RIVERSIDE reveal artwork, tracklisting and releasedate for new album “Love, Fear and the Time Machine”

Having just played a first post-studio live-show as part of the Metal Hammer Festival / Prog Edition in Kattowice, Poland together with Dream Theater, polish prog masters RIVERSIDE are pleased to announce the first details for their much anticipated upcoming studio album.

Entitled “Love, Fear and the Time Machine”, the band’s sixth studio longplay album will be released via InsideOutMusic on September 4th, 2015, feature cover artwork by longtime design-partner Travis Smith / Seempieces (Katatonia, Opeth, Nevermore, etc.) and contain the following track listing:

1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?)
2. Under the Pillow
3. #Addicted
4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire
5. Saturate Me
6. Afloat
7. Discard Your Fear
8. Towards the Blue Horizon
9. Time Travellers
10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching)

RIVERSIDE are additionally working on a musical bonus package entitled “Day Session”, the brighter companion of the “Night Session” presented on the band’s previous album “Shrine Of New Generation Slaves”.

RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment about “Love, Fear and the Time Machine“:

“On the new album I wanted to combine the 70s and the 80s. The 80s were a decade of musical growing up for me. On the new album we don’t sound as retro and 70s as before, we moved forward, we sort of demolished the previous foundations and build new ones. Despite the huge dose of melancholy and nostalgia, there is a new space, the songs are arranged with more flow and at the same time they have never been so concise and to the point before. The lyrics on “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” talk about a transformation. About making an important, perhaps life changing, decision everyone has to make at some point in their lives. What happens to us when we have to make it? On the one hand we’re excited by the change, we feel free, liberated, and on the other we fear the unknown, we are afraid of what might happen to us. We go back in time and we go forward in time in our heads. And all that happens when we have to decide something important. The first of the songs on the album is called ‘Lost’, the last one, ‘Found’. If we sometimes get lost in life, it is to go through something and be found again on the other side, to be reborn as someone better and more valuable. I would like this album to be one of those that one day simply becomes your best friend.”

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Generation Prog Festival announces LEPROUS, SUBSIGNAL and PANZERBALLETT

Festival_Logo_2015-cropped Nürnberg – Generation Prog Festival has become a two days festival and will take place on Friday/Saturday, November 20/21 at the Kultfabrik Luise.

With this new announcement, the festival has the following bands on their bill:

Alessandro Bertoni Keystone Quartett (feat. Tom Maclean)
The Aristocrats

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Message from Collage:


“We would like to oficially announce that MHF 2015 Prog Edition was the last gig with Mirek Gil. Mirek Gil decided to leave the band just before we started working on the new album to focus on his solo career with Believe. He officialy announced it to everyone including Colage in the recent edition of Metal Hammer Magazine:

MH: You declared that you will be recording a new album.
MG: I got a sad news for you, cose I am leaving Collage. We have tried to work something out together but I really think there is no chemistry between us whatsoever so I decided to focus on my other band Believe…

Collage would like to wish Mirek Gil all the best in all his future endeavours.
This fact does not have any impact nor influence on future plans of the band.
As we have already told you we got energy, thousands of new ideas, BELIEVE, and urge to write brand new songs and we enyoy every single second of working on it just for YOU!!!.
Soon we will try to find a new member of the band – a friend – with the ability to feel and understand our attitude towards performing music live and the music itself who can accidentally also play the guitar to join Us in the rehearsal room to work on the new material.”

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CHRIS SQUIRE dies at 67

Squre2Chris Squire, founding member of Yes, died one month after he revealed in public that he suffers leukemia.

Squire was the only member who was in the band in all of its iterations and throughout the bands entire existence up until now. His fellow band members say he was the “glue” of the band and that it was him who held the band together over long periods.

Squire was one of the most outstanding bassists and he has  influenced generations of musicians, not only bass players. His technique of playing the Rickenbacker with a plectrum created a completely new tone to the instrument and added a valuable color to the various techniques of bass playing. Squire was also among the first that brought the slapping technique, which was only used in funk, into rock music.

With Chris Squire, the prog world has lost an awesome instrumentalist, unique vocalist and gifted songwriter.
R.I.P. Chris

(Yes have announced to do their tour with Toto with Billy Sherwood on bass)


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CALIGULA’S HORSE sign worldwide deal with InsideOut Music

unnamed (2)

“Brisbane based progressive alternative tour-de-force Caligula’s Horse are on course for a stellar finish to 2015, with the huge announcement that they have signed with record label InsideOut Music. Continue reading

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KINGCROW – Listen to their New Album “EIDOS” in its entirety via streaming

“In celebration of the album’s official release date (23rd June – Sensory Records) , the grand, explosive album is now playing in its entirety through a stream at the following link:

http://lasersedge.bandcamp.com/album/eidos “

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SHINING play live concert on deadly mountain top in Norway

unnamed (1)

Pic credits: Frode Røe

“Sunday June 21st, on the solstice and longest day of the year, the Norwegian Blackjazz band Shining played a world’s first concert on top of a grandiose mountain structure hanging out 700 meters above the ground, called Trolltunga (“Troll’s Tongue”).

The band flew up a PA system and power generator, and blasted their patented Blackjazz music to a group of 300 fans and mountain hikers who had taken on the daunting task of walking the five hour trip to the mountain top. Click ‘read more’ and find the link to a fan filmed clip of the concert!

Continue reading

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RPWL has big plans for the 2nd half of 2015!


“First of all they will tour over Europe with a rarely special PINK FLOYD show.
As if that was not enough they will perform the show of their latest album ‘Wanted’ for the very last time: RPWL will record a DVD called ‘A New Dawn’ in their hometown Freising near Munich. Continue reading

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DICE 21th album “Son.Sister.Sun“ releases at July 6th 2015


“In 1974 DICE was started in Guetersloh/West-Germany by Singer, Composer, Bassist and Keyboarder Christian Nóvé and relocated to Leipzig/East-Germany in 1994. Since 1999 Dennis Lee Small from Des Moines / Iowa, USA is a part of the line up (17 CDs) as the standard lyricist for DICE. In his words he explains the background of the lyricis in the upcoming DICE CD to be release in July „Son.Sister.Sun“: „The music and lyrics weave together thoughts and dreams that all start and end with the Sun, that we are all children of the Earth and that the Sun is our Mother. ALL THINGS REMAIN THE SAME starts off at the beginning with, „Another sun is slowly rising“ which leads into a journey of thru universe with COSMIC FORCES with every door and window inviting the listener to go and explore the outside world deep into outer space. ENLARGING UNIVERSE takes the trip into space even further.. that everything is forever- THE WHISPERED WIND comes then like a secret being alone in this „Universal Home“ The dreamscape SON SISTER SUN brings this journey of time and space into a pleasent and peaceful ending.. And waking up one is at the begining again, with the sun, rising in THE VALLEY OF LIGHT.“ An incredible journey of sound to the sun, around the universe and back again in 60 minutes. DICE has once again raised the bar on cosmic-space-prog. Come along for the ride and discover for yourself that SON.SISTER.SUN is the best album so far from DICE!! Continue reading

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New compilation album for free from spaceprog.com

Spaceprog.com offers a free download of its sampler “Oceanic Prog II”. The album alternatively comes with a game app.
It contains new music from

Pervy Perkin
Eric Baule
Eternal Journey
Ashen Waves
Different Strings
Toomas Vanem
Via Calypso
The Uprising
Your Royal Madness

The album video with cgi art canbe viewed on youtube.

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PHI to Embark on Tour This August

Austrian progressive rock power trio, PHI will embark on a European tour this August promoting their most recent studio album titled “Now the Waves of Sound Remain” released via Gentle Art of Music last year. See the tour dates below.

After being formed in 2006 and achieving first respectable successes in 2008, PHI have since released their critically acclaimed album “Years of Breathing” and consequently toured the stages of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania and Lithuania. By means of their brand new album “Now the Waves of Sound Remain”, the power trio now presents the fascinating result of the artistic vision that the band likes to call double bottom.

PHI European tour 2015:

20.08. Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina @ Caffe Galerija Bunt
21.08. Subotica, Serbia @ Club Mladost
22.08. Belgrade, Serbia @ Klub Sioux
23.08. Nis, Serbia @ Black Stage
24.08. Skopje, Macedonia @ Havana Club
25.08. Thessaloniki, Greece @ Mavri Trypa
26.08. Istanbul, Turkey @ Kafe Pi Bronx
27.08. TBA
28.08. Bucharest, Romania @ Question Mark
29.08. Szeged, Hungary @ Live Music Club

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ROYAL HUNT to return with brand new album “Devil’s Dozen”

Frontiers Music announces the release of the brand new studio album from ROYAL HUNT entitled “Devil’s Dozen” on August 21st in Europe and North America.

Royal Hunt - Devil's DozenAndré Andersen says: “We´re very pleased to be able to present our new, thirteenth studio album. While staying on course with all traditional Royal Hunt´s  musical values this one contains quite a bit of variety – from an up-tempo, double kick driven “May You Never (Walk Alone)” to the bluesy “Heart On A Platter” and probably our best ballad to date – “Until The Day”.  Counting in Royal Hunt´s usual attention to details – playing wise as well as production wise – I´m sure that any fan of symphonic/melodic yet hard rocking music will be pleased with our latest offering.”

Featuring once again the talents of the awesome US singer DC Cooper – who, after numerous requests from fans and promoters worldwide decided to reunite with the band in 2011 – Royal Hunt features – besides André Andersen on keyboards – long time member Andreas Passmark on bass, Jonas Larsen on guitar and new drummer Andreas Habo Johansson (ex Narnia). Royal Rock… no substitutes!

“Devil’s Dozen” tracklisting: So Right So Wrong; May You Never (Walk Alone); Heart On A Platter; A Tear In The Rain; Until The Day; Riches To Rags; Way Too Late; How Do You Know (bonus track).

DC Cooper: vocals
Andre Andersen: keyboards
Andreas Passmark: bass
Jonas Larsen: guitars
Andreas Habo Johansson: drums

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NYC Prog Ensemble CONSIDER THE SOURCE To Release 2CD Set “World War Trio (Parts II & III)”

NYC trio Consider the Source is releasing the second installment of their epic, three part grand vision, World War Trio. Following the dense, nearly 24 minute, five part composition that comprised World War Trio (Part I), this double album begins with the trio of masterful technicians’ progressive rock, metal and jazz foundation, then draw from Middle Eastern, Indian and Eastern European traditions – balancing shifting moods and tempos, cerebral and emotional jabs and intellectual and primal pursuits – into a dynamic and cinematic audio experience. A relentless touring schedule has won the band a fervent following from California to Israel, with fans ranging from jam-band hippies and jazz cats to metal headbangers and prog aficionados.

Recorded at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, funded by a successful Indiegogo campaign, “World War Trio” is Consider The Source’s first release in four years and their first recording with drummer/percussionist Jeff Mann, whose recent addition has supercharged the band’s chemistry. “World War Trio” spans three discs and a universe of sonic territory.

“When we decided to go back into the studio, we made a pact to go all in emotionally, physically, temporally and mentally. This piece was a rite of passage for us and we are beyond excited to share it with you, our fans. We ask that when you listen to this album, please do so in an undistracted environment, preferably in headphones or high quality speakers. We have tried to capture unique emotions that cannot fully come across while listening on laptop speakers. Thank you so much. We hope you enjoy.” – CTS

CTS promo video:

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Crowdfunding Project for New SONUS UMBRA Album

Chicago based band Sonus Umbra, active since 25 years started a crowdfunding project to produce their next cd.

Message from the band:
“Hello everyone! As we conclude touring in support of the Winter Soulstice album at ROSfest, 2015, we are also getting ready to record a new album, as well putting together multi-media for the best live show for the release. To that end, we created an Indiegogo campaign which can be found below:


If you would like to help out in any way – be it by donating, sharing this link, telling your friends about the band, participating directly in the recording, whatever you can do and are comfortable doing – we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for all you have done and all your support throughout the last 25 years. Here’s to the next 25,


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Subterranea – The Movie based on IQ’s Album is Finished

Young filmmakers Mathew Miller and Brandon Woodward started the film as a croud funding project in 2013. With Eric D. Wilkinson on board, they now finalized the theatrical movie and are looking for ways to bring it into theaters.

The movie is written and directed by Mathew Miller, based on the story provided by Peter Nichols, music is written by Michael Holmes.

More info to be found here.

Subterranea Official Trailer (2015) from Subterranea Movie on Vimeo.

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