Spock's Beard - V (2000)

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of DPRP publishing album reviews. To celebrate, we have asked several former reviewers and some of the long-standing reviewers to take a look back at the album of one of their own reviews and write an article for in the Archives Of Prog section (now part of the Features section).

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In number six in in this series, former reviewer Derk van Mourik takes a look back at an album he rated an 8 back in 2000: Spock's Beard's V.

Spock's Beard - V - cover

As I am writing this, it is almost exactly 20 years ago to the day that I first saw Spock's Beard in concert. For a few blissful years after that first encounter, they were my absolute number one favourite live band.

I especially remember the V concerts with much fondness. At the time the album came out, in some corners it was criticized for being derivative of the Beard's previous work. But to me, it was a culmination of that work, and now, 18 years and a steady stream of albums later, that's still how I feel about it.

And it's the epic, The Great Nothing, that still does it for me most. It's got all the Beard trademarks: the ballads (Neal Morse is a balladeer as much as a purveyor of odd time signatures and lengthy instrumentals), the blistering solos, the humour, the stonking bass...

The Great Everything, more like!

Written by Derk van Mourik

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