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Cea Serin - Where Memories Combine, Cynic - Focus, The Dust Connection - The Dust Connection [EP], Eldritch - Portrait Of The Abyss Within, Hourglass - Subconcious, Mastodon - Leviathan, Hubi Meisel - EmOcean, Morifade - Domi<>nation, Time Machine - Reviviscence (Liber Secundus), Wuthering Heights - Far From The Madding Crowd
Cybermonkey - Planes, Trance & Life's Karma Wheels, Garner, Julian - Your Good Self, Marillion - Remixomatosis, NoCode - Crimson, Schenker, Michael [MSG] - World Wide Live [DVD], Michael Schenker Group - World Wide Live 2004
Derek Sherinian - Mythology (RTR)


Milestones: Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick
Æon Spoke - Above The Buried Cry, Chroma Key - Graveyard Mountain Home, Hamadryad - Conservation Of Mass, Kalevala - Anthology, Rudess, Jordan - Rhythym Of Time, Yang - A Complex Nature
Electrocution 250 - Electric Cartoon Music from Hell, Manning - A Matter Of Life And Death, Pravda - The Echoing Sounds, Roland, Paul - Pavane, Vast - Nude, Worlds Collide - Portal
California Guitar Trio - Whitewater (Duo Review), House Of Not - The Walkabout Of A. Nexter Niode..., Radiohead - Com Lag, Taylor's Universe - Taylor's Universe, Taylor's Universe - Pork, Taylor's Universe With Karsten Vogel - Once Again, Trance Of Mine - Reflections
Abacab - Les 3 Couleurs , Hackett, Steve - Once Above A Time [DVD], King's X - Live All Over The Place, Riverside - Out Of Myself, Simon Apple - River To The Sea, Wicked Minds - From The Purple Skies, Steve Hackett - Once Above A Time
Anyone's Daughter - Wrong (RTR), Gak Omek, The - Return Of The All - Powerful Light Beings, Grass - The Grass Big Biscuit Oogie Machine, Sonic Pulsar - Playing The Universe, Tsukinoumi - Silve Redyc Chowder , VidnaObmana - Legacy
Focus - Live In Southamerica, Ghannam, Sean Edward - Fusia, Happy The Man - The Muse Awakens, Salmon - When The Dust Settles..., Trio96 - Quartet'99, Verdun - Verdun
Burning Engines - A Good Time Was Had By All, Dali's Dilemma - Manifesto For Futurism, Divine Ruins - Sign Of The Times, Donahue, Tim - Madmen & Sinners, Fates Warning - FWX, Jorn - Out Of Every Nation, Lyranthe - Oculus Inferno , Mind Key - Journey Of A Rough Diamond, Neue Regel - In A Word, Oliva's, Jon ~ Pain - Tage Mahal, Pyramaze - Melancholy Beast , Season's End - The Failing Light, Without End - Without End
Neal Morse - One (RTR)
Coheed & Cambria - The Second Stage Turbine, Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth : 3, Dead Heroes Club - Dead Heroes Club, Pallas - Artwork Collectors Series, Pinnella, Michael - Enter By The Twelth Gate (Duo Review), Sadler, Michael - Clear, Spock's Beard - Artwork Collectors Series, Stolt, Roine - Artwork Collectors Series, Uqbar - Uqbar
Dream Theater - Images And Words Live In Tokyo - 5 Years In A LIVEtime [DVD], Glass Hammer - Lex Live [DVD] (Duo Review), Various artists - Gouveia Artrock 2003 [DVD], Green Carnation - Alive And Well.... Who Am I? [DVD], IQ - IQ20 : 20th Anniversary Show [DVD], La Maschera di Cera & Nil - Gouveia Artrock 2003 [DVD], Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angel Station In Moscow [DVD], Marillion - Live From Lorely [DVD], Marillion - Brave [DVD], Morse, Neal - Testimony Live [DVD] (Duo Review), Nil & La Maschera Di Cera - Gouveia Artrock 2003 [DVD], Ozric Tentacles - Live At The Pongmasters Ball [DVD], Queensrÿche - The Art Of Live [DVD], Threshold - Critical Energy [DVD], Neal Morse - Testimony Live (Duo Review), IQ - IQ20 : 20th Anniversary Show, Glass Hammer - Lex Live (Duo Review), Ozric Tentacles - Live At The Pongmasters Ball, Marillion - Live From Lorely, Marillion - Brave, Dream Theater - Images And Words Live In Tokyo / 5 Years In A LIVEtime, Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angel Station In Moscow, Threshold - Critical Energy, Green Carnation - Alive And Well.... Who Am I?, La Maschera Di Cera & Nil - Gouveia Artrock 2003, Queensrÿche - The Art Of Live
Ashtar - Urantia, Belvis, Nono & Sanzol, Kike ~ M.I.A. - Qué Están Celebrando Los Hombres, Benchimol, Sérgio - A Drop In The Ocean, An Ocean In A Drop , Hackett, Steve - Live Archive 04, Picture Of The Moon - Waxing Crescent [EP], Secret Machines - Now Here Is Nowhere, Splinter - Devil's Jigsaw
Epica - We Will Take You Wish Us - "2 Meter Sessies" [DVD] (RTR), Epica - We Will Take You With Us - 2 Meter Sessies (RTR)
Adams, Steve - Camera Obscura, Alchourron, Rodolfo - Talisman, Berlin, Jeff - Lumpy Jazz, Deadsoul Tribe - The January Tree, Jelly Jam, The - 2 (Duo Review), Moore, Kevin - Ghost Book
Rhapsody - Symphony of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret , Royal Hunt - The Mission, Saga - Network, Section A - The Seventh Sign, Shingetsu - Live 1979, Williams, Keller - Stage
The Tangent - The World That We Drive Through (RTR)
Arabesque - Tales Of Power, Glass - No Stranger To The Skies, Icycore - Wetwired, Parsons, Alan - A Valid Path, Rush - Feedback, Triangle - Retreat
Pain Of Salvation - BE (RTR)
Abydos - Abydos (Duo Review), Acuity - Skyward, Djamra - 14 Faces, Forgotten Suns - Snooze, Persona Non Grata - The Fine Art Of Living, Vulgar Unicorn (Persona Non Grata) - Fine Art Of Living, Zyclope - Uno
After Forever - Digital Deceit [Single], Asia - Silent Nation, Bainbridge, Dave - Veil Of Gossamer (Duo Review), Glass Hammer - Live At NEARfest, Karda Estra - Voivode Dracula , Lindh & Johansson - Dreamsongs From Middle Earth, Magnum - Brand New Morning, Mindflow - Just The Two Of Us - Me And Them, Moongarden - Round Midnight, Psychotic Waltz - A Social Grace/Mosquito/Into The Everflow/Bleeding, Razor Wire Shrine - Going Deaf For A Living, Swedish Family - Vintage Prog (Duo Review), Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops
Burness, Tim - Finding New Ways To Love, Haddad - Ars Longa Vita Brevis, Marillion - Don't Hurt Yourself [Single], New Eden Orchestra - Anyman, Screaming Shadows - Behind The Mask, Sleepy Hollow - Goin' Over
Allen, Daevid et al - Obscura No 2 : Brainville - Live In The UK, Allen, Daevid & Euterpe - Obscura No 1 : Studio Rehearsal Tapes '77, Brown, Charles - Thru The Flames, Galli, Jacopo - Timedrops, Gazpacho - When Earth Lets Go (Duo Review), Mona Lisa - Progfest 2000 [DVD], Mother Gong - Tree In Fish, Mona Lisa - Progfest 2000
Ayreon - Loser [Single], James Band - An Electric Eel Has Got Me By The Brain Banana, Jing Chi - 3D, Renard, Eric - Rêve Errance, Sparrow~grass Hunt, A - Le Journal Du Dormeur, Toyah - Ophelia's Shadow
Blackfield - Blackfield, Porcupine Tree - In Abstentia [DVD], Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways [Expanded 2CD], Porcupine Tree - Signify [Expanded 2CD], Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine [Expanded 2CD], Porcupine Tree - Warszawa
aLkemy - Da 83 Projekt , AQi Fzono - Chronicle , Cauvin, Philippe - Climage , Fireclan - Sunrise To Sunset, Rock Star Scientist - Rock Star Scientist , Zen Rock And Roll - The Birthright Circle
The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve (RTR)
Epica - Feint [Single], Epica - Cry For The Moon [Single], Erickson, Chris - Sleepin' With U, Jam Camp - Black Hills Jam Preserve Vol 2, Lac Placide - Away, Minstrel - Faust, Threshold - Subsurface (Duo Review), 4/3 De Trio - Ersatz
Asrai - Touch In The Dark (RTR), Asrai - Pale Light [Single]
Ken's Novel - Domain Of Oblivion, Leaves' Eyes - Lovelorn, Neverland - Neverland, Project 814 - Declassified, Unruh, Steve - The Beginning Of A New Day, Unruh, Steve - Out Of The Ashes, Vivahead - Cosmic Dunce
Azureth - Yesterday's Future, Tomorrow's Past, Disen Gâge - The Screw Loose Entertainment, Il Castello Di Atlante - Quintessenza, Panzerpappa - Farlig Vandring, Thork - We Ila, Tr3nity - Precious Seconds, Vanden Plas - Far Off Grace (Special Edition), Vanden Plas - The God Thing (Special Edition)
Arcansiel - Swimming In The Sand, Breant, Francois - Voyeur Extra-Lucide, Delusion - The Tragedy Of Regret, Mirage - Tales From The Green Sofa, Paatos - Timeloss, Paatos - Kallocain (Duo Review), Rapaport, Greg - Azrael Block
Karmakanic - Wheel Of Life, Lockwood, Neil - You Can't Get There From Here, Miller, Steve - See Hear (Piano Solos), Némo - Présages, Saens - Prophet In A Statistical World, Synergy - Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra, Synergy - Sequencer, Synergy - Cords, Synergy - Games, Ten Jinn - Alone
Circles End - Hang On To That Kite (Duo Review), Eyestrings - Burdened Hands, Inquire - Melancholia (Duo Review), Janssen, Tom - The Element Of Surprise, Muse - Absolution, Parmenter, Matthew - Astray, Sherwood, Billy - No Comment, Tiles - Window Dressing (Duo Review)
Areknamés - Areknamés, Various artists - CPR, Volume 1 (Duo Review), Gabriel, Peter - Growing Up On Tour, A Family Portrait [DVD], Hedgefund Giants - Half A Story Told, Ozric Tentacles - Spirals In Hyperspace, Wilson, Ray - The Next Best Thing (Duo Review), Peter Gabriel - Growing Up On Tour, A Family Portrait
After The Silence - Final Fantasy, Cans - Beyond The Gates, Delight - The Last Tale Of Eternity [DVD], Dreamscape - End Of Silence, Dreamtone - Unforseen Reflection, Empty Tremor - The Alien Inside, Endusk - Point 0 One, Ion Vein - Reigning Memories, Orphaned Land - Mabool, Platitude - Nine, Prototype - Trinity, Skylark - Wings, TOC - Loss Angeles, VII Gates - Fire, Walk With Me, Delight - The Last Tale Of Eternity
Nightwish - Once (RTR)
IQ - Dark Matter (RTR)
After Crying - Show, Dreadnaught - Musica En Flagrante, Jacks, Scott - You Know Me By Now, Kalo - Spiral Dreams, Karnataka - Strange Behaviour, Mangrove - Touch Wood, OVNI - Humans But Not Terrestrials, Wappa Gappa - Gappa
Baird, Ken - Martin Road, Canturbe - El Vuelo De Los Olvidados, Initiation - Initiation, Ixion - Cryogenesis, Kingcrow - Insider, Mosher, Scott - Inferno, Navigator - ReEvolution Volume One, Sense - Out Of Range
After Forever - Invisible Circles (RTR)
Allen, Daevid & Mother Gong - The Owl And The Tree, Gargantua - Gargantua, Gaskill, Jerry - Come Somewhere, Gong - Histories And Mysteries Of Planet Gong, Gong - Acid Motherhood, Mermaid Kiss - The Mermaid Kiss Album, Music Station - Shaping, Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible (Duo Review), Symmetry - A Soul's Roadmap, Urban Spacemen - Plainsongs
Evergrey - The Inner Circle (RTR)
Ayreon - The Human Equation (RTR), Ayreon - Day 11 : Love [Single]
The Magic Mushroom Band - Spaced Out, The Magic Mushroom Band - Re-Hash, The Magic Mushroom Band - R U Spaced Out 2, The [Magic] Mushroom Band - Magic, The Magic Mushroom Band - Singles & Rarities
A Day's Work - Drowning In What I Believe, Darling, Hal - D2R, Eccentic Orbit - Attack Of The Martians, Minimum Vital - Atlas, Orphan Project - Orphan Found, Peter The Great - Go Figure, Pilgrym - Pilgrimage, Sylvan - X-Rayed
Marillion - Marbles (RTR), Marillion - You're Gone [Single]
Ahvak - Ahvak, Ariaphonics - Ariaphonics, Cast - Nimbus, Hammill, Peter - Incoherence, Hyacintus - Fantasia En Concerto, Magenta - Broken [EP], Magenta - Seven
Anekdoten - Gravity, Chrysalis - Breaking Illusions, Nathan Mahl - Live At NearFest 1999, Taylor, Robin - Samplicity, Taylor, Robin - November, Taylor's Free Universe - File Under Extreme, Taylor's Universe - Experimental Health
The Enid - In The Region Of The Summer Stars, The Enid - Aerie Faerie Nonsense, The Enid - Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Enid - The Seed & The Sower, The Enid - Tripping The Light Fantastic, The Enid - White Goddess
Arena - Rising Up [DVD], Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Masters From The Vaults [DVD], Marillion - Christmas In The Chapel [DVD], NDV (Nick D'Virgilio) - Lie & Acoustic [CD & DVD], Wakeman, Rick & NERE - Out There [DVD], Yes - YesYears [DVD], Yes - YesYears, Rick Wakeman - Out There, NDV - Live & Acoustic, Marillion - Christmas In The Chapel , ELP - Masters From The Vaults, Arena - Rising Up
Banda Sinfonica - The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur, Wakeman, Rick - Almost Classical, Wakeman, Rick - Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Plus, Wakeman, Rick - Medium Rare, Wakeman, Rick - The Missing Half, Wakeman, Rick - The Mixture, Wakeman, Rick - The Oscar Concert, Wakeman, Rick - The Real Listzomania
Adaro - Schlaraffenland, Amber Light, The - Goodbye To Dusk, Farewell to Dawn (Duo Review), Discus - ...Tot Licht!, Newfair Flik - Situations, Re-Union - Re-Union [Redd, Jalea, Tango & Tricupa], S & L - Time Machine
Dark Avenger - X Dark Years, Death Machine - Death Machine, Divertigo - Gentle Chaos, Green Carnation - Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness, Green Carnation - A Blessing In Disguise (Duo Review), Iced Earth - Glorious Burden, Mister Kite - The Hunger [Single], Symphony X - Symphony X, Symphony X - The Damnation Game, Symphony X - The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, Symphony X - Twilight In Olympus, Threshold - Extinct Instinct, Ultime Atome - Dark Visions
Ars Nova - Biogenesis Project, Big Big Train - Gathering Speed, Brunel, Bunny - L.A. Zoo [Revisited], Fradkin, Les - Reality - The Rock Opera, Høst - Live & Unreleased, Knight Area - The Sun Also Rises
Cryptic Vision - Moments Of Clarity (Duo Review), Guapo - Five Suns, Harrington, Dave - Rule 29, Metaphor - Entertaining Thanatos, Phideaux - Ghost Story, Sonus Umbra - Spiritual Vertigo
Final Conflict - Hindsight, Kopecky - Sunset Gun, Phoenix - Renascent Phenomenom, Proto~Kaw - Before Became After, Pseudo Buddha - 3 Months In Fat City, Trettioåriga Kriget - Glorious War (1970-1971), Trettioåriga Kriget - Elden Av Ar
Galleon - From Land To Ocean, Glass Hammer - Shadowlands, Kotebel - Fragments Of Light, Rose, David - Live, Zakas - Illegitimus Non Carborundum
Fish - Field Of Crows (RTR)
Clive John - You Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard, Locomotive - We Are Everything You See, Mandalaband - The Eye Of Wendor: Prophecies, Touch - Touch, Wolstenholme, Woolly - Black Box Recovered
Asia - Live In Buffalo, Asia - Live In Hyogo, Bainbridge, Dave (Iona & related) - Songs for Luca, Magnitude Nine - Decoding the Soul, Trusties - We Just Want to Rule the World, Iona & Friends - Songs For Luca
Arena - Caught In The Act [DVD], Fates Warning - The View From Here [DVD] (Duo Review), Jadis - View From Above [DVD], Opeth - Lamenations : Live At Shepherds Bush[DVD], Pink Floyd - The Making Of Dark Side Of The Moon [DVD], Pink Floyd - Live At Pompeii [DVD], Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff : Live 1975 [DVD], Waters, Roger - The Wall Live in Berlin [DVD], Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii, Pink Floyd - The Making of Dark Side of the Moon, Roger Waters - The Wall - Live in Berlin, Van Der Graff Generator - Godbluff - Live 1975, Opeth - Lamenations : Live at Shepherds Bush, Fates Warning - The View From Here (Duo Review), Arena - Caught in the Act, Jadis - View From Above
Apogee - The Garden Of Delights, Djam Karet - Live At NEARfest 2001 , Foster, David - Open Road, Side Steps - Steps On Edge, Taproban - Outside Nowhere, Young, John - John Young Band - Live At CRS 2003
Pain Of Salvation - 12:5 (RTR)
Kayak - Merlin: Bard of the Unseen, KingBathmat - Crowning Glory, Product - On Water, Product - Aire, SixNorth - Prayer, Strangefish - Full Scale
Djamra - Transplantation, Equilibrio Vital - Equilibrio Vital (Tributo A Marcos Chacon), Like Wendy - Homeland, Molly Bloom - Molly Bloom, Molly Bloom - The Green Fence [EP], Natural Science - This Side Of Paradise, Nerotica - Neronia, Saga - Marathon
Aina - Days Of Rising Doom (RTR)
Crooked Mouth - Crooked Mouth, Frameshift - Unweaving The Rainbow, Gathering, The - Sleepy Buildings, Object Permanence - The Ripple Effect, Phideaux - Fiendish, Temple 8 - Enter The Temple
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - The Iridium Controversy, California Guitar Trio - The First Decade, Foster, Jack III - The Evolution of Jazzraptor, MacMillan, Miles - Alienated, Mask (Japan) - The Ancient Illusion, Ritual - Ritual, Talisma - Corpus
Gak Omek, The - Alien Eye, Manning - The View From My Window, Rush - Live In Rio [DVD], Seventh Key - The Raging Fire, Splinter - Reflections, Rush - Live In Rio
Epica - The Phantom Agony [Single], Harris, Michael - Words Collide, Ozone Quartet - Live At Local 506, Van & Borner - Miracles, Whittaker, Alan - Top Of The World
Ausia - Kasa Kasa, Cazenave, Guillaume - Mediation Project 1 - Worship Scraped, Daimonji - Improg, Nightwish - End of Innocence [DVD], Various artists - Moments Of Suspension (It's Twilight Time), Various artists - Blackmore's Castle - A Tribute to Deep Purple & Rainbow, Nightwish - End of Innocence
Anand - Joy 4 Ever, Audio Fatigue - Starting Backwards, Bellas, George - Venomous Fingers, Cosmosquad - Live At The Baked Potato, Dudin, Sergey - Mirage, Hoekstra, Joel - The Moon Is Falling