We've started converting the artwork reviews by Mattias Norén, which were published in 1999 and 2000. Here are the first six issues.
Robert Reed - The Ringmaster, Part One [digital album], Robert Reed - The Ringmaster, Part One [2CD + DVD]
Bouquet - Dressed Up Animal, Empire - The Best Of Empire, Peter Banks’s Harmony In Diversity - The Best Of Peter Banks’s Harmony In Diversity, Erewan - How Will All This End?, Fascination Curve - Corona Time In Amerika, Monarch Trail - Wither Down
Many things seem to happen by chance. Sometimes, different things seem to happen around the same time. Sometimes there seems to be a meaningful relation. That's called synchronicity. Often that relation is purely coincidental, but it's still fun to dive in and take a closer look. Connor Shelton created a career trajectory comparison between Yes and Kansas.
Here it is, our final round-up of the previous year. Which is your favourite album cover?
Eric Benac - Cardiacs - On Track... Every Album, Every Song, Ghost Rhythms - Spectral Music, Leslie Hunt - Descend, Irrwisch - Live At The Kufa Lyss, Symbolon Obscura - Media Machines, Syrek - Story
Our all-in-one guide to catch up on the 39 SFTW-recommended albums of 2021. There is something for all progressive tastes in this list.
The first of five special features on progressive rock DVDs featuring After Crying, Ange, Apocalypse, Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, and the Berg Herzberg Festival.
DPRP reviewed over 600 different albums last year. Thus, one can be forgiven for maybe missing a few real gems along the way.
Jethro Tull - The Zealot Gene — Round Table Review
In this fourth episode, DPRP's Menno von Brucken Fock is going to tell you about The Load from the USA and Azahar from Spain - two bands with two released albums each.
Essential reading for all of those who enjoy prog with a heavier mood. There is a mini review plus a video of each album. How many of these have YOU listened to?
Checkout this major update to our Modern Progressive Rock & Metal playlist! We have now included a track from (almost) every album that has received a score of 9 or more from our reviewers in the past year. So the new playlist features over 100 tracks covering our 'recommended' albums from 2021. A great place to discover the best new music from all corners of the 'progressive' genre.
Android Trio - Other Worlds, Drifting Sun - Forsaken Innocence, Eldritch - Eos, Elements Of A Dream - Cry Of The Subconscious, Escape Samsara Cycle - The Awakening, Dusan Jevtovic - Vasil Hadzimanov - Duo, Keoma - Hypotheses, Magma - Eskähl 2020, Momentum - Uit Het Leven Gegrepen, Shamblemaths - Shamblemaths 2
A Dying Planet - When The Skies Are Grey — Duo Review, Fleesh - Here It Comes Again (A Tribute To Genesis), Bill Thomas - Decades: Genesis In The 1970s, Mostly Autumn - Graveyard Star — Duo Review
Beautiful Bedlam - Beautiful Bedlam, Dec Burke - Life In Two Dimensions, Coarbegh - Watercolours, Cyan - For King And Country, Kama Kollektiv - Toivo, Muva - Yum Cháak
This is the second part of our annual best-of-the-year feature. Twenty of the prog-scribes at DPRP.net list their Top 10 prog albums of 2021. Scroll down to see what your favourite reviewers have selected, and to see how many of your top albums have made our lists!
Bengal - From Outer Space, Compassionizer - An Ambassador In Bonds, ElisaDay - Auftakt, Gájanas - Cihkkojuvvon, Stefano "Lupo" Galifi - Dei Ricordi, Un Museo, Ross Jennings - A Shadow Of My Future Life, Lord Helmet - Get Back To The Ship, Marekvist - Solrenning, Rhapsody of Fire - Glory For Salvation, TDW - Fountains
Airbridge - Paradise Moves, Airbridge - Return, Airbridge - Memories Of Water
To wrap-up the year, we offer you the Top 10 Progressive Albums of 2021 — as selected by the DPRP writers. We asked 20 of our prog-scribes to select their most magical musical meanderings of the year. Here, we list the 10 which gathered the most love — with links to a video of each and the full DPRP review.
Antinode - The Canary That Named The Stars, Feras Arrabi - Al'Arrabi, Kosmodome - Kosmodome, What Strange Beasts - The Maestro's Tale
Rachel Flowers - Bigger On The Inside, Outrun The Sunlight - A Vast Field Of Silence, Snowdrops - Inner Fires, Lyle Workman - Uncommon Measures
Christmas music leaving you cold? Connor Shelton picked ten heartwarming prog songs to add to the Christmas playlist!
Yes - The Quest
Episode 3 in the Collectors Corner series where Menno von Brucken Fock dives into his collection of forgotten albums and bands that deserve a little more attention. This time: Paul Fishman's project Absolute Elsewhere, Far Out from Japan, Lift from the USA, and French band Skryvania.
Burnt Belief - Mutual Isolation, Chaos Over Cosmos - The Silver Lining Between The Stars, Head With Wings - Comfort In Illusion [EP], Prog Dylan - Home Birth, Riverside - Riverside 20 - The Shorts & The Longs, Sandstone - Epsilon Sky, Diego Spinelli - Some Prog, Wolves Of Saturn - Bunker Tapes Part 1 – Demo
Gong - Live At The Gong Family Unconventional Gathering, Red Sand - The Sound Of The Seventh Bell, Solaris - Nostradamus 2.0 - Returnity (Unborn Visions), Various artists - Legends Play The Beatles
Albaluna - Heptad, Amarok - Hero, Anyone - In Humanity, Tony Thompson - The Doors: On Track... Every Album, Every Song
From its inception, progressive rock has been haunted by ghosts, whether from the past or the future. Are there ways in which a big-tent approach to music is informed by something truly mysterious? David Taylor tries on a tin foil for his first foray down the rabbit hole. Cue some creepy Mellotron!