Dream Theater, April 16th 1997
Noorderlicht, Tilburg, The Netherlands

By Eric van der Grinten

This was the fifth time I saw Dream Theater perform (3 times before at Vredenburg/Utrecht and once at Bospop/Weert) and in my opinion, this was the most "alive" performance I've seen. At all the other gigs I had the feeling they were just playing their songs. Maybe it also had something to do with Noorderligt: it's small and there's always a good atmosphere.

The support-act for DT was Enchant. I missed them unfortunately, but I'm going to make up for that later this month (gig with Threshold).
At about 9pm DT started their show. James showed up with a nice hair-dress. They played songs from "Awake" and "Images and Words". A new arranged version of "Caught In A Web" sounded a little strange to me at first, but lateron I found it a pitty that this song wasn't on CD like they played it this night. Excellent!
They also played a fabulous version of "The Mirror". I thought Noorderligt was falling down in pieces. Man, this was really heavy!
In between the old songs they played five new songs (don't remember the titles, sorry). They sounded just what you can expect from DT. According to James, DT will start recording their new album after this short European tour. Hopefully the release will be soon after the summer. I can't wait to listen to those new songs again. Two of them were timing between 10-15 minutes.

James had some little arguments with people in the audience about the song next to play. Everybody wanted to hear "Learning to live", but this was saved for the encore. Mike was fooling around with John Petrucci and played a little Van Halen, U2 and some other stuff. Derek also had great contact with the audience. Only John Myung seemed more interested in his bass guitar then in other things. After almost 2.5 hours of great music, DT left the stage. I think that I can speak for everybody who was at this gig: wow, this was great!


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