Album Reviews
Amanda Lehmann - Innocence and Illusion, Little King - Amuse De Q, Resistor - The 5th Season, Timelock - Stay Awake
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Gentle Giant - Free Hand (Steven Wilson Remix)
Shade Of Memories - Glaciers Of Tomorrow
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Andy Boot - On Track ... Caravan: Every Album, Every song [book], Catalyst*R - Catalyst*R, Leslie Hunt - Ascend EP, Syndone - Kãma Sũtra, Luca Zabbini - One
Steve Hackett - Surrender of Silence
Gsus-SG - Cloverfield, Kultika - Capricorn Wolves, Metalwings - A Whole New Land
Dark Horse White Horse - Dark Horse White Horse, Elephant 9 - Arrival Of The New Elders, Michael C. Sharp - Synth Vehicles For Guitar, Silent Temple - Marvelers Of Creation, Subterranean Masquerade - Mountain Fever
Age of Aquarius - Out There, Dwiki Dharmawan - Hari Ketiga, Mariusz Duda - Claustrophobic Universe, Spirits Burning - Evolution Ritual, Mike Tiano - Creétisvan
A review of young Swedish band Nephila's eponymous debut album and a short interview.
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