May 2nd, 2003
Ynysddu Hotel, Ynysddu, South Wales, UK

By John Morley

Cannot help getting a feeling of deja-vu here. I am reviewing the same band, playing the same set in the same venue they played a couple of months before. Initially I was not going to bother, as I felt it might sound a little redundant.
But the more I thought about it, I really felt I had to put something to paper.

Since the previous gig in January the band have played at the Baja Prog festival in Mexico, and by all accounts went down very well indeed. I think this has obviously boosted their confidence, because they seemed much more relaxed and confident on stage this time round. Christina particularly seemed very at ease, and was in very good voice too.

Thankfully the sound problems that slightly marred the last gig were not in evidence tonight, and I know the guys went to great lengths to get it right tonight.
And it certainly showed.

I could hear all of the instruments and vocals very clearly, and was particularly pleased to be able to hear Chris's Fry's incredible guitar work in all its fret-shredding glory. This guy really is a revelation, one of the best guitarists I have seen for years. And lets not forget the rest of the guys - Rob Reed, skilfully pulling all of the necessary sounds from a single keyboard, the powerful rhythm section of Rhys Jones on drums, Matthew Cohen on bass, and Martin Rosser on Rhythm and acoustic guitar.

Once again, we got the four main Revolutions tracks, plus The Warning from the same album as an encore. If you have not heard the Revolutions album, buy it now. If you like Yes, Genesis, Tull, Oldfield - in fact if you like prog in any way shape or form, buy it anyway.

And by all means catch them live, because these guys just seem to get better and better. Next gig is at Rotherham on July 12th supporting Sleeping Giant, by which time we should be hearing material from the new album, which is currently in the works.


Children Of The Sun
The White Witch
Man the Machine

The Warning


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