Azure - Of Brine And Angel's Beaks, Megalith Levitation - Void Psalms, The Ocean - Phanerozoic Live, Proud Peasant - Peasant Songs
Force Of Progress - R3design, Maragda - Maragda, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep, Rhizone - Timelines
Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World — Round Table Review
Shumaun - Memories And Intuition
Agusa - En annan värld, Fufluns - Refusés, Three Colours Dark - Love's Lost Property, Zero Times Everything - Sound Of Music
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - Miles From Nowhere
The Paradox Twin - Silence From Signals
Leo Carnicella - Until A New Dawn, City Weezle - No.2, Hooeymoon - Hooeymoon, Hooeymoon - Different View, The Vegetarians - Bill Haley
Nick Holmes - Porcupine Tree - On Track... Every Album, Every Song, Odd Brew - Kummapaahtoa, Andrew Ostler - Crossing The Line, The Sun Or The Moon - Cosmic
A special edition of Belgio-contemporary progressive jazz and world music, with reviews of Azmari - Samā'ī, Don Kapot - Hooligan, Echoes Of Zoo - Breakout, ECHT! - Inwane, and ESINAM - Shapes In Twilights Of Infinity
Less Is Lessie - The Escape Plan
Opher Goodwin - Roy Harper: On Track... Every Album, Every Song [Book (157 pages)], Obsidian Mantra - Minds Led Astray, Asaf Sirkis - Solar Flash, Sweeping Death - Tristesse
Hayley Griffiths Band - Live At 't Blok, Mahogony Frog - In The Electric Universe, Möbius Strip - Time Lag, Kimmo Pörsti - Past And Present
A Gardening Club Project - The Blue Door, A Gardening Club Project - The Time Trilogy
A convenient overview of all reviews published during DPRP's Prog-Tober 2021.
Lee Abraham - Only Human, Alessandro Corvaglia - Out of the Gate, Hanlon's Razor - Paradigm, Marillion - With Friends At St David's, Noisy Diners - The Princess Of The Allen Keys (The History Of Manto), Sam C Roberts - Escapism
Siena Root - Far From The Sun, Siena Root - Different Realities
Marbin - Shreddin' At Sweetwater, Marbin - Fernweh
Dikajee - Forget-Me-Nots, The Far Cry - If Only, Stephan Thelen - Fractal Guitar 2, Andrew Wild - Eric Clapton Solo On Track... Every Album, Every Song
Flor de Loto - Árbol de la vida, Flor de Loto - Eclipse
The world of progressive music is a relatively small one. Ever wondered how to make this world a little bigger? Connor Shelton has written a guide.
Heartland - Into The future, The Stranger - Kaleidoscope, Venus Syndrome - Cannibal Star
Fleesh - Eclipsed, The Prodigal Sounds - Circles Vol 3: Annulus, Tangle Edge - Cispirius, Tillison Reingold Tiranti - Allium: Una Storia
Glass Hammer - Skallagrim: Into The Breach
Molybaron - The Mutiny — Duo Review
Tamarisk - Suspended Animation — Duo Review
Art Against Agony - Reincarnation Suite, Black 7 - Look Inside, Dario And The Clear - Optic Nerve, Great North Star - Great North Star, King Of Sweden - The Training
Theodore Wild Ride - Theodore Wild Ride
Reviews, samples and videos for Mono, Drifting Sun, Eastern High, Fungi, Beautiful Bedlam & Shumaun.