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Leo Carnicella — Super-Sargasso Sea, Evership — The Uncrowned King - Act 2, Lady Lake — Not Far From LLyn Llydaw, The Mighty Handful — Men In Stasis II, The Samurai Of Prog featuring Marco Grieco — Anthem To The Phoenix Star, Wheel — Rumination
With Kings X releasing their 16th studio album, it was time to take a look back as well, to an album that was released before started. Read about their second album Gretchen Goes To Nebraska and their latest, Three Sides Of One!
Chimera — Gloria Mortis, Imaginaerium — The Rise of Medici (Special Edition), O.R.k. — Screamnasium, Teramaze — Flight of the wounded, Vanderwolf — 12 Little Killers, Wizrd — Seasons
Snowdrops — Missing Island, Trewerum — Millenniums in a Darkness, Vision Swords — Next Awakening
Martin Eden — Sol, Epoch Of Chirality — Nucleosynthesis, Steve Hackett — Genesis Revisited: Seconds Out Live & More, Joe Macre — The Dream is Free, Motorpsycho — Ancient Astronauts, Darryl Way — The Rock Artist's Progress
Ben L. Connor — On Track: Pearl Jam, LVTVM — Irrational Numbers, Joe Matera — The Lone Runner, Relayer — Waiting, Seventh Station — Heal The Unhealed, Svalinn's Rift — Unpenitent Era
Fearful Symmetry — The Difficult Second, Kerry Livgren — Q.A.R., Nemo — Les Nouveaux Mondes, Bjørn Riis — A Fleeting Glimpse — Duo Review, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra — Tubular Bells – 50th Anniversary Celebration, Versa — A Voyage / A Destination
The BlueMoon Projects — Encounters, Alan Draper — On Track... Stackridge, Esthesis — Watching Worlds Collide, Speaking To Stones — (In)Human Error
Six Albums Not To Miss This Month (November 2022) : Arena, Yesterdays, Haven of Echoes, 49 Burning Condors, Charlotte Wessels & Magenta
A live review of Frank Carducci and the Fantastic Squad's show at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, on 10 September 2022, recorded for a DVD release! Opening act: That Joe Payne.
The final Prog-Tober issue of 2022 is a Metal Monday issue, and DPRP's Andy Read looks back on 1986 when Queensrÿche's Rage For Order was released, before reviewing the band's latest release, Digital Noise Alliance!
Nearing the end of Prog-Tober, we have a proper Sunday edition for you, with reviews of Anthea - Tales Untold, Captain Of The Lost Waves - Hidden Gems Chapter 3 - Mysterium Tremendum, Regal Worm - Worm!, and Yaatri - Lucid!
Today we have a book review for you. In the On Track series, read about Captain Beefheart, by Opher Goodwin!
Here's a reviews of Live And Immortal, the new live album by prog metallers Vanden Plas!
This day in Prog-Tober tells you about the new album by Realisea: Fairly Carefree!
Taking things a little easier with Obrasqi today, reviewing their album Szepty Ciszy!
Remember Damn The Machine? After their one and only eponymous album, we finally have some 'new', or at least previously unreleased music on two albums Day One and The Last Man. Here's an overview!
A Prog-Tober issue filled with jazzy prog: Bigfoot Meter - Bigfoot Meter, Compro Oro - Buy The Dip, Ikarus - Plasma, and Origina1Nerd - Unknown Error!
Alpha Mountain — Alpha Mountain, Nick Fletcher — The Cloud Of Unknowing, Quicksilver Night — Asymptote, Marko Smiljanić — Things People Say
This Saturday in Prog-Tober is going to tell you about Italian legends Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso and their latest album Orlando: Le Forme Dell'Amore!
Today, Prog-Tober has a review of an album called Unsubscribe, by Polish band Niechęć!
It's Tursday, so we have four album reviews for you today: Aurora Clara - Clear Dawn, Fractal Sextet - Fractal Sextet, The Tirith - Return Of The Lydia, and Various - Secrete Session Dur Et Doux!
Two albums today in Prog-Tober by Rob Gould: Dome and Dome II!
Another day in Prog-Tober so another review! Schnauser's Altra Seccatura.
Atte Aho — Atte Aho, The Aristocrats — The Aristocrats With Primuz Chamber Orchestra, Datadyr — Wooolgathering, Stick Men — Tentacles
Another Prog-Tober issue featuring four reviews, in different styles! Daal - Daedalus, Out Ink - Less (Or, Do You Disapprove Of Holograms?), Starer - Remorse Defines Me, and Time Dwellers - Novum Aurora.
A review of James LaBrie's latest solo album, Beautiful Shade Of Grey!
You'd almost thing we have to catch up on a long review pipeline... Four reviews today: Black Flower - Magma, Jemma Freese - Shadow Boxing, Initiative H - Polar Star, and Typef - Type_f.
The thirteenth day of Prog-Tober gives us a review of Endless Season - Paths and Crossroads.