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Prog-Tober 2022, day 2 brings a Round Table Review of John Holden — Kingtsugi.
Prog-Tober! 31+ reviews in 31 days! We start off with a Duo Review of Lonely Robot — A Model Life.
Arkness — Tales From The In Between, Dim Gray — Firmament, Hämärä — Ivory Tower, Ryo Okumoto — The Myth Of The Mostrophus
Cosmograf — Heroic Materials
Galaverna — Wagdans, Intelligent Music Project — Unconditioned, Majesty Of Revival — Pinnacle, Metakosmia — Aperantos Kosmos, Somehow Jo — Scales And Details, Sunrunner — Sacred Arts Of Navigation
Flash — In The USA — Duo Review
Inhalo — Sever — Duo Review
Honouring the day of Neil Peart's birth, Erik Neuteboom wrote the story that tells how the music of Rush found its way into his heart and how it played a role in the development of his taste for progressive rock, with the band's performance at Pinkpop taking a central place.
Gerard Bassols — The Musical Instruments Of Progressive Rock, John Kilbride — The Golden Road: The Recorded History Of The Grateful Dead, Eoghan Lyng — Decades: George Harrison in the 1970s, Kev Rowland — The Progressive Underground Vol. 4, Andrew Wild — Decades - Phil Collins In The 1980s
Betweenness — Lull, Kenny Bissett — The Balancing Act, Kessler Effect — Kepler, Soniq Circus — Chapter 1: The Game Begins, Subspectral — 1, Touccan — Full Sentimental
Compass — Theory Of Tides, Desert Twelve — Desert Twelve, David K Jones — Days in Corners, Moon Letters — Thank You From The Future — Duo Review, Narwhale — El Espacio Interior, The Samurai Of Prog — The Spaghetti Epic 4
Birth — Born, Brända Ängar — Brända Ängar, Gayle Ellett & The Electromags — Shiny Side Up, Ghost Of The Machine — Scissorgames, Reign Of Six — Transient, Starfish64 — Scattered Pieces Of Blue
The Bardic Depths — Promises Of Hope, Breaths — Isolera, DC Sound Collective — Creature Machines, The Gong Farmers — Guano Junction, Grobschnitt — Acoustic Album, October Thorns — Circle Game
Mikael Åkerfeldt — Clark (Soundtrack From The Netflix Series), Tyler Kamen — Artichoke Pythagorum, Lobate Scarp — You Have It All, M'Z — La civilisation de la graine, The Prog Collective — Songs We Were Taught, Winter In Eden — Social Fake
Featuring new releases by Nothing In Writing, Surrilium, A-Z, Esthesis, Wucan & Speaking To Stones
Antimatter — Black Market Enlightenment, Bubblemath — Turf Ascension, Nodo Gordiano — H.E.X., Spiritraiser — Ciklos
In case you missed it, we have now updated this special feature to include the links to the DPRP reviews of our writers' favourite albums of the year so far (where available).
Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate — The Confidence Trick, Jalayan — Floating Island, Sammary — Monochrome, Derek Sherinian — Vortex — Duo Review, Shiva Bakta — 6/4 Of Love
The Tangent — Songs From The Hard Shoulder — Duo Review
Blueminded — Break The Silence, Manuel Cardoso — Delirium, Dream Vision — Rêves, Movers — Futurist At The End Of Time, Parallel Minds — Echoes From Afar, Rick Wakeman — The Myths And Legends Of Rick Wakeman
Robert Berry's 3.2 — Alive at ProgStock — Duo Review
Cruise To The Edge 2022, day 5. For the last day of CTTE 2022, Menno reports on Martin Barre
Clint Bahr — Puzzlebox, Crystal Palace — Still There, Nathan — Uomini di Sabbia, Philosophobia — Philosophobia
Acolyte — Recovery (Unplugged), Peter Goalby — Easy With The Heartaches, Moron Police — The Stranger And The Hightide, Pinn Dropp — Calling From Some Far Forgotten Land, Shades Of Plato — Malware
DPRP's Jan Buddenberg attended the Grobschnitt Acoustic Party live at the Rosenhof in Osnabrück, Germany.
CPP — Brushes & Paint, Art Griffin's Sound Chaser — The Seven Ages Of Starlight, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella — Invoke The Ghosts, Snowman — In a Better Place, Solace Supplice — Liturgies Contemporaines, Swords of Dis — Cor Mundum Crea In Me, Sanctum Ignis
Enneade — Withered Flowers And Cinnamon — Duo Review, Arnaud Quevedo & Friends — Roan, Sound & Shape — Disaster Medicine, Star People — Black Tie & Tales, Thumos — The Course Of Empire
Cruise To The Edge 2022, day 4. Menno takes you along Moon Safari, Saga, Adrian Belew, Simon Phillips Protocol, Transatlantic, and Riverside.
Eric Baule — Demo Compilation Vol. 1, Eric Baule — Demo Compilation Vol. 2, The C Sides Project — Purple Hearts Corner, The C Sides Project — Different Plain, The Light Afternoon — Estanyo Nord, Tangerine Dream — Raum