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Dead End Space - Cosmic Comedian, Long Tall J - The Spire, Pure Reason Revolution - Above Cirrus, Oliver Wakeman - Collaborations — Duo Review, Yang - Designed For Disaster
Georg Purvis - On Track... Little Feat, Chris Sutton - Decades - Black Sabbath In The 1970s, John Van Der Kiste - Decades - Mott The Hoople & Ian Hunter In The 1970s
Anatomy of I - The Los(t) Angered Sessions, Glaswegians - Quaternary, Schl@g! - Ambiguity Of Wisdom, Sinoath - Portraits Of Personal Darkness
Daniel Crommie & Leslie Gray - Two Of A Kind, Envy Of None - Envy Of None, Bjørn Riis - Everything To Everyone, Robert Schroeder - Spaces Of A Dream, Silv - Dernière lumière avant la nuit, Us - Stars In Broad Daylight
Galaxy - Runaway Men, Grandval - Eau | Feu, Iris Divine - Mercurial, Mitchell Manburg - Laplace Residence, Marillion - An Hour Before It’s Dark, Vola - Live From The Pool
Robert Reed - The Ringmaster, Part Two [2CD + DVD] — Round Table Review
Knight Area - D-Day II - The Final Chapter — Duo Review
Craft - First Signs, Fairy Tale - That Is The Question, Lighthouse Sparrows - Aerials, Poor Genetic Material - Red Bird Of The South, T - Pareidoliving, Stephen Thelen - Fractal Guitar 2 (Remixes)
Ambigram - Ambigram, The Ancestry Program - Mysticeti Ambassadors Part 1, The Black Flash - Remain In Darkness, Andrew Darlington - On Track... The Hollies, Deaton LeMay Project - The Fifth element, Joe Matera - Backstage Pass
Luca Di Gennaro - The 2nd Coming, Electric Mud - The Inner World Outside, Kant Freud Kafka - Historias del Acantilado, Scott Reed's String Theory - Regenesis, Roz Vitalis - 20 Years - Alive and Well, Soniq Theater - Cinemagic
Bioplan - Arcade Dreams, Sarah Perrotta - Blue To Gold, Sky Cries Mary - Wandering In The Vastness, Kalle Wallner - Voices
Dante - Winter, Epitaphe - II, Michael Romeo - War Of The Worlds, Pt. 2, Starer - The What It Is to Be, Whales Don't Fly - The Golden Sea
Bring To Bear - Light And Shade, Crystal Throne - Crystal Throne, Earthshine - Bridge To Infinity, Godo & - On Time, Marco Mattei - Out Of Control, NichelOdeon / InSonar & Relatives - Incidenti - Lo Schianto, Zolder Ellipsis - Entropy Override
Bernard And Pörsti - Robinson Crusoe, David Cross & Andrew Keeling - October Is Marigold, Barry Delve - On Track... Electric Light Orchestra, Tyler Kamen - Lizard House, Leap Day - Treehouse, Time Horizon - Power Of Three
Caveat - Alchemy, Steve Anderson's Journeyman's Progress - Journeyman's Progress Part One, JPL - Sapiens, chapitre 3/3: Actum, Retreat From Moscow - The World As We Knew It, Road Trip - Merry Go Round, Threads Of Fate - The Cold Embrace Of The Light
The Flower Kings - By Royal Decree — Duo Review
The Black Light - Unnatural Order, Cynic - Ascension Codes, Directionless Vector - Explorations, Gazpacho - Fireworking At St Croix, Pattern Seeking Animals - Only Passing Through — Duo Review
Xavier Boscher - Firescapes, Kornmo - Fimbulvinter, Clive Mitten - Tales From A Misspent Youth Volume 1, Playgrounded - The Death Of Death, Alberto Rigoni - Songs For Souls, John van der Kiste - 1970, A Year In Rock
GorMusik - Snakes & Angels, Inner Prospekt - Grey Origin, Eddie Mulder - Blind Hunter, Neptunite - Sensor, TijaD - He Would Have Given Us Wings, Wilderun - Epigone
Enine - Spiritus Natura, Kerry Livgren - The Resurrection Of Lazarus, Bertrand Loreau - Let The Light Surround You, Jeffrey Erik Mack - The Forgotten Earth, Monnaie De Singe (MDS) - The Story Of Rose Ola Seks, Shrine Of August - Once Allegoric
Dave Bainbridge - To The Far Away — Duo Review
Burntfield - Impermanence, Ghost Toast - Shade Without Colour, IO Earth - IO Earth Acoustic: Vol. 1, Stephen Palmer - Decades: Tangerine Dream In The 1970s, Procosmian Fannyfiddlers - Astonishing Tales Of Cod And Plankton, The Samurai Of Prog - Omnibus 2: The Middle Years
Airbag - A Day In The Studio / Unplugged In Oslo, Andrew Môn Hughes, Grant Walters, Mark Crohan - Decades: The Bee Gees In The 1960s, Lesoir - Babel, Alex Pilkevych - That Way Lies Madness, Robby Steinhardt - Not In Kansas Anymore - A Prog Opera, XCIII - Void
Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One - Revel In Time — Round Table Review
The Brute - Brute: One, Corciolli - No Time But Eternity, Steffie Moonlady & Dennis Haklar - To The Universe, Nobody - Another World
Daniel Crommie - The Inner World, Discipline - Unfolded Like Staircase (Terry Brown Mix), Fractal Mirror - Beyond Borders, Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion - We Are The Truth, Kevan Furbank - 1967 A Year In Psychedelic Rock, Octarine Sky - Close To Nearby
The Boxx Orchestra - Out Of The Boxx, Amanda Chaudhary - Meow Meow Band, Daniele Liverani - Incomplete, Nubdug Ensemble - Volume 2: Blame, Relate - Level Up, Giorgos Tabakis - hEre nOw theN
Mariusz Duda - Interior Drawings, The Fierce And The Dead - Part 1 / On VHS, Final Coil - Somnambulant II, The Foxholes - Hex, Stephen Lambe with David Watkinson - Decades: Yes In The 1980s, The Pineapple Thief - Nothing But The Truth
D'Virgilio, Morse & Jennings - Troika — Duo Review
Ikarie - Corpeus en Sombra, Teramaze - And The Beauty They Perceive, Thumos - The Republic