Pink Project, June 12th 1998
Dark side of the Moon
25th anniversary Concert
Market Square, Delft, The Netherlands
By Gerhard den Hollander

What follows is a short review of the Dark Side tribute concert by Pink Project in Delft.

A bunch of Echoesians (subscribers of the Pink Floyd mailing list Echoes) had decided to hook up at a local chinese restaurant, and from there to hit the market and enjoy the concert.

After a nice mail, some beer, and lotsa Floyd talk and Echoes gossip (which probably was not so interesting for Ralphs friends) we headed for the market, square and managed to obtain a spot pretty close to the stage, straight under a guide line (which we assumed was going to be used to crash the plane during OTR). Since it was pretty low we hope they weren't. Shortly after 22:30 the opening sound FX started, and we were all set for an evening with Pink Project. After 10 minutes of this, the opening sound FX died down, and nothing happened. Strange.

Around eleven, the band hit the stage, the opening effects took on again, and we we're rolling. The band was very good, the vocallist was not bad (but sounded too much like Paul Carrack, and lacked the 'venom' that Waters can put in his voice, but as I said, he wasn't bad.

On The Run had a custom made film on the Mr Screen mini screen, and didn't have a crashing plane, but was very good.

Time was rocking with some excellent guitar work, and then came Great Gig in the Sky. Having heard the version on Floyds 1994 tour I was affraid we would again get a version performed by the backing choir, but surprise surprise, the stage was taken by Marieke Koster an opera singer, and she gave one hell of a performance that send shivers down my spine (which might have something to do with the outside temperatures as well). A vocal performance that easily blew away anything I've heard on the 1994 tour. While we were still talking how good this was, the opening cash registers of Money littlerally shook us, and of we went again. The long post-waters version of Money was played, and I actually enjoyed it. This band rocked !

After DSOTM, we got a 5 minute break, and then the band got back to do Shine On You Crazy Diamond (with a mirrod diamond on stage) followed by Another Brick in the Wall, with guest gitaris Jan Akkerman. Jan Akkerman was asked to play the final solo in Brick 2, and so he did. I think he went along for over 10 minutes, showing that he definitely is one of the best dutch guitar players [Jan Akkerman used to play in Focus].

This was followed by crowd pleaser **ECHOES** ... ahh .... Echoes, live in the open air. As a backdrop, they used the closing segment of the movie The Abyss (from the point where the main character dives down into the abys, and ending after he's rescued by the aliens), this worked pretty well.
Next stop, One of These Days. During this song a large inflatable pig was supposed to be shown above the audience, but due to some error the pig actually went through the audience, nearly wiping out the collected Echoes gang in the process. Sadly some assholes in the audience took the meaning of the song to literally and cut the inflatable apart with a knife, about 5 meters behind us. Due to the ruckus that gave I didn't hear too much of Wish You Were Here (the next song being played). The second set closed with Comf Numb, once again with Jan Akkerman on Guitar and this time Charles Beterams on bass.

Thank you. Goodnight.

Yeah right.
So we got the encores.

Run Like Hell (nice effects on the intro, decent guitar work, and some nice overblown screaming by the vocalists), and the show closed with High Hopes. Not sure why they choose this song as a set closer, but at least it gave them the oppurtunity to have everyone on stage, and bow to the audience when it was all over. The backdrop for High Hopes was the High Hopes video.

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