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First rule: the copyright of the articles remain with the respective authors.

Audio, Photo, And Video Credits

The images used on DPRP.net site fall into these categories: - images to make DPRP look what it looks like, the artwork specific to DPRP - photos and videos made by our team members or outside photographers offering their work to be published with an article here on DPRP - artwork of the material being reviewed, like album covers - official media photographs sent to DPRP by the artist, their label or PR company to accompany an article about the artist or their work

Through the years the team has had a few graphic artists who have all added their work to make DPRP what it looks like today. They created the images, so the copyright lies with them. DPRP has permission to use the images for the DPRP website.

Images you see are by Mattias Norén and Guille Palladino. The 2021 DPRP logo was made by Jerry van Kooten. The hat logo was made by Jerry van Kooten and based on an original design by Mattias Norén.

Photos And Videos By Team Members

Many authors of concert reviews and interviews take a few pictures or even shoot a video that is published either alongside the article or on a separate page. The photographers are the owners of their work and by sending in the photos and videos with their articles, they give DPRP permission to use the photos on this website.

Unless otherwise noted, the author of the article is the one who created the photos and holds the copyright.

If photos come from another photographer, we will always seek to credit the photographer. The photographer retains ownership of those photographs, DPRP only has the right to publish the photos on the DPRP website. If you wish to use any photos published on DPRP, you must ask us for permission first. We will give you contact details of the photographer.

Album Covers

Album covers are considered publicly available promotional material. We are helping to promote the bands so are an extension of their promotional activities. No extra credits are mentioned for this. Original copyright applies, DPRP only publishes a copy of the cover art.

Artist Website Sources

We will only use images taken direct from an artist's or a label's website if it has been confirmed that they are free of copyright for use in promotional purposes. We will always seek to include a credit to the photographer or of the image source (usually the artist website).


Of course, we humans make mistakes. If you see an omission or want something changed or wish us to remove a photograph, please let us know!

Websites change, domains change, people change. If you have a change of heart and want us to add/change/remove credits for a photo, just let us know!

Also, it is an artist's right to revoke permission afterwards. If that is the case, just let us know!

Please do give us some time, we're just a bunch of volunteers, but we'll do it.

In any of these cases, however, make sure you can prove you are the rightful owner of the photos in question. If you are not, you need to prove you are a formal representative of the owner of the photos in question.

About DPRP