Erik Neuteboom's DVD Special

Title image with text: DPRP's Trip Into the Prog-Rock Galaxy - DVD Special by Erik Neuteboom

In 2021, we unveiled a major redesign and update of the DPRP website. As you will appreciate, a lot has changed in web-design since the site was created 26 years ago. The new look has meant that some of our older articles and features, no longer fit the new format.

Whilst we shall always prioritise our coverage of modern progressive releases, we appreciate that many readers are also keen to (re)discover music from by-gone times. Thus, over the coming years we shall be (re)publishing some of these "lost" features; those that we feel highlight albums ("hidden gems") that readers will enjoy.

In 2009, we published a special with a lot of DVD reviews written by Erik Neuteboom. We have now updated the information on each band and added links to videos and other DPRP album reviews that were unavailable at the time. The feature has been re-published over five editions in 2022 and 2023.