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Mostly Autumn

Thursday, 2nd April 2009
P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Article and photos By Edwin Roosjen

Mostly Autumn The first time I saw Mostly Autumn was also at the P60 in Amstelveen just after the release of Heart Full Of Sky. And this evening they also started with the opener of that album Fading Colours. The lights went out, the intro tape started rolling and one by one the members entered the stage. Just like the first concert Gavin Griffiths was playing drums, Olivia "Livvy" Sparnenn was doing backing vocals and Anne Marie Helder was playing a lot of instruments and vocals. New members in comparison to that concert were Iain Jennings on keyboards, Liam Davison on guitars and Andy "the crow" Smith on bass guitar. Bryan Josh and Heather Findlay have and will always be present at a Mostly Autumn concert. The first part of the set did not differ much from the set played in December in Zoetermeer. Mostly Autumn's latest album Glass Shadows is not my favorite one but hearing Flowers For Guns and Unoriginal Sin live did not bother me at all. They sounded much better and for sure Heather Findlay was having a very good day, her vocals were brilliant. Evergreen was a great ending to the first part of the show, starting very slow and ending very powerful.

Mostly Autumn

The second part of the show started with a couple of energetic songs. Winter Mountain and The Dark Before The Dawn were appreciated by the audience. Like always the dutch people sang along loudly. After Answer The Question it was time to slow the pace down. The Last Bright Light is a dark song about a homeless guy that has a ghost-like appearance. Above The Blue is a very personal song from Heather which is dedicated to her son and husband, she said it had become an anthem for her personally. It was very quiet in P60 during that song. Mostly Autumn Absolutely not during Nowhere To Hide, many voices sang along with this song. Mostly Autumn continued with much force on Broken Glass. During Never The Rainbow Olivia "Livvy" Sparnenn was given a solo spot. I think it's a tradition that Bryan plays a tune and Livvy copies it with her vocals. Unbelievable how she reaches those high notes but she did, amazing. The second song from Heart Full Of Sky was Pocket Watch. When the lyrics "we've got crazy diamond" was sung Bryan beautifully added "Thanks to Rick", a small hommage to the late Richard Wright. Last of the second set was Heroes Never Die, a song Bryan wrote in honor of his father who passed away many years ago. The encore started with Tearing At The Faerytale from Glass Shadows making it four songs from the new album, they all sounded much better live than on the album. I thought Carpe Diem would be the final song, the huge dramatic piece is a perfect closer. But at the end of the show they had a bit of surprise. After introducing all the band members a very familiar tune was played. I wandered in my mind thinking which Mostly Autumn song this could be. It soon became clear it was Turn It On Again from Genesis. Everybody enjoyed this very much. I think that a band with a catalogue like Mostly Autumn does not need to play a cover, but it sure sounded great.

Fading Colours Caught In A Fold
Flowers For Guns
Unoriginal Sin
Simple Ways
The Spirit Of Autumn Past
Half The Mountain

Winter Mountain
The Dark Before The Dawn
Answer The Question
Last Bright Light
Above The Blue
Nowhere To Hide
Broken glass
Never The Rainbow
Pocket Watch
Heroes Never Die

Tearing At The Faerytale
Carpe Diem
Turn It On Again (Genesis Cover)


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