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Antimatter — Black Market Enlightenment, Bubblemath — Turf Ascension, Nodo Gordiano — H.E.X., Spiritraiser — Ciklos
Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate — The Confidence Trick, Jalayan — Floating Island, Sammary — Monochrome, Derek Sherinian — Vortex — Duo Review, Shiva Bakta — 6/4 Of Love
The Tangent — Songs From The Hard Shoulder — Duo Review
Blueminded — Break The Silence, Manuel Cardoso — Delirium, Dream Vision — Rêves, Movers — Futurist At The End Of Time, Parallel Minds — Echoes From Afar, Rick Wakeman — The Myths And Legends Of Rick Wakeman
Robert Berry's 3.2 — Alive at ProgStock — Duo Review
Clint Bahr — Puzzlebox, Crystal Palace — Still There, Nathan — Uomini di Sabbia, Philosophobia — Philosophobia
Acolyte — Recovery (Unplugged), Peter Goalby — Easy With The Heartaches, Moron Police — The Stranger And The Hightide, Pinn Dropp — Calling From Some Far Forgotten Land, Shades Of Plato — Malware
CPP — Brushes & Paint, Art Griffin's Sound Chaser — The Seven Ages Of Starlight, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella — Invoke The Ghosts, Snowman — In a Better Place, Solace Supplice — Liturgies Contemporaines, Swords of Dis — Cor Mundum Crea In Me, Sanctum Ignis
Enneade — Withered Flowers And Cinnamon — Duo Review, Arnaud Quevedo & Friends — Roan, Sound & Shape — Disaster Medicine, Star People — Black Tie & Tales, Thumos — The Course Of Empire
Eric Baule — Demo Compilation Vol. 1, Eric Baule — Demo Compilation Vol. 2, The C Sides Project — Purple Hearts Corner, The C Sides Project — Different Plain, The Light Afternoon — Estanyo Nord, Tangerine Dream — Raum
Porcupine Tree — Closure / Continuation
Alex Anthony Faide — Particles Of The Infinite, Alexandre Maraslis — Maraslis, Mysteries Of The Revolution — Longing For The Dawn, Solaris — Marsbeli Kronikak III / Martian Chronicles III [EP], Soledad — XIII, Tears For Fears — The Tipping Point
Jordan Blum — On Track: Opeth, Gian-Luca Di Rocco — The Prog Rock Trivia Book, Geoffrey Feakes — 1973: The Golden Year Of Progressive Rock, John Van Der Kiste — Decades: Free And Bad Company In The 1970s
Alex Carpani — Microcosm, Fish — The Last Straw - Live In Glasgow 2018, The John Irvine Band — Psychopomp, Jostaberry — Hello Turbine
Last Flight To Pluto — Random Karma, Fate And Destiny, Morgendust — 14, Duncan Patterson — Grace Road, PreHistoric Animals — The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter Two)
Akku Quintet — Live, Karcius — Grey White Silver Yellow And Gold, Gabriel Keller — Clair Obscur, Laughing Stock — Zero, Acts 3 & 4, SomeWhereOut — More Tales From The Old Forest, TEE — Total Edge Effect
Kaipa — Urskog — Duo Review
Ben Craven - Monsters From The Id — Duo Review
Aura - Reincarnations, Heterochrome - From The Ashes, Nine Skies - 5:20 (Special Edition), ORRA (ΩЯRΑ) - Unbounded, The Pineapple Thief - Give It Back, Prefers to Hide in the Dark - Boundless Eternity, Hereafter Torment
Xavier Boscher - Cosmic Variations, Ricky Capone - Cardiff Gate, Circle Of Friends - The Garden, John Elefante - The Amazing Grace, Martin Hutchinson - The Kinks - On Track, Kingfisher Sky - Walk The Plank, PAKT (Percy Jones, Alex Skolnick, Kenny Grohowski, Tim Motzer) - PAKT
Aran Prog Project - EVO A Progressive Journey, Dusan Jevtovic - No Answer Project - Live in Barcelona, Richard Rees Jones - Peter Hammill - On Track [Book], Klabautamann - Numbered, Symphonity - Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack, Turning Point - Vanishing Dream
Beledo - Seriously Deep, Delvoid - Swarmlife, Electro Compulsive Therapy - Electro Compulsive Therapy, Vincenzo Ricca's The Rome Pro(G)ject - V - Compendium of A Lifetime, Solum - Encountering Murk, Charles Soulz Project - Split Mind
Dimwind, Breaths - Seasons, Abel Fuentes - Tramp's Footprints: The History Of Supertramp, The Guildmaster - Liber De Dictis, The Hallucinant Telepherique - Call Of The Resonant Star, Soft Ffog - Soft Ffog, Tempest - Going Home
Brood Of Hatred - The Golden Age, Mental Fracture - Disaccord, Timelock - Sygn Yn, Time's Forgotten - Shelter, Vass / Katsionis - Ethical Dilemma, Vast Conduit - Always Be There
Dead End Space - Cosmic Comedian, Long Tall J - The Spire, Pure Reason Revolution - Above Cirrus, Oliver Wakeman - Collaborations — Duo Review, Yang - Designed For Disaster
Georg Purvis - On Track... Little Feat, Chris Sutton - Decades - Black Sabbath In The 1970s, John Van Der Kiste - Decades - Mott The Hoople & Ian Hunter In The 1970s
Anatomy of I - The Los(t) Angered Sessions, Glaswegians - Quaternary, Schl@g! - Ambiguity Of Wisdom, Sinoath - Portraits Of Personal Darkness
Daniel Crommie & Leslie Gray - Two Of A Kind, Envy Of None - Envy Of None, Bjørn Riis - Everything To Everyone, Robert Schroeder - Spaces Of A Dream, Silv - Dernière lumière avant la nuit, Us - Stars In Broad Daylight
Galaxy - Runaway Men, Grandval - Eau | Feu, Iris Divine - Mercurial, Mitchell Manburg - Laplace Residence, Marillion - An Hour Before It’s Dark, Vola - Live From The Pool
Robert Reed - The Ringmaster, Part Two [2CD + DVD] — Round Table Review