitive Edition, Ulysses - The Gift Of Tears
Abraham, Lee - Black & White, Darwin's Radio - Template For A Generation (Duo Review), Echo Us - The Tide Decides, Eclat - Live Au Roucas, Elsie - Elsie [EP], The Enid - Arise And Shine Volume 1 (Duo Review), Epsylon - The Gift, Galadriel - Calibrated Collision Course, Haddad - Eros & Thanatos, Hemy/Rowell - What Lies Below, Imagination School - To The Level Of Light, Olivieri, Luca - La Quarta Dimensione
Porcupine Tree - The Incident (RTR)
Ageness - Songs From The Liar's Lair, Anekdoten - Chapters, Chest Rockwell - Total Victory, Crystal Lake - Safe, iH8 Camera - iH8 Camera, Orphan Project - Spooning Out The Sea (Duo Review), Phideaux - Number Seven, Progression By Failure - Progression By Failure, Renaissance - 'Live' At Carnegie Hall (Deluxe Anniversary Edition), Tinyfish - Curious Things
Argos - Argos, Crystal Caravan, The - The Crystal Caravan, Dyonisos - Aces High, Final Conflict - Another Moment In Time [DVD], Illumion - Hunting For Significance (Duo Review), Jeavestone - Mind The Soup, Life On Earth! - A Space Water Loop, Low Budget Orchestra - The Second Best, Overhead - Live After All [DVD], Rushus - Nine, Secret Green - To Wake The King (Duo Review), 5bridgeS - The Thomas Tracks, Final Conflict - Another Moment In Time, Overhead - Live After All
Ahkmed - Distance, Amberian Dawn - The Clouds Of Northland Thunder, Baird, Ken - Further Out, Copernicus - Disappearnce, Gauthier, Daniel - The Wish, No Name - 20 Candles, Swart, Peter - Rofloré, Tilt - Million Dollar Wound [EP] (Duo Review), XII Alfonso - Under, 26 - Solipsissimus
Barclay James Harvest - Live, Barclay James Harvest - Live Tapes, Deviants - Ptoof!, Deviants - Disposable, Deviants - Three, Farren, Mick - Mona - The Carnivorous Circus, Man - Revelation, Man - 2 Ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle, Marsupilami - Marsupilami, Spooky Tooth - Lost In My Dream, Spooky Tooth With Pierre Henry - Ceremony: An Electronic Mass
Alchemy Room - Origin Of Fears, Kief, Jaén - Las Hadas No Vuelan Mas II, Kosmos - Vieraan Taivaan Alla, Neri, Giorgio C. - Logos, Pi XPRNC - Algenia, Rudess, Jordan - Notes On A Dream (Duo Review), Ruiz, Andrés - Los Deudos, Shadow’s Mignon - Midnight Sky Masquerade, Steensland, Simon - Fat Again, Zlye Kukly - At The End Of Days
Astra (USA) - The Weirding, Heart Of Cygnus - Over Mountain, Under Hill, Kotebel - Ouroboros, Leyla Fon Rio - Matiz, Man - Kingdom Of Noise, Robinson, Bass & Clement (RBC) - RBC, Viima - Kahden Kuun Sirpit, White, Snowy Blues Project - Our Time Of Living, Witchbreed - Heretic Rapture, Zombi - Spirit Animal
Brett, Paul (Sage) - Paul Brett Sage, Brett, Paul (Sage) - Jubilation Foundry, Brett, Paul (Sage) - Schizophrenia, Cage - Secret Passage, Creedy - Privileged Vagabond, Eye 2 Eye - After All..., Knitting By Twilight - An Evening Out Of Town, Knitting By Twilight - Riding The Way Back, Mars Volta, The - Octahedron, Mats/Morgan Band - Heat Beats Live | Tourbook 1991-2007 [DVD], Pantommind - Lunasense, Rush - Retrospective 3, Sage, Paul Brett - Paul Brett Sage, Sage, Paul Brett's - Jubilation Foundry, Sage, Paul Brett's - Schizophrenia, SBB - Behind The Iron Curtain [DVD], Townsend, Devin ~ The Project - Ki, Valkyr - The Mirror Has Two Faces, Mats/Morgan Band - Heat Beats Live | Tourbook 1991-2007 [DVD], SBB - Behind The Iron Curtain
Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition (RTR)
Abigail's Ghost - D_letion, Donockley, Troy - The Madness of Crowds, Eidolon - Dreamland, Eureka - Shackleton's Voyage, Fuzz Manta - Smokerings, Gorczyca, Andrew - Reflections - An Act Of Glass, Hammill, Peter - Thin Air, Ilyin, Gennady - The Sun Of The Spirit, Loreau, Bertrand - Réminescences, Red Bazar - Connections, Sound Pressure - Sound Pressure, Zao - Ethnic 3 Live
Queensrÿche - American Soldier (RTR)
Agents Of Mercy - The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight (Duo Review), Centrica - Centrica, Delirium - Il Nome Del Vento, Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!, OTR - Mamonama, Profuna Ocean - Watching The Closing Sky, Rodulfo, Raimundo - Mare Et Terra, Roswell Six - Terra Incognita : Beyond The Horizon, Slychosis - Slychedelia, Treat, The - Audio Verité/Deceptive Blends
IQ - Frequency (RTR)
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (RTR)
Little Tragedies - The Paris Symphony, Metamorphosis - Then All Was Silent, Metamorphosis - Dark, Mindmovie - An Ocean Of Dreams, MM Circle - Requiem Pour Un Vivant, Mr. So & So - Sugarstealer, Nine Stones Close - Nine Stones Close, Stassinopoulos, Chris & Friends - Light In The Dark, Stream Of Passion - The Flame Within, Tilion - A.M.I.G.D.A.L.A.
Mastodon - Crack The Skye (RTR)
Baccini, Sophya - Aradìa, Centric Jones - Foreign Tea, Drift - Driftsongs, Gentle Giant - Live In Stockholm '75, Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness And Charm, Hawkwind - P.X.R.5, Spleen Arcana - The Field Where She Died, Survival - Crusader, Vincent, Daniel - This Building Is Under Electronic Surveillance At All Times, Woolfson, Eric - Eric Woolfson Sings The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was
Antonius Rex - Per Viam, Cast - Originallis, Colossus Project (Various artists) - Dante’s Inferno - The Divine Comedy Part I, Deus Ex Machina - Imparis, Dol Theeta - The Universe Expands, Fractured Dimension, The - Towards The Mysterium, Karcius - Episodes, Neo-Prophet - Monsters, No-Man - Wherever There Is Light [EP], Renaissance - Dreams & Omens, Taylor’s Universe - Return To Whatever, Valentine - Androgenius
Gathering, The - The West Pole (RTR)
Credo - This Is What We Do [DVD] (Duo Review), Laboratorium - Old School Fusion Live [DVD], Magenta - Live At The Point 2007 [DVD], Pain Of Salvation - Ending Themes - On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation [DVD] (Duo Review), Pendragon - Concerto Maximo [DVD] (Round Table Review), Redemption - Frozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta [DVD], Renaissance - Song Of Scheherezade [DVD], Saga - Contact [DVD], Schulze, Klaus Featuring Lisa Gerrard - Rheingold Live At The Loreley [DVD], Thompson, Chris - One Hot Night In The Cold [DVD], Trigon - Live 2007 [DVD], Xystus - Equilibrio Live [DVD]
Colossus Project (Various artists) - The Spaghetti Epic 3 - The Great Silence, Healing Road, The - Tales From The Dam, Jam-Lab - Gain, Lava Engine - Lava Engine [EP], Life Line Project - Modinha, Nichelodeon - Cinemanemico, Ohead - Giai's Garden, Outre Mesure - Abacadaë, Pineapple Thief, The - The Dawn Raids (Part One) [EP], Pineapple Thief, The - The Dawn Raids (Part Two) [EP], Source, The - Prickly Pear (Duo Review), Trader Horne - Morning Way
Ashent - Deconstructive, Astra (Italy) - From Within, Beyond The Labyrinth - Castles In The Sand, Elegy - Labyrinth Of Dreams, Elegy - Supremacy, Elegy - Lost, Elegy - Primal Instinct, Elegy - State Of Mind, Elegy - Manifestation of Fear, Elegy - Principles Of Pain, Epica - The Classical Conspiracy, Faith - Blessed?, Farther Paint - Lose Control, Forgotten Suns - Innergy, Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know, Hourglass - Oblivious To The Obvious, Lethargy - Purification, Mastercastle - The Phoenix, Megadeth - Megadeth Anthology: Set The World Afire, Miosis - Albedo Abduction, TDW - The Haunts, Textures - Silhouettes
Antihéroe - Entretejido Cósmico, Carlton, Marc - Reflex Arc, Kull, Brett - The Last Of The Curlews, Miller, Rick - Falling Through Rainbows (Duo Review), OSI - Blood (Duo Review), Spaced Out - Evolution, Thompson, Chris - Timeline, Vezina, Claire - Cyber Neptune
Amfibian - Skip The Goodbyes, Aviva Omnibus - Nutcracker In Fury, Cloudmachine - Back On Land, Eyering - Imagery [EP], Finnegans Wake - Blue, Healing Road, The - Timanfaya, Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul (Duo Review), Mrs Vee (VA) - Manifesto, Science NV - Really Loud Noises, Strawberry Fields - Rivers Gone Dry, Wobbler - Afterglow, 16 Deadly Improvs, The - The Revenge Of The 16 Deadly Improvs
Baku Llama - Eris, Balloon - Motivation, Barr - Skogsbo Is The Place, Blind Ego - Numb, Disen Gâge - ...The Reverse May Be True, Fractal - Sequitur, Martigan - Vision, Razor Wire Shrine - The Power Of Negative Thinking, Resonance Association, The - Northern Coastline Soundtrack, Yugen Plays Leddi - Uova Fatali
Arc - ...At This, Ardley, Neil - Harmony Of The Spheres, Campbell, Jimmy - Son Of Anastasia, Campbell, Jimmy - Half Baked, Campbell, Jimmy - Jimmy Campbell's Album, CMU - Space Cabaret, Fruupp - Future Legends, Fruupp - Seven Secrets, Fruupp - The Prince Of Heaven’s Eyes, Fruupp - Modern Masquerades, Galliard - Strange Pleasure, Galliard - New Dawn, Hartley, Keef Band - Seventy Second Brave, Hartley, Keef Band - Lancashire Hustler, Newman, Tom - Faerie Symphony, Quintessence - Indweller
Emerson, Keith ~ Band Featuring Marc Bonilla - Keith Emerson Band Featuring Marc Bonilla, Laramee, Pete - Childhood Memories, Lobster Newberg - Actress, Moraz, Patrick - Change Of Space, Parhelia - Shifting Sands, Peek, Kevin - Awakening, Satellite - Nostalgia, Sherinian, Derek - Molecular Heinosity (Duo Review)
Antiklimax - Aurora Polaris, Echolyn - Cowboy Poems Free [Re-issue], Estygya - Los Ojos Verdes, Kataya - Canto Obscura, Level Pi - Electronic Sheep, Nathan Mahl - Exodus, Saga - The Human Condition, Tachyon Believers - Waldorv City
Hawkwind - Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music, Hawkwind - Live Chronicles, Hawkwind - Electric Tepee, Jack Dupon - L'Echelle Du Désir, Kat, Henriëtte - Home, Lüüp - Distress Signal Code, Piamenta, Yosi ~ Heavenly Jams Band - Bridging The Gap... Live!, Psicodreamics - Fantasynth, Red Star Revolt - Red Star Revolt, Seven Day Hunt - File This Dream, Vinc Project - My Story, Zed - Are You Here
Beriau, Robert - Selfishness: Source Of War & Violence, Bittertown - Scenes From The Box, Delain - April Rain, Multifuse - Journey To The Nesting Place, Opram - Opram Live, Pure Reason Revolution - Amor Vincit Omnia, Reasoning, The - Dark Angel (Duo Review), SBB - Iron Curtain, SBB - Roskilde 1978, Snarling Adjective Convention - Bluewolf Bloodwalk
Gazpacho - Tick Tock (RTR)
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Festival Thyme [EP], Barbieri, Richard - Things Buried, Barbieri, Richard - Stranger Inside, Foster, Jack III - Jazzraptor's Secret, Gravity Field - Gravity Field, Josh & Co. Limited - Through These Eyes, Manning - Number 10, Other Side, The - A Higher Vantage Point, Sanctuary Rig - Khnosti, Tinkicker - Soliloquoy Of The Transparent Boy, UKZ - Radiation [EP], Xystus - Equilibrio
Bony, Fabrice - Between Day, Edensong - The Fruit Fallen (Duo Review), Fun Machine - Sonnenhuhn, Godsticks - Godsticks [EP] (Duo Review), Oceana Company - For The Boatman, Railton, Simon - Here It Is, Tea Club, The - General Winter’s Secret Museum, Vienna Circle - White Clouds
Pendragon - Pure (RTR)
Baraka - Shade Of Evolution, Cannata - My Back Pages, Dædalus - The Never Ending Illusions, Eroc - Wolkenreise, Humi - Dune, Keying, Dan - Black Swan, Parallel Or 90 Degrees - A Can Of Worms, Wetton & Downes - Icon 3, Yamashta, Stomu - Raindog, Yamashta, Stomu ~ East Wind - Freedom Is Frightening, Yamashta, Stomu ~ East Wind - One By One, Yamashta, Stomu with Steve Winwood & Michael Shrieve - Go - Live From Paris
Anima Mundi - Jagannath Orbit, Goto, Tadashi - Innervisions, Huldt, John - Rules Do Not Apply, Jane - Live At Home, - Entropia, Mussi, Cristiano - Tilt, Robbins, Janet - Carrying The Bag Of Hearts, Interpreting The Birth Of Stars Vol III, Travelhouse - Mind Mapping, Von Garcia - I Think A Think, Wilson, Ray - Propaganda Man
Aegis Integer - Sand Timer, Alitheia - Chthonick, Australis - The Gates Of Reality, Bardin, Didier - Le Pouvoir Des Pierres, Hawklords - 25 Years On, Némo - Barbares, Taylor, Robin - Isle Of Black, Travis & Fripp - Thread, Trettioåriga Kriget - War Years, Zingale - The Bright Side
Aquaplanage - Aquaplanage, Citriniti - Citriniti, Earthling Society - Beauty And The Beast, If - Morpho Nestira, October Equus - Charybdis, Ragnarök - Path, Takara - Invitation To Forever, Zeroesque - Multipick Technique
Anthimos, Apostolis - Miniatures, Art Cinema - Art Cinema, Blandbladen - I Grevens Tid, Glass Hammer - Live At The Tivoli [DVD], Outgunned - Vol 1: Answering The Ceaseless Need, Planeta Imaginario - Biomasa, Test Tube Rhino - Test Tube Rhino, Wood, Chris - Vulcan, Glass Hammer - Live At The Tivoli
Black Noodle Project, The - Eleonore, Forgas - Cocktail, Fromuz - Overlook, Paintbox - Bright Gold And Red, Various artists - Prog-Résiste Convention 2007 [DVD], Univers Zero - Univers Zero, Various artists - Prog-Résiste Convention 2007
Andromeda - The Immunity Zone, Ksiz - Sandcrawler, Rare Bird - Somebody's Watching, Rare Bird - Born Again, Sub.Science - A History Of Hysterics
Asturias - In Search Of The Soul Trees, Ayreon - Timeline , Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, Coldplay - Prospekt's March, Colossus Project (Various artists) - Giallo! One Suite For The Murderer, Colossus Project (Various artists) - The Empire & The Rebellion, Diagonal - Diagonal, Frequency Drift - Personal Effects (Part One), Guy, The - Only Human, Hermetic Science - These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins, Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling, Rush - Snakes & Arrows Live [DVD], Secret Machines - Secret Machines, Talisma - Quelque Part, Tescee, Ian - A Traveler's Guide To Mars, Unitopia - The Garden (Duo Review), Rush - Snakes & Arrows Live