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CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-057: a Duo Review of Tiger Moth Tales - The Whispering Of The World.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-056: Astrakhan - A Slow Ride Towards Death, DarWin - 3 - Unplugged, Raven Sad - The Leaf And The Wing, Devin Townsend - Devolution Series #1 - Acoustically Inclined, Live In Leeds, and Witherfall - Curse Of Autumn.

Something For The Weekend: Five Albums Not To Miss This Month (May 2021): Gojira, Poverty's No Crime, Ciccada, Crown & Hail The Sun. Read the new edition here.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-054: Deckchair Poets - The Crop Circlers' Guide To Abstract Expressionism, District 97 - Screenplay, Edenya - Silence, Intelligent Music Project VI - The Creation, and Simon McKechnie - Retro.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-053 - Prog Bites: The Abyss Inside Us - What Words Can't Say, Aziola Cry - The Ironic Divide, Edison Junction Band - Torn Mind, Ekzilo - Ekzilo, Grey Mouse - A Moment of Weakness, Isobar - Isobar, Mark Wingfield & Kevin Kastning - Rubicon I, The Mastelottos - Too Much Happiness - A Romantic's Guide To King Crimson, Melancholic Prosperity - Contents Under Pressure, Matt Phillips - On Track... Level 42 - Every Album, Every Song, and Jez Rowden - On Track... Aimee Mann - Every Album, Every Song.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-052 - The Arrivals Lounge: Pixels & Sound - Sentimentalism.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-051 - Metal Monday: Slaves To Fashion - The History Of Heavy Metal.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-050: a bumper issue for our 50th reviews issue with reviews of: Blank Manuskript - Himmelfahrt, Blue Hour Ghosts - Due, Stewart Clark - Let's Go There, Deadburger Factory - La Chiamata, KDB3 - When It All Comes To Pass, Long Tall J - 2020, Majestic - Monument, Qirsh - Aspera Tempora - Parte I, Corrado Rustici - Interfulgent, and Soniq Theater - Time And Space.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-049 - Books Special: Kevan Furbank - On Track ... Gong - Every Album, Every Song, Richard James - On Track ... UFO - Every Album, Every Song, and Andrew Wild - On Track ... Dire Straits - Every Album, Every Song.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-048: Cosmograf - Rattrapante.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-047: an interview with Trettioåriga Kriget and a Duo Review of their latest album Till horisonten.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-046: Illuminae - Dark Horizons, Steve Lukather - I Found The Sun Again, Joe Macre - Bullet Train, Molesome - Are You There?, Dennis Rea - Giant Steppes, and Unquiet Music LTD - In The Name Of... (A Prayer For Our Times).

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-045 - The Arrivals Lounge: Tony Cassista - Created On Various Infectious Diseases.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-044: Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-043: Chest Rockwell - The Existentialist, Mindwork - Cortex, Scott Reed's String Theory - Revolution, and Thorium - Empires In The Sun.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-042: Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Quartet - Phoenix, Big J - Above, Mark Murdock - The Phoenix Has Risen, Samurai Of Prog - Beyond The Wardrobe, Sons Of Birches - Wooden Head And Several More Scenarios, and Sonus Umbra - A Sky Full Of Ghosts.

Something For The Weekend: Six Albums Not To Miss This Month (April 2021): The Emerald Dawn, The Anchoress, Hillward, Chromatic Aberration, Simulacrum & Turbulence . Read the new edition here.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-041: Fair Wind Pleases - The Wind Of The Season, The Flying Caravan - I Just Wanna Break Even, Bill Thomas - On Track... Kate Bush: Every album, Every song, Thr33 - Thr33, and Vandemonian - Xenophilia.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-038: Asia Minor - Points Of Libration, Eyesberg - Claustrophobia, Mystery - Caught In The Whirlwind Of Time, Soft Works - Abracadabra In Osaka, and Various Artists - Fanfare For The Uncommon Talent: The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-037: Richard Barbieri - Under A Spell.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-036: a Duo Review of Clive Mitten - Suite Cryptique: Recomposing Twelfth Night 1978-1983.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-034 - Prog Bites: Brian De Wild - Lucid Delusion, Gate To Infinity - Levaturium, Nubdug Ensemble - Volume One: The Machines Of Zeno, Riverside - Out Of Myself, So Far As I Know - Breach, and Vacuum Tree Head - Rhizomique.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-033 - The Arrivals Lounge: Exodus To Infinity - Archetype Asylum.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-030 - Metal Monday: Amon Sethis - Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair, Evergrey - Escape Of The Phoenix, and Lucas Lee - Síndrome de Estocolmo.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-029: Cast - Vigesimus, Hawkestrel - SpaceXmas, Paul Sadler - Soon to be Absorbed, Rick Wakeman - Christmas Variations, and Wingfield Chapman Adewale - Zoji.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-028: David Detmer - On Track... Renaissance - Every Album, Every Song, Tyler Kamen - Potions, Kerrs Pink - Presence of Life, ProAge - 4. Wymiar, and THEO - Figureheads.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-027: Breaths - Lined In Silver, Cody Clegg - Tomorrow Is Moments Away, Everdawn - Cleopatra, External - Stillness, Novena - Eleventh Hour, and Odd Dimension - The Blue Dawn.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-026: Roland Bühlmann - Dubnos, Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard - Chemical Reactions, IT - Live At Progdreams VIII, Nova Incepta - Visions of Arcadia, and Joseph Williams - Denizen Tenant.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-025: Argus - The Outsider, Faulk - Men, Eloy Fritsch - Cosmic Light, Helmet Of Gnats - Travelogue, and Vajra - Irkalla.

DPRP Spotify Playlist: Check out our biggest-ever update with the best new releases of 2021 so far. Head over to our modern progressive rock/metal playlist for new tracks by: The Anchoress, Kauan, Subterranean Masquerade, Green Carnation, Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard, Devin Townsend, Need, Gojira, Vola, Kerrs Pink, Ishahn, Liquid Tension Experiment, Saga, Wheel, Soen, Nad Sylvan, Steven Wilson, Jason Bieler and the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra, Atravan, Naryan, Trope, Meer, Vajra and Excess To Infinity . Listen and subscribe here.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-024: an Interview with John Young and Duo Review of the latest Lifesigns album.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-023: Crystal Palace - Scattered Over Europe, Tom Doncourt & Mattias Olsson's Cathedral, Nodo Gordiano - Sonnar, The Prog Collective - Worlds On Hold, Rodrigo San Martín - Arcana (Act 1), and Tusmørke - Nordisk Krim.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-022: Anyone - On The Ending Earth, John Holden & Friends - Together Apart, Tim Lane - As Sure As The Sun Rises In The East, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - Crowdless Sessions, Morrum - Death of Amazement, and Reflection Club - Still Thick As A Brick.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-021: two albums by Wojciech Ciuraj: Iskry w Popiele and Dwa Żywioły.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-020: Andrew Darlington - Derek Taylor For Your Radioactive Children, Peter Kearns - On Track... Joni Mitchell - Every Album, Every Song, Kev Rowland - The Progressive Underground Vol. 3, and James R. Turner - On Track... Roy Wood, The Move, ELO & Wizzard - Every Album, Every Song.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-019: Dream Aria - Out Of The Void, Stefan Elefteriu - Quantum Gates, Julius Project - Cut The Tongue, Sproingg - Clam, and Starfish64 - The Crimson Cabinet.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-018: John Holden Inter-Review regarding his new album Circles In Time.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-017: a Interview with Chris Braide and Duo Review of Downes Braide Association (DBA) - Halcyon Hymns.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-016: Transatlantic - The Absolute Universe - Round Table Review.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-015: The Foxholes - Foxholesque and The Foxholes - Konzert.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-014: Ellesmere - Wyrd, Il Bacio Della Medusa - AnimAcusticA, Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Contaminazione 2.0, Daniele Sollo - Order And Disorder, and Witchwood - Before The Winter.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-013: Pete Chilvers And Jon Durant - Always Golden Sands, Pete Chilvers And Jon Durant - Vista, Fife Augury - The Shape Of A Tree, Meer - Playing House, Nine Stones Close - Traces (10th Anniversary Version), and Steven Wilson - The Future Bites.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2021-012, Prog Bites: Xavier Boscher - Waterscapes, Tim Bowness - Late Night Laments, Noram - Antropocene, Ritual - Glimpses From The Story Of Mr Bogd, and Victor's Rampage - Infinite Elbow.
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2021-057: Tiger Moth Tales Duo Review