GUY MANNING’s “Akoustik #2″ released

Akoustik 2 Album-Cover

AKOUSTIK #2 is now released on Festival Music (201408)

9 re-imagined oldies from across the Manning back catalogue
plus 3 brand new pieces* …

Track Listing:

01. White Waters
02. Songs From The Bilston House
03. Yesterdays’ Hero *
04. A Strange Place
05. Moorland Skies *
06. Flight 19
07. Saturday Picture Show *
08. Blue Girl
09. Icarus & Me
10. Joshua Logan
11. Ships
12. Winter

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Steven Wilson announces new album details and tour


“Steven Wilson, four-time Grammy nominee, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and one of the hardest working artists in music, has announced that he will embark on a UK & European tour in March & April 2015 to coincide with the release of his long-awaited fourth solo album ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase.’ due for release in March 2015 on Kscope. Tickets go on sale at 10am on Friday 21 November.”

tour dates

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AN ENDLESS SPORADIC’s digital downloads are now free

“Hi Folks!

An Endless Sporadic’s entire digital catalogue is now available for free download through our Bandcamp store! You will still have the option to pay as much as you want, which is always greatly appreciated and helps fund the creation of more An Endless Sporadic music and merchandise. If you are unable to pay, I still want you to be able to enjoy the music!

If you’ve already paid for digital downloads in the past, thank you so much for your help and support! Even if you haven’t paid before, thank you for listening and inspiring me to move forward with An Endless Sporadic! \m/”

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LUNOCODE: Double CD release date announced

Their double album “C’è vita intelligente sulla Terra?” will be released worldwide on friday, 5th december 2014!
lunocode - photo - album cover - 500x500

“In 2012 Lunocode conceived a show, halfway between a theatrical monologue and a concert, with an actor reciting some spoken parts. This gave the band a chance to combine their love of acoustic guitars and a melancholy atmosphere with their interest in the universe and human nature, which always emerges in their lyrics. The show was called “C’è vita intelligente sulla Terra?” (“Is There Intelligent Life On Earth?”) and, for the occasion, the band recorded the entire show live at the “Teatro di Anghiari” theatre.

After this magic night, the guys entered the studio to record a new version of each song on the show, with a more elaborate arrangement. Some songs were completely stripped down and rebuilt. Lunocode pursue creativity above all else. The band then put these two recordings together in the form of a double album, in a gorgeous digipack edition, with the same title as the theatrical show. In 2014 Lunocode signed with 7Hard, and the time to release their new double album has arrived: their double album will be released worldwide on friday, 5th december 2014!

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Progressive metal band Dreamgrave released new concept album

“Wrapped in an abstract, distress-filled fantasy the album presents our impressions about our world, our society, ourselves – the reason we are here and ultimately the ending we are headed. The album consists of eight movements:


1. Ethereal Eternity: the realm of true emptiness, a world absent of life, dreams, fear and pain. 2. Black Spiral: stranded between two worlds trying to escape from the Spiral that hauls your soul into total annihilation. 3. Memento Mori: a metaphor for the recurring things in life you always think you can withstand – but in the end it breaks you every time. 4. The Last Drop Falls: the last attempt to emerge from the inevitable, ending in complete surrender. 5. Presentiment: images reminiscent of the future overrun your consciousness. Only a fracture of reality echoes in you leaving you paralyzed by fear – all you can do is breath in and out. 6. Presentiment (Part II): even with all the beauty and innocence of the unknown the uncertainty of it makes you tremble with fear. 7. False Sense of Confidence: the realization that the ignorance-based extreme self-confidence will eventually devour your whole existence. 8. It’s Ubiquitous: the dissolution of this encompassing premonition, that states that there is still some hope left for us. The darkness surrounding us all dissolves into the light – since darkness is just the lack of light.”

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NIGHTINGALE launch new song online – New album “Retribution” out now


Sweden’s NIGHTINGALE have released their much anticipated 7th studio album in Europe.
“Retribution”, the follow-up to 2007’s acclaimed “White Darkness”, marks the band’s debut release via their new worldwide label home InsideOutMusic. Another song from “Retribution” is available as online stream, check out “On Stolen Wings” here.

NIGHTINGALE’s Dan Swanö (vocals, guitars, keyboards) checked in about the track as follows: “After all the demos were done for the album, we gathered in the rehearsal room and gave them all a thorough spin. It took some time to get the arrangement right for “On Stolen Wings” and during the intense rehearsals there were a few “happy accidents” that completely changed the vibe of the song into something that I had been searching for all along. The lyrics deal with the kind of person that sucks the lifeblood out of creative people, that doesn’t know how to bring their visions to the real world and then steal their ideas and then take full credit for it.”

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Sputnikmusic Streams OPUS OF A MACHINE’s Debut “Simulacra”


“Australian progressive alternative rock purveyors, Opus of a Machine are set to release their debut album “Simulacra” on November 16th. The record is available for streaming in entirety on Sputnikmusic.

OoaMUpon their inception in 2013, Opus of a Machine has been stripping away the macho pretence of modern metal unlike any other band today. Their debut, “Simulacra” is fast, energetic, expressive and emotive. An explosion of high-energy heavy rock and colourful, progressive elements that infers little of the current paradigm of heavy music today. Taking with them the raw conviction of bands separate from the zeitgeist of progressive rock, Opus of a Machine bends the traditional, stares down the barrel of experimentation and explores sonic landscapes too fearful for most.
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Legendary pre-YES band MABEL GREER’S TOYSHOP to release new album Featuring ex-YES member Tony Kaye on keyboards And co-produced by Billy Sherwood

MabelGreersToyshop“The psychedelic progressive rock group Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, which sprouted the first shoots of YES, have reunited and announced a new album entitled New Way Of Life, which will be released on 9th March through RSK Entertainment. The opening track Electric Funeral premieres on YouTube today.

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Billboard rumors: “More Unreleased Pink Floyd Music May Be Coming”

Gary Graff at

“While David Gilmour and Nick Mason maintain that Pink Floyd’s new album The Endless River marks the end of brand-new music from the group, its archives may yield more unreleased material down the road.

Plenty of previously unreleased Floyd material surfaced during the group’s 2011-12 reissue campaign — which included expanded editions of The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall — as well as this year’s deluxe reissue of 1994’s The Division Bell, and Mason tells Billboard more may be looming…”

Read the entire article here.


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The Safety Fire to replace The Faceless on PROTEST THE HERO European tour

Due to internal band issues, The Faceless have been forced to drop off the upcoming Protest The Hero tour commencing next Friday November 14th in Leipzig, Germany. Replacing The Faceless on the tour will be longtime Protest The Hero friends The Safety Fire. All scheduled dates will be played and The Contortionist will continue to be on all shows. Below are the dates for the upcoming tour:

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Finnish hard rockers Montage will play two shows in Netherlands in early 2015

“The group will perform material from their debut album at Rockcafé de Engel in Den Helder on Saturday the 17th of January and at t’ Blok, Nieuwerkerk on Sunday the 18th.


Montage released their debut album via Secret Entertainment in May 2014. The album consists of eight eclectic hard rock songs, featuring such titles as ”Misty High”, ”Devil’s Whip” and ”Strawberry Skies”.”


Audio for the 1960’s inspired ”Strawberry Skies”:


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Beardfish announce release of new album 2+4626-COMFORTZONE”

“Swedish progressive-rockers Beardfish have been hard at work on the follow-up to 2012’s The Void, and now they are pleased to reveal that their brand new eighth studio album +4626-COMFORTZONE will be released in Europe on January 12, 2015.

The band had this to say about the forthcoming album: “In this case the comfort zone is the invisible protective suit of negative thinking, almost like an entity of itself.It’s been with you since birth: your parents and your teachers and your friends and your neighbours all teaching you the way the world works – this is how it is and will be and there’s nothing you can do about it. The negative vibe is like a voice living inside of you, a companion through life. With time you start to like that voice and the place it takes you to: your comfort zone. I’m so sick and tired of it and I want to address it and maybe in that way start to work my way out of it”

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Anneke van Giersbergen announces Dutch concerts with The Gentle Storm

“Momenteel leggen componist Arjen Lucassen en zangeres Anneke van Giersbergen de laatste hand aan The Diary, een dubbel conceptalbum dat in maart 2015 wereldwijd bij InsideOut Music zal verschijnen onder de naam The Gentle Storm.

Frontvrouw Van Giersbergen heeft enkele van Nederlands beste metalmuzikanten om zich heen verzameld om dit album live te gaan presenteren. Zelfverklaard kluizenaar Lucassen gaat niet mee op tour. Anneke van Giersbergen, die deze maand precies 20 jaar geleden haar carrière bij The Gathering begon, zal naast werk van The Gentle Storm en nummers uit haar solo repertoire, ook enkele The Gathering klassiekers in de setlijst opnemen.
De korte Nederlandse tournee begint op 26 maart in De Melkweg in Amsterdam. Dit is het enige optreden waarbij Arjen Lucassen als speciale gast te zien en te horen zal zijn. Anneke en band doen vervolgens nog Hedon, Paard van Troje en festival ROCK ITtervoort aan, alvorens naar het buitenland te vertrekken.

De korte voorjaarstour ziet er als volgt uit:

26 maart – Melkweg, Amsterdam
28 maart – ROCK ITtervoort, Ittervoort
3 april – Hedon, Zwolle
11 april – Paard van Troje, Den Haag”

Aanstaande vrijdag 14 november om 10:00 uur gaat de kaartverkoop voor deze shows van start.”

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New Steven Wilson album to be released in February 2015

Marco Minnemann:

“As some of you already know, Guthrie and I are on the new STEVEN WILSON album again, which we recorded a few weeks back in London.
The album will be released in February, followed by a tour (I will be able to the first leg of it).”

Wilson about its concept:

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New Nem-Q bass player

Progressive rock/metal band Nem-Q from Nederweert (the Netherlands) have found a new bass player. Maarten Meeuws is replacing Henri van Zelst, who left last July. More info at

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