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Sunday, 14th March 2010
De boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Article By Edwin Roosjen and photos by Bart Jan van der Vorst


The music of Gazpacho has always been somewhat of an obstacle for me. I like the tunes, I like the melodies and I like the quality of the music. But somehow I just do not have the patience to listen to a whole album in one session which is necessary for their music. As mentioned in many reviews the volume should go up, the lights should go down and then you can dream away on the beautiful melodies. Somehow this does not work for me so Zoetermeer was kind of a challenge. During a concert there is now distraction which usually for me results in a closer bond with the music.


Against my presumption they played a lot of old stuff. Two songs from the album Bravo, The Secret and of course the title track. I like this album more than their two latest albums, which are widely recognized as being the best the band have done. Three songs from Firebird and most surprising was the fact that they played a lot of material from when Earth Lets Go. Vocalist Jan Henrik Ohme mentioned that this album after five years became sort of a personal favorite. I can imagine that it is great to change the setlist once a while and play some material you have not played for a long time.


There was no support act and they started early so they could play a huge amount of material and they did. They played a brand new song called River. Just like they did for Tick Tock they first try out new songs in front of an audience and then look if it needs some rewriting. Jan Henrik Ohme needed a notebook for the lyrics, it was that new. I was pleased with this new song, it had soul and had less ambient feel to it which of course is more in my lane. The album Night is always played for a considerable amount and so was the case this evening. The first three songs of Night were played successively and for many people this was what they came for. You might think "only three songs" but for Gazpacho this means more than half an hour of playing time. The other acclaimed new album Tick Tock also delivered three songs to the set, this time reaching 'merely' twentyfive minutes. The crowd appreciated it very much and they in their turn treated Gazpacho on a long and honest cheer. The band was clearly moved by the amount of appreciation.


I was really put to the test by these guys because in the middle they played an acoustic set of two songs. A thing that was very popular when I was a teenager and every concert I attended in those days suddenly had an acoustic part. Oh, how I hated those acoustic sets. Just like the old times I seemed to be amongst the minority who disliked those acoustic sets so I stepped to the bar and ordered a non-alcoholic beverage. I will not pass judgment on the acoustic set, the majority was pleased so who cares what I think.


I have experienced that Gazpacho live is different than Gazpacho on the CD. De Boerderij was not sold out but it was pretty crowded, usually with progressive rock acts the turn up is less. Above all everybody spoke of a brilliant performance and I only saw happy faces leaving the venue. Which by the way took very long because the queue in front of the merchandise stand was also something I have not witnessed in a long time. It took a while before I could purchase my copy of When Earth Lets Go.
I enjoyed myself thoroughly and maybe in the future I have the patience to listen to Night or Tick Tock back to front in one session. Personally I hope they spice up their music a bit more and the new song River was a bit of a comfort on that behalf. If this is not the case then there is only one thing to do, see them live over and over again because that is something I can really appreciate.

Put It On The Air
Dream Of Stone
Chequered Light Buildings
Upside Down
When Earth Lets Go
Once In A lifetime
Desert Flight
The Walk I + II
Orion I
Winter Is Never

Dinglers Horses

The Secret

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