Old Categories

News, Releases, Gig Guides, CDelight, Forum

Some categories on DPRP.net have been removed for different reasons. These include the News, Releases, and Gig Guides sections, the CDelight showcase, and the Forum.

In the 1990s and into the next decade, it was still a bit hard to find information on progressive rock bands, labels, releases, and concerts. We were in contact with a lot of parties and felt it was a good thing to gather information from many sources in one place, our News and Releases pages. We provided web space for several bands under the Band Pages and had quite a long list of Links to external sources.

Times changed. We were flooded with press releases that were sent to numerous parties who were just copying the content, so you would be reading the exact same messages everywhere. You could subscribe to newsletters. Just liking a page was enough to get a notification on any event.

For gig guides an additional problem was that we could only focus on the Netherlands and Belgium. The effort would have been enormous to cover more areas.

Getting information was never easier, while it took too much time to filter the incoming information and turn it into readable pages. It was easier for bands to have their own websites. External sources came and went, keeping a list was not really feasible, which also became apparent with those websites, start pages, that existed only of links.

That's why DPRP.net decided to let these sections retire, so we could focus even more on reviews.


The Art Corner and CDelight sections focused on the artwork. CDelight was merely a showcase, displaying a lot of the artwork of new releases, run by Henri Bos. These articles were not reviews so will not return.

The Art Corner contained short reviews of the artwork, by Mattias Norén of ProgArt, which ran until Mattias got too busy with his own art! These archived articles will be converted and included as a series under Features. The first six issues have been converted.


Letting the Forum go was a different decision. There were some great discussions going on. We got a lot of feedback we learnt from. But there were also a few people posting advertising, being nasty and making other people feel insecure to post. A different problem was keeping the forum software up to date with a lot of hacking going on. Nowadays, there are much more efficient ways to discuss music and share information and for old-style forums there are lots of dedicated sites.

In other words, it became very tiresome to moderate, while the main goal has always been to provide reviews.


DPRP.net has hosted websites (some fan-maintained, some official) of:

DPRP.net also hosted the Pallas Database for a while, consisting of a chronology with live dates, release dates, and important events in the band's history until 1992.

For a short while, that same database structure was used for a Nektar Chronology. This was online for just a short while.