Credits & Contact

DPRP is made by an international team. Some people are coordinating a section, some do technical stuff, and a large part of the team is writing reviews.

General Information

If you have a general question about DPRP or one of the sections (you would like your music reviewed, you have a question about a published review, you have a question about competitions, etc.), click the button below.

If you have been in contact with us before but the email address has gone invalid or you have an email address that does not end with, please use this form to re-establish contact.

If you are contacting us regarding a review of your music,
please read this page:
How to send us your album for review on DPRP

Credits And Copyright

Copyright of the written articles remains with the authors. DPRP only publishes.

For information on the copyright of photos, videos, and audio, click here.

Team Members

If you have a question for a specific team member, find the name in the list below, click the button and then click the button.

Alan Weston

André de Boer

Andy Read

Arno Agterberg

Bryan Morey

Calum Gibson

Dario Albrecht

Edwin Roosjen

Geoffrey Feakes

Guillermo Palladino

Héctor Gómez Umbert

Ignacio Bernaola

Jan Buddenberg

Jerry van Kooten

Mark Hughes

Martin Burns

Menno von Brucken Fock

Owen Davies

Patrick McAfee

Philipp Röttgers

Raimond Fischbach

Theo Verstrael

Thomas Otten

Former Team Member

Through the years many people have been part of the team. When the list is updated it will be visible here.