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Progdreams2 Festival

Beardfish, District 97, Sound of Contact & Spock’s Beard

Saturday, 18th May 2013
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Article, video and photos By André de Boer

About a year ago the first Progdreams festival was organised and it was a quite enjoyable one. Reason enough to visit its successor, presenting us two successful Beards and two upcoming bands. A true pick-and-mix with something for everyone. This event was also part of the InsideOut 20th Anniversary tour for three of the bands. DVD recordings included. And on a personal level there was a chance to meet some colleagues. Even from abroad.


Really don’t have a clue why these Swedish guys were chosen to open up the festival because they are more than qualified to be a festival headliner! But it sure did help to get the venue filled up nicely from the very first second.


And the first song instantly dictated the mood through a great band with a great performance. Jazzy and full of surprises to keep your focus fixed in a way you have no chance to escape. For the next songs, singer Rikard Sjöblom moved from his keyboard to the guitar.


Building up the tense towards the closing song Voluntary Slavery, which is one of the very best tracks of their new and recommended album The Void. And, whow, what a magnificent track to enjoy live! Splendid. Breathtaking. Only four live tracks? I could have done with a dozen more and I’m sure that I was not the only one!

Setlist Beardfish
And the Stone Said: If I Could Speak
Ludvig & Sverker
Seventeen Again
Voluntary Slavery


Wide open to new bands constantly, I was waiting what District 97 had to offer. Both their albums had good reviews. But caught myself still waiting while observing the fourth song, named Who Cares?. Thinking to myself “Well, that says it all really. Who cares?”.


Not my pick as little was radiating from the stage although I must say that some part of the audience clearly disagreed. Glad that they seemed to have fun with the band’s music with American Idols winner Leslie Hunt moving around on high heeled boots. To me it felt rather flat and not a touching live act.


For the sixth song ‘some’ help was invited. John Wetton entered the stage with nothing but a wrinkly brown T-shirt, his voice and his mere presence. This change to the District 97 song The Perfect Young Man already heated up the stage with a few degrees. And Wetton boosted the heat even more by performing a couple of King Crimson songs, from another era, representing the exact opposite of what the band played before John took over. A very joyful hand of King Crimson songs, really. And a clearly divided audience here. Some loved the band, some didn’t.

Setlist District97
Mindscan IV: Welcome
Back and Forth
I Can't Take You With Me
Who Cares?
Unreleased/New Song
The Perfect Young Man (with John Wetton)
The Night Watch (King Crimson / The Night Watch)
One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson / Red)
Fallen Angel (King Crimson / Red)
21th Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson / In the Court of the Crimson King)

Sound of Contact

The news about Sound of Contact and their first album Dimensionaut obviously is that it features Simon Collins. Yes, the son of. So I was curious to see and hear these men on stage. Well, you can easily hear his father in his voice. And see Phil in the way Simon took over the drum kit for the closing song Cosmic Distance Ladder. Some even linked Simon’s striped shirt.

Sound of Contact

Though the musicians aren’t bad at all, I mostly enjoyed Dave Kerzner playing the keyboard and Porcupine Tree’s John Wesley on guitar. The opening and closing songs were obviously best while Closer to You had the pleasant distinctive mark that it keeps on playing in your head forever.

Sound of Contact

Setlist Sound of Contact
Möbius Slip Part 1: In The Difference Engine
Pale Blue Dot
Not Coming Down
Remote View
Closer To You
Omega Point
Cosmic Distance Ladder

Spock's Beard

I think this is what made all of us decide spending our time here. As part of their Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep tour we met up with the Beard. So we obviously had a few songs of that album live. Also almost half the set was dedicated to several other albums of the band’s huge back catalogue. Did we miss Neal? I guess everybody got that intricated with the music and the show that it was Spock’s Beard playing here like they always did and like we always knew them. It was a special joy to again see ‘m all merit and very lively on stage.

Spock's Beard

The Spock's Beard atmosphere that is what we are fond of. Especially watching Alan’s guitar extravaganza, with lots of ease and humour. Ryo playing his keys backwards and upside down from time to town and Dave keeping calm to direct the songs with his compelling bass. Ted fits in perfectly doing a cast away T-shirt lottery. Jimmy Keegan being tossed around the shoulders by Ted Leonard too, refusing to do the same with Ryo. Jimmy Keegan was replaced by Collin Leijenaar, a Dutch friend of the Spock's Beard family so to speak, to drum his part on Walking on the Wind. Jimmy standing a bit lost somewhere on the stage with a smile.

Spock's Beard

A great fest indeed. Closing with Go The Way You Go from Day for Night, with solo parts by Ryo and Jimmy. This band is what all people present had been waiting for. Constantly moving bodies and happy smiling faces all over the place. This show continued in my head until the next morning. Amazing.

Setlist Spock's Beard
Something Very Strange
I Know Your Secret
Crack the Big Sky
Hiding Out
Walking on the Wind
Cakewalk on Easy Street
The Distance to the Sun
Waiting for Me

Go the Way You Go (with solo’s by Ryo's and Jimmy)


A set of four bands resulted on being on your feet for almost eight hours. It was worth it, the start and finish being the highlights for most of us. Looking forward to Progdreams 3 already!

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De Boerderij


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