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Tamarisk - Suspended Animation — Duo Review
Art Against Agony - Reincarnation Suite, Black 7 - Look Inside, Dario And The Clear - Optic Nerve, Great North Star - Great North Star, King Of Sweden - The Training
Theodore Wild Ride - Theodore Wild Ride
Reviews, samples and videos for Mono, Drifting Sun, Eastern High, Fungi, Beautiful Bedlam & Shumaun.
Katre - Behind The Resilience, Antti Martikainen - Carmina Gloria, The Omnific - Escapades, St. Tropez - Icarus
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Let Me Be A Ghost
Khadavra - Hologram
Fragment Soul - Axiom Of Choice, Himmellegeme - Variola Vera, Muddles - Mind Muddling, Geoff Proudley - Tales From Strange Travels
Checkout this major update to our Modern Progressive Rock & Metal playlist! We have now included a track from every album that has received a score of 9 or more from our reviewers. So the new playlist features 84 tracks covering our 'recommended' albums from this year so far. A great place to discover the best new music from all corners of the 'progressive' genre.
OVRFWRD - Starstuff
Iron Maiden - Senjutsu
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes - Omellete du Fromage, Dan Jones - Zero Four Nine, Metamorphosis - I'm Not A Hero, The Osiris Club - The Green Chapel
Obrasqi - Dopowiedzenia
Geoffrey Feakes - On Track... Steve Hackett - Every Album, Every Song [book], Graeme Scarfe - On Track... Peter Gabriel - Every Album, Every Song [Book]
Blacksmith Tales - The Dark Presence, Bernardo Lanzetti - Horizontal Rain
The Devil's Staircase - The Devil's Staircase
Clara Engel - Dressed In Borrowed Light
Kardinal X - The Revolution, Paragon Zero - Omass
Kyros - Recovered, Lind - A Hundred Years: The Justification of Reality Part 1, Motorpsycho - Kingdom Of Oblivion, The Samurai Of Prog - The White Snake
England - Garden Shed, England - The Last of the Jubblies - Silver Edition, England - The Imperial Hotel
The Neal Morse Band - Innocence And Danger
DPRP's Menno von Brucken Fock dives into his collection of forgotten albums and bands that deserve a little more attention. Episode 2 in this series is abouth Swedish band Atlas, Déjà Vu from Norway, and Dutch band Scope.
Daniel Eliseev Project - Lost Humanity, Victor Go - Tales From McIntyre Lake, Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren with Ethel - State Theater New Jersey 2005, Plenty - Enough
Going Back To Chicago: A long overdue prog pilgrimage? Or looking for prog in all the wrong places? David Taylor finds out.
Amanda Lehmann - Innocence and Illusion, Little King - Amuse De Q, Resistor - The 5th Season, Timelock - Stay Awake
Nathaniel Webb, author of Marillion In The 1980s, investigates the origins of the recordings Marillion made before Diz Minnitt and Fish arrived to replace singing bass player Doug Irvine. Lady Fantasy, Alice, The Haunting Of Gill House, Close, Scott's Porridge, or Herne The Hunger, anyone?
Xavier Boscher - Earthscapes, Darren Johnson - Decades: The Sweet In The 1970s, Pentesilea Road - Pentesilea Road, Thumos - The End Of Words
DPRP's Menno von Brucken Fock dives into his collection of forgotten albums and bands that deserve a little more attention. In this first episode we have Albatross, Capitolo 6, Cirkus, and Nightwinds.
Gentle Giant - Free Hand (Steven Wilson Remix)