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After several months of designing, restructuring, and scripting, went live with the new layout on 2 July 2021! 😃 The site is easy to read on different screen sizes and uses a dark or light mode based on your system settings.
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Daniel Eliseev Project - Lost Humanity, Victor Go - Tales From McIntyre Lake, Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren with Ethel - State Theater New Jersey 2005, Plenty - Enough
Going Back To Chicago: A long overdue prog pilgrimage? Or looking for prog in all the wrong places? David Taylor finds out.
Amanda Lehmann - Innocence and Illusion, Little King - Amuse De Q, Resistor - The 5th Season, Timelock - Stay Awake
Nathaniel Webb, author of Marillion In The 1980s, investigates the origins of the recordings Marillion made before Diz Minnitt and Fish arrived to replace singing bass player Doug Irvine. Lady Fantasy, Alice, The Haunting Of Gill House, Close, Scott's Porridge, or Herne The Hunger, anyone?
Xavier Boscher - Earthscapes, Darren Johnson - Decades: The Sweet In The 1970s, Pentesilea Road - Pentesilea Road, Thumos - The End Of Words
DPRP's Menno von Brucken Fock dives into his collection of forgotten albums and bands that deserve a little more attention. In this first episode we have Albatross, Capitolo 6, Cirkus, and Nightwinds.
Gentle Giant - Free Hand (Steven Wilson Remix)
Shade Of Memories - Glaciers Of Tomorrow
Between The Jars - What's To Come, Tyler Kamen - The Cassowary Manifesto, Tony Kaye - End of Innocence, Rain - Singularity, Mickey Simmonds - Mickey Simmonds 3
In case you missed it during the holidays, here is our mega-feature of the best albums of the year so far - according to the prog-scribes at We've also now added links to all the original DPRP reviews of the albums (where available).
Big Big Train - Common Ground — Duo Review
Aeon Zen - Transversal, Decimals - Symmetry, Fotis Delinikolas - Alma, Pentral - What Lies Ahead of Us, The Vicious Head Society - Extension Level Event
Chain Reaktor - Homesick, Wojciech Ciuraj - Kwiaty na Hałdzie, Different Strings - The Sands Of Time, Napier's Bones - The Fields, Stonekind - Spirit Of The Void
Hamish Kuzminski - On Track... Camel - Every Album, Every Song
Castanarc - The Sea Of Broken Vows
Birth - Birth, The Brainiac 5 - Another Time Another Dimension, Gerald Gradwohl - Episode 6, Phobos Monolith - When The Light Will Fade, Plant My Bones - Stage 1.0
Feeling Of Presence - Of Lost Illusion, Inner Prospekt - Canvas One, Inner Prospekt - Canvas Two, Mourning Knight - Mourning Knight, Single Celled Organism - Percipio Ergo Sum
Joe Bailey - Ghosts, Kiku Latte - Stories, Matelo Mantra - Architects of Fantasy, Seventh Dimension - Black Sky, That Joe Payne - By Name By Nature Tour
Acolyte - Entropy
The Cyberiam - Connected — Round Table Review
Rymo - Kinetic
Big Hogg - Pageant Of Beasts, Paradigm Blue - Transist, Salva - A Thousand Ways To Disappear, Devin Townsend - Galactic Quarantine, The Wring² - Project Cipher
Bastian Per - Way Back Home
Andy Boot - On Track ... Caravan: Every Album, Every song [book], Catalyst*R - Catalyst*R, Leslie Hunt - Ascend EP, Syndone - Kãma Sũtra, Luca Zabbini - One
Steve Hackett - Surrender of Silence
Gsus-SG - Cloverfield, Kultika - Capricorn Wolves, Metalwings - A Whole New Land
Marcela Bovio of Dark Horse White Horse (but also Mayan, Stream Of Passion, Ayreon) was being interviewed by DPRP's Stefan Hennig.
Dark Horse White Horse - Dark Horse White Horse, Elephant 9 - Arrival Of The New Elders, Michael C. Sharp - Synth Vehicles For Guitar, Silent Temple - Marvelers Of Creation, Subterranean Masquerade - Mountain Fever
Age of Aquarius - Out There, Dwiki Dharmawan - Hari Ketiga, Mariusz Duda - Claustrophobic Universe, Spirits Burning - Evolution Ritual, Mike Tiano - Creétisvan