22 April 1996
Vredenburg venue, Utrecht, The Netherlands
By Ed Sander

This gig in Vredenburg, Utrecht was a real smasher! You could tell that this concert was especially for the die-hards of the fan club; no commercial tracks like 'No one Can' and 'Kayleigh' (!!). What we did get were lots of things people of the Freaks Mailing List had been asking for. I think Mark Kelly, who's also subscribed to that list, must have listened to their suggestions. Thanks Mark !

The support act was Jump. Sorry, but I was not impressed at all. Especially the bass player was getting on my nerves !! Man ! Is something wrong with his legs or what ? And the keyboardplayer ! Can she do anything else than touch two keys for the whole of a song ?

Then Marillion came on. The setlist was:

Season's End
King of Sunset Town
Living With The Big Lie
The Party
Afraid of Sunlight
Out of This World
Cover My Eyes
This Town
The Rakes Progress (incl. drum solo)
100 Nights


Warm Wet Circles
That Time of the Night
The Great Escape
The Last of You
Fallin' From the Moon
Made Again (extended - audience participation)


The Bell in the Sea
- presents from the fanclub handed to the band -
Market Square Heroes

There seemed to be some technical problems. Every now and then a certain instrument would be to high or to low in the total mix. At one time during 'Rakes Progress' Pete had to change guitars.

All in all this was the best Hogarth-Marillion show I've ever seen (not counting the complete Brave performance). I can only say THANKS GUYS FOR THIS KILLER SETLIST !!!



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