Album Reviews
Anathema - A Moment In Time [DVD], Eidolon - The Parallel Otherworld, Haslam, Annie - 'Live' Studio Concert [DVD], Hypnos 69 - The Eclectic Measure, Jakszyk, Jakko M - The Bruised Romantic Glee Club, Mangrove - Coming Back To Live, Marillion - The Jingle Book, Mars Volta, The - Amputechture, Masi, Alex - Late Night At Desert Rimrock, Mindflow - Mind Over Body, Oldfield, Mike - The Platinum Collection, Parsons Project, Alan - The Dutch Collection, Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third (Duo Review), Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun, Scarlet Thread - Valheista Kaunein, Soft Machine - Grides, Tea Leaf Green - Rock 'N' Roll Band [DVD], Tool - 10,000 Days, Wetton & Downes - Icon II - Rubicon, William Gray - Living Fossils, Anathema - A Moment In Time, Annie Haslam - 'Live' Studio Concert, Tea Leaf Green - Rock 'N' Roll Band
Quidam - Quidam / Rzeka Wspomnien (10th Anniversary Edition), Quidam - Sny Aniolów / Angels' Dreams, Quidam - Live In Mexico '99, Quidam - bez pólPRADU... halfPLUGGED
Various artists - ProgDay Encore? [7 Disc Box Set], Various artists - ProgDay '98, Various artists - ProgDay 2001
Blackmore's Night - Winter Carols, Citriniti - Between The Music And Latitude, Driscoll, Julie - 1969, Magnolia - Magnolia, Panzerpappa - Koralrevens Klagesang, Slychosis - Slychosis
Colour Haze - Tempel, Darjeeling - L’envers Du Décor, Sebkha Chott - Nagah Mahdi Opuscrits En 48 Rouleaux, Taproban - Posidonian Fields, Trespass - Morning Lights, Whitechapel - Le Masque D’Arlequin
Citadel - Pluies Acides, Ghost Circus - Cycles, Ribiere, Franck - Bloody Karma, Twisted Into Form - Then Comes Afflication To Awaken The Dreamer, Voyager - Sober [Single], Zero Hour - Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond
Altera Enigma - Alterations, Gong - Acid Mothers Gong Live Tokyo, Harrington, Dave - Procession, Phideaux - The Great Leap, Soft Machine Legacy, The - Soft Machine Legacy, TP3 - Still Not Making Love
Calomne, Laurent - Monstres Et Chimères, Hawkwind - Take Me To Your Future (Duo Review), Pineapple Thief, The - Little Man, Planet 13 - Third From The Right, Touchstone - Mad Hatters [EP], Villebråd - Alla är här utom jag
Spock's Beard - Spock's Beard (RTR)
Caamora - Closer [EP], Day Shift - Of Whispers, Fluttreffect - Marking Time, Skantze, Patrik And The Free Souls Society - Fiction At First View, Wakeman, Rick - Tribute (Duo Review)
Book Of Reflections - Chapter II: Unfold The Future, Dreamtone - Snowfall [Single], Iona - The Circling Hour, OSI - Re: Free [EP], Retroheads - Introspective, Ten Midnight - Ten Midnight
AdiB - Spinning Like A Top, Djamra - Kamihitoe, La Maschera di Cera - LuxAde, Manning - Anser's Tree, Shakary - 2006
Free Love - Apocalypse, Jaén Kief - Las Hadas No Vuelan Mas / I.Vagas Nubes, Karma Pilot - A New Career, Korova Milk Bar - Korova Milk Bar, Mountain Mirrors - Mountain Mirrors
Akacia - This Fading Time, Black Noodle Project, The - Play Again, Combination Head - Combination Head, Fritsch, Eloy - Past And Future Sounds, Hermetic Science - Crash Course, White Willow - Signal To Noise
Bloodbound - Nosferatu, Cemetery Of Scream - The Event Horizon, Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death, Project Creation - Floating World, Prymary - The Tragedy Of Innocence, Red Circuit - Trance State, Rhapsody Of Fire - Triumph Or Agony, Speaking To Stones - Speaking To Stones, Spheric Universe Experience - Mental Torments, SpiRitual - Pulse, Time Symmetry - Fate In Grey, To-Mera - Transcendental
Divided Sky - The Subtle Art Of Failure, Journey Into The Fourth Dimension - Journey Into The Fourth Dimension, Leaves' Eyes - Legend Land [EP], Manticora - The Black Circus Part 1 - Letters, Oliva's, Jon ~ Pain - Maniacal Renderings, Secrets Of The Moon - Antithesis, Section A - Parallel Lives, Seventh Wonder - Waiting In The Wings (Duo Review), Silentivm - Seducia, Tears Of Anger - In The Shadows, Tomorrow's Eve - Mirror Of Creation 2 - Genesis II, Wastefall - Self Exile
A.C.T - Silence, Brother Ape - Shangri-La, Karcius - Kaleidoscope, La Tulipe Noire - Nostimon Hemar, Lu7 - Efflorescence, Morse Portnoy George - Cover To Cover, No Name - 4, Various artists - Prognose - A Taste Of Belgium, Scot, Colin - Colin Scot, Wave - Preventor
Ficcion - Sobre La Cresta De La Ola, Krakatau - As..., Lightspeed - Waves, Lucas, White & Edsey - LWE, Moving Gelatine Plates - Removing, Pauly, Henning - Babysteps
Anthimos, Apostolis - Back To The North, Bob Lazar Story, The - (sic), Bolin, Tommy - Whips And Roses 2, Coenen, Marcel & Friends - A Live Time Journey [DVD], Electric Outlet - On!, Galactic Pulse - The Final Endless, Garcia, Al - Alternate Realities, Guitar Garden - Secret Space, Palmqvist, Daniel - A Landscape Made From Dreams, Super String Theory - Principles Of Transformation
Dexter Ward - Dexter Ward, Hackett, Steve - Wild Orchids, Imagin’aria - Progetto T.I.’A., Omni - Mermaids, T - Voices
Dream Theater - Score [DVD], Fish - Return To Childhood Tour [DVD], Flower Kings, The - Instant Delivery [DVD], Giltrap, Gordon & Friends - At The Symphony Hall Birmingham [CD/DVD], Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere ... [DVD], The Flower Kings - Instant Delivery, Dream Theater - Score, Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere ... , Fish - Return To Childhood Tour, Gordon Giltrap & Friends - At The Symphony Hall Birmingham [CD/DVD]
Chimpan A - Chimpan A (Duo Review), Kahila, Elias - Break Point, Karfagen - Continium, Narrow Pass - A Room Of Fairy Queen's, Stellarscope - Living Under The Radar, Wreckage Of The Modern City - Singularity
Various artists - Canossa "Rock Opera", D Project - Shimmering Lights, Difícil Equilibrio - Flood, First Band From Outer Space - Impressionable Sounds Of The Subsonic, GPS - Window To The Soul, Himalia - Himalia II, Mind's Eye - Waiting For The Tide [Re-release Update], SBB - Live In Spodek 2006, TAT - Quinta Essentia, Xinema - Basic Communication
Caputo, Keith - Hearts Blood On Your Dawn, Haslam, Annie with Magenta - Night And Day [Single], Ixion - Talisman, Kara - Kara, Khatsaturjan - Aramed Forces Of Simantipak, Kopecky - Blood, Magenta With Annie Haslam - Night And Day [Single], Tabor, Ty - Rock Garden, Taylor, Robin - X Position Vol 2., Taylor, Robin - Deutsche Schule, Taylor's Free Universe (TFU) - Manipulated By Taylor
Wolverine - Still (RTR)
French TV - This Is What We Do, Kotebel - Omphalos, Marygold - The Guns Of Marygold, Various artists - Unicorn Digital - Progression In Balance Vol.1, Various artists - Unicorn Digital - Progression In Balance Vol.2
Ashada - Circulation (Duo Review), Cryptic Vision - In A World (Duo Review), Harn, Tony - Revealed In Black & White, Little Tragedies - New Faust, Us - The Young And The Restless
Cosmos - Skygarden, Ezra - Songs From Pennsylvania, F/i - A Question For The Somnambulist, Frost* - Milliontown, Mastermind - Broken [EP/Single], MM Circle - Sibylle, Uil, Han - Alone
After Forever - Mea Culpa (Duo Review), Beyond Twilight - For The Love Of Art And The Making, Communic - Waves Of Visual Decay, Delicate Zone - Wallpaper To The World, Ebony Ark - Decoder, Mosher, Scott - Deep Horizon, Prototype - Continuum, Riverside - Voices In My Head [Re-issue], Sandstone - Looking For Myself, Sherinian, Derek - Blood Of The Snake (Duo Review), Solid Vision - Hurricane, Tears - Emptiness [EP], Via Mistica - Under My Eyelids
Bolt - Movement And Detail, Brown, Charles - Atmospheric Journey, Darwin's Radio - Eyes Of The World, Dudin, Sergey - Guitar Ballads, Lizard (Poland) - Spam
Jon Anderson - Work In Progress: Tour Of The Universe [DVD], Ange - Live Tour 2003-2004 Par Les Fils De Mandrin [DVD], Arena - Smoke & Mirrors [DVD], Barock Project - Live In Auditorium [DVD], Glass Hammer - Live At Belmont [DVD], Iona - Live In London [DVD], Landmarq - Turbulence [DVD] (Duo Review), Norlander, Erik & Friends - Live In St Petersburg [DVD], Mike Oldfield - Live At Montreux 1981 [DVD], Pink Floyd - Pulse [DVD], Quidam - The Fifth Season (Live In Concert) [DVD], Satellite - Evening Dreams [DVD], Stream Of Passion - Live In The Real World [DVD/CD], Gary Wehrkamp - The Shoot Interviews [DVD]
Magenta - Home (RTR), Magenta - New York Suite (RTR)
Astrovoyager - Temporal Gravitation, Cybotron - Implosion, Dyonisos - Dyonisos, Equilibrio Vital - Kazmor El Prisionero, Naikaku - Shell, Ring - The Empire of Necromancers, Skyron Orchestra - Situations, Tea For The Wicked - Tea At Fred's
A Day's Work - A Home In The Rain, Epica - The Road To Paradiso, Muse - The Origin Of Symmetry, Muse - Black Holes And Revelations, Pictoral Wand - A Sleeper's Awakening (Duo Review)
Campbell, Neil & Nicole Collarbone - Fall, Courchinoux, Francis - The Five Seasons, Parhelia - First Light [EP], Various artists - Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd Tribute, Rare Blend - Stops Along The Way, Round House - 3-D, Wurm, Matze - Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction [EP]
Ayres, Marvin - Scape, Aziola Cry - Ellipsis, Chambers, Berlin, Fiuczynski & Lavitz - Boston T Party, Mask (UK) - Heavy Petal, Soft Machine - Floating World Live
Free Love - Official Bootleg Vol 1 : Concert 2005 Sapporo, Gods Of Electricity - Sundiving, Marillion - Unzipped - The Making of Anoraknophobia, Mermaid Kiss - Salt On Skin, Osirys - Osirys, Various artists - The Royal Dan - A Tribute To Steely Dan, Sensitive To Light - Almost Human, Various artists - The Royal Dan - A Tribute To Steely Dan
Boutrup, Lars - Music For Keyboards, Fish - Return To Childhood, Gathering, The - Home (Duo Review), Jethro Tull - Aqualung Live (Duo Review), King Eider - Somateria Specabilis, Mind's Eye - Walking On H20, Olyam - Orange Love, Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream, Sideways - ...And There Is Light, Sonic Music - The Prisoner, Waterclime - The Astral Factor
Belew, Adrian - Side Three, Englund, Thörbjorn - Influences, Levin, Tony - Resonator, Paatos - Silence Of Another Kind (Duo Review), Pangolin Band - TRB, Roz Vitalis - Enigmarden, White (Alan) - White
Sylvan - Posthumous Silence (RTR)
Adachi Kyodai - Xianshi, Ain Soph - 5 or 9 (Five Evolved From Nine) (Duo Review), Ain Soph - Marine Menagerie (Duo Review), Ars Nova - Chrysalis Force For The Fourth, Cherno - Complicity Vision, Frogflavor - Space Of Magic, Side Steps - Verge Of Reality, Walrus - In The Room Of A Singular Point, Walrus - Colloidal
Brighteye Brison - Stories, Chaos Code - Propaganda, Galletti, Marco - La Luce Che Illumnia I Sogni , Hÿdra - The Famous Unknown, Karda Estra - The Age Of Science And Enlightenment, Knitting By Twilight - Someone To Break The Silence, Øresund Space Collective - Oresund Space Collective, Psychedelic Avengers, The - And The Decterian Blood Empire
Andromeda - Chimera, Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies, Avian - From The Depths Of Time, Canvas Solaris - Penumbra Diffuse, Coenen, Marcel - Colour Journey, Irepress - Samus Octology, Mother Of Sin - Apathy, Novembers Fall - Mythaeon, Pyramaze - Legend Of The Bone Carver, Satyrian - Eternitas, Silent Voices - Building Up The Apathy, Sphere Of Souls - From The Ashes ..., Venturia - The New Kingdom
Abarax - Crying Of Whales, Incandescent Sky - Paths And Angles, Kampec Dolores - Earth Mother, Sky Father, Mary - In The Head Of A Dreamer, Némo - Partie I, Poor Genetic Material - Spring Tidings, Taylor, Robin - X Position Vol. 1, Taylor's Free Universe - Family Shot, Unitopia - More Than A Dream
Barrett, Nick & Clive Nolan - A Rush Of Adrenaline [DVD], Gentle Giant - GG At The GG [DVD], Johnson, Eric - Live From Austin TX [DVD], Marillion - Colours And Sound [DVD], SBB - New Century, SBB - Live In Theater [DVD], Transatlantic - Building The Bridge / Live In America [DVD], Yes - 9012Live [DVD], Gentle Giant - GG At The GG, Yes - 9012Live, Transatlantic - Building The Bridge / Live In America, Eric Johnson - Live From Austin TX, Nick Barrett & Clive Nolan - A Rush Of Adrenaline, Marillion - Colours And Sound, SBB - Live In Theater
OSI - Free (Duo Review), Poor Genetic Material - Free To Random, Saga - Trust, Spacious Mind, The - Rotvälta, Taylor’s Universe With Karsten Vogel - Oyster’s Apprentice, Wasserman, Erickson, Lavitz & Sipe - Cosmic Farm, Zenit - Surrender
Brainstorm - Desert World, Cannata - Mysterium Magnum, Cryptic Vision - Live at ROSFest 2005, Kinski - Spacelaunch For Frenchie, Kinski - Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle, Mindgames - Actors In A Play, Quad - Quad 1, Vocokesh, The - Through The Smoke
Age Of Nemesis - Psychogeist, Cast - Mosaïque, De Raad, Elewout (Project) - The Cross, Enneade - Remembrance, Florio, Mike - Arisen, Fragile Vastness - A Tribute To Life, Gigur - Fin Del Tiempo, Gilmour, Jim - Great Escape, Hrab, George - Interrobang, Izz - My River Flows, Mantel, Eric - The Unstruck Melody, Morse, Steve - Prime Cuts, Phideaux - 313, Underground Railroad, The - The Origin Of Consciousness, Vanden Plas - Christ 0 (Duo Review), Viima - Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta
Queensrÿche - Operation Mindcrime II (RTR)
Flower Kings, The - Paradox Hotel (RTR)
Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse (RTR)
Band Of Rain - Deep Space, Band Of Rain - Garlands, Box, The - Black Dog There, Degree Absolute - Degree Absolute, Gilmour, David - On An Island (Duo Review), Gong (Pierre Moerlen) - Pentanine, Linear Sphere - Reality Dysfunction, Moerlen, Pierre - Pentanine, Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites - Regelmässige Zestörungen - Friessengiest Part II, Travis, Theo - Earth To Ether, Umphrey's McGee - Safety In Numbers
Colossus Project (Various artists) - Odyssey, Garone, Tony - Big Star Way, Magnesis - L'Immortel Opéra, Payssan, Jean-Luc - Pierrots & Arlequins , Strangefish - Fortune Telling (Duo Review), Wilson, Ray - An Audience And Ray Wilson
Chardeau - Hors Portée Instrumental Selection, Chardeau - Hors Portée Highlight, Gargamel - Watch For The Umbles, Moonlight - Downwords, North Star - Extremes, Notabene - Notabene, Townsend, Devin - Synchestra
Climate Of Earth (COE) - Climate Of Earth, Fantasmagoria - Live, Flat 122 - The Waves, Fox Hole Commune (FHC) - Triangulate, Goto, Tadashi - Soundscape, KBB - Live, Molca - Super Ethnic Flavor, Peter Room - Sumire, Quikion - Ramadan, Quikion And Lithuma Qnombus - Live [DVD]
After The Fall - Knowledge, Dredg - Catch Without Arms, First Band From Outer Space - We’re Only In It For The Spacerock, Infront - Wordless, Jadis - Photoplay (Duo Review), Maillet, Frédéric - Inlandsis, MusicAEnchiriadiS - Music For Nikola Tesla, OdraReg - God's Garden, Sonus Umbra - Digging For Zeroes
Area 39 - Stand Alone Together, Like Wendy - Endgame, Morse, Tim - Transformation, Mr Brown - Mellan Tre Ögon, Pax Romana - Trace Of Light, Present - A Great Humane Adventure, Rule, Cyndee Lee - UFOsmosis, Various artists - After The Storm (Benefit Album for Hurricane Katrina Survivors)
Age Of Silence - Trilogy Of Intricacy, Another Messiah - Dark Dreams, My Child, Atheist - Unquestionable Presence, Beyond The Labyrinth - Signs, Galloglass - Heavenseeker, Lapse Of Irony - Between Dreams And Dread..., Lunatica - Fables & Dreams, Lydian Sea - Architect Of Humanity, Ram-Zet - Intra, Ricochet - Zarah: A Teartown Story, Vision Divine - The Perfect Machine, Winterfell - The Veil of Summer
The Tangent - Pyramids And Stars, The Tangent - A Place In The Queue (RTR)
Awaken & Genesis Project - Live [DVD], Caravan - The 35th Anniversary Concert [DVD], Di Meola, Al - One Of These Nights [DVD], Genesis Project & Awaken - Live [DVD], Lane, Lana - 10th Anniversary Concert [DVD], Nektar - Pure: Live In Germany 2005 [DVD], Spaced Out - Live In 2000 [DVD], Twelfth Night - Live From London [DVD]
ARZ - Serai, ARZ - The Magi, Maldoror - L’Arbre-Cimetière, Nihil Project - Samhain, Project Z - Lincoln Park, Proto~Kaw - The Wait For Glory (Duo Review), Violent Silence - Kinetic
Bright - Bells Break Their Towers, Flamborough Head - Tales Of Imperfection, Ritual - Live, Show~Yen - II, Thuja - Pine Cone Temples
Interpose+ - Interpose, Rizzo, Marc - Colossal Myopia, Secret Oyster - Astarte, Secret Saucer - Element 115, Static - Patterns, Urso, Jeff - Straight Ahead, Vitruvian Man - A Fusion Guitar Tribute, Yargos - To Be Or Not To Be, Various artists - Fusion for Miles - A Guitar Tribute, Visions Of An Inner Mounting Apocalypse (VA) - A Fusion Guitar Tribute
Aurora Project, The - ... Unspoken Words (Duo Review), Cage - 87 / 94, Leger De Main - A Lasting Impression, Onségen Ensemble - Hiukkavaara Session [Single], Psymbience - IS, Tésis Ársis - Estado de Alerta Máximo