RICH WILLIAMS: KANSAS plans to begin recording a new album

In a recent interview RICH WILLIAMS annouced that KANSAS has plans ro record a new album next year. He says Ronnie Platt brings a lot of new energy to the band and all agree to new actions.

“Anything we want to do — let’s go to South America, let’s go to Europe…let’s record an album. Let’s get together and just work up material — every little thing is followed by a ‘Let’s do that!’ response,” he says. “That inspires the crew members, that inspires the fanbase….the old dogs in the band get excited. It’s contagious, that type of attitude. So we’re just out having the best time we’ve had in years and years and years. This is going to be the busiest year we’ve had. We’re going to do upwards of 90 dates this year, which we haven’t done since we did the first couple of albums when we were out playing every show that we could.”

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SUBSIGNAL announce release date for “The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime”

Subsignal have just announced that “The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime” will be released on October 30.
The bands recent line-up changes bring SOUL SECRET’s LUCA DI GENNARO in to replace song writer / keyboard player DAVID BERTOK, as well as DIRK BRAND replacing DANILO BATDORF on drums.Guest performances of KALLE WALLNER (RPWL, BLIND EGO) and MAREK ARNOLD (FLAMING ROW, SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR).

A mini tour in celebration of the album release will hit the following dates:

28.10. münchen, backstage
29.10. mannheim, 7er club
30.10. dortmund, blue notez
31.10. hamburg, rock café
01.11. frankfurt, nachtleben


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LEPROUS debut video clip for ‘The Price’ off new album!

Norwegian Progsters LEPROUS are set to release their newest studio album, ‘The Congregation’, on May 25th, 2015 in Europe and June 2nd, 2015 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

LEPROUS have recorded the drums, guitars and bass for the album in Sweden’s Fascination Street / Ghostward Studios with David Castillo (Katatonia, Opeth) and the vocals together with Heidi Solberg Tveitan & Vegard Tveitan at Mnemosyne Studios in Norway. Just like the preceding albums “Bilateral” and “Coal”, “The Congregation” was mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Symphony X, Kreator).

you can now check the dynamic video directed by David Solbjørg and Kjetil Kolbjørnsrud of Twitchy Films (who already worked with the band on their previous clips!) here.

LEPROUS have checked in with the following comment about the clip:

“The Price was the obvious choice for us to make a video of.  It’s straight to the point, technical, focused, catchy and shows a new side of LEPROUS. We’re very happy to be working with Twitchy Films also this time, and they’ve done a impeccable job creating an atmospheric and artistic video clip.”

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NORDIC GIANTS release short movie tosupport their album release

NORDIC GIANTS have unveiled the short film for ‘Rapture’, the lead track from the elusive duo’s debut album A Séance Of Dark Delusions released through Kscope on May 4th.

Nordic Giants have announced their UK headline tour for May 2015. The seven-date tour kicks off at Leeds’ Brudenell on May 3rd and finalises at The Lantern, Bristol on May 10th. Nordic Giants will play their headline London show at Village Underground on May 4th.

Filled with intrigue and excitement, a Nordic Giants live show is an awe-inspiring sonic and visual spectacle. Using complex digital mapping with original short films –incorporating delicate illustration and animation as well as immersive actor-led stories from highly acclaimed directors – Nordic Giants provide the stunning soundtrack to this emotive sensual experience.

Nordic Giants are touring in support of their debut album A Séance Of Dark Delusions –due for release on April 27th on Kscope which will provide the soundtrack to this otherworldly cinematic showcase.

Largely instrumental, A Séance Of Dark Delusions reflects the inspired musical experimentation and atmosphere of SigurRós, Mogwai, Björk and Pink Floyd. Nordic Giants bring a heavy orchestral brutality through progressive guitar, drum and brass, which are paired with beautiful and haunting electronics as they warp loops and end-of-the-world samples through creeping keys. Mixing dark and light with ambience and raw power, the dynamics of A Séance Of Dark Delusions mark the changing moods of the human spirit.

Nordic Giants have just finalised a lengthy European tour in support of Sólstafir and are also set to play a number of European festivals this year including La Ferme Festival, Out Of The Crowd Festival and Aloud Music Festival – the latter of which Nordic Giants headline.


03/05 – Brudenell, Leeds
04/05 – Village Underground, London
05/05 – Deaf Institute, Manchester
06/05 – Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow
08/05 – Contemporary, Nottingham
09/05 – Concorde 2, Brighton
10/05 – The Lantern, Bristol


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Video of Steve Hackett’s “Spectral Mornings” 2015 released

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The VIVALDIMETAL PROJECT is looking for an arranger


“The Vivaldi Metal Project is looking for an arranger, it can be YOU!

Would you like your arrangement performed by world-class musicians? Are you an arranger and do you like Metal and Classical/Baroque music? Do you like Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece “The Four Seasons” ? Do you like epic and majestic music? Let’s get started… It’s your chance to show your talent and skills and to be part of this great All-Metal-Stars project!”

More info on how to paticipate can be found here.

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RICK WAKEMAN on Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” featuring MISTHERIA


Rock keyboardist Rick Wakeman reappraises Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” – one of the most popular piece of classical music of all time but often denounced as muzak for the middle classes. Wakeman thinks the critics are wrong though, and believes that the Four Seasons was so far ahead of its time that it was actually the first ever concept album, making Vivaldi the world’s first rock superstar. But why did a piece written by a sickly 18th-century priest disappear into obscurity for more than 200 years after his death? Rick travels to Venice, a city with a reputation in the 18th century for debauchery. There he uncovers a tale of an almost rock ‘n’ roll-like scandal contributing to Vivaldi’s downfall.

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NEAL SCHON announces the release of Vortex on June 22


 Mascot Label Group’s Music Theories Recordings and Neal Schon have announced the release of Vortex on June 22.  The 2-CD all-instrumental album utilizes rock as its foundation, while also embracing elements of jazz, classical and world music in an 18-track stunning, sonically explosive collection of original compositions.  The release is dedicated to Schon’s best friend and wife, who serves as his true inspiration every day (Both “Lady M” and “Triumph of Love” were written for her, the latter of which he performed at their wedding on December 15, 2013).  Schon shares, “This is an evolutionary album for me.  I’ve always aspired to be a better player and push musical boundaries. And sure, I’ve sold 80-million records with Journey, and I’m proud of that, but this album is really me — all based on my guitar, which is my ‘voice.’ It’s bold. There’s love, and there’s definitely fire and an element of danger. And the energy level is off the hook.”

Schon produced and played bass on Vortex, too, and was joined in the studio by Smith and keyboardist Igor Len. Hammer and Len also appeared on Schon’s seventh solo album, The Calling, which was followed by the blues-inspired hard rock album So U.  He offers, “Igor and Jan complement each other, and me, beautifully.”  And Vortex’s “Eternal Love” is a testament to Len’s creativity. The song, a richly emotional ballad, features Len alone on piano. The guitarist observes, “He sat down and played the tune spontaneously, and it was so gorgeous and deep that I had to have it on my album.” Schon offers his own reflective solo performance on Vortex with the sparsely arranged acoustic guitar meditation “Mom,” dedicated to his mother, Barbara Schon. He reveals, “Like most of the performances on this album, it wasn’t premeditated.  I’d just pick up a guitar and tell my engineer Jesse Nichols to hit ProTools.”

Neal Schon – Vortex

More info

1. Miles Beyond
2. Awakening
3. Cuban Fly Zone
4. El Matador
5. Eternal Love
6. In A Cloud
7. Irish Cream
8. Lady M (Our Love Remains)
9. Airliner NS910

1. Tortured Souls
2. Schon & Hammer Now
3. NS Vortex
4. Unspoken Faith
5. Twilight † Spellbound
6. Triumph Of Love
7. Mom
8. Talk To Me
9. White Light

Click here for art
Releasedate: 22-06-2015


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Tim Burness new album

BurnessPicTim Burness returns with a new studio album, “Whose Dream Are You Living?”, which will be released in the summer.

A taster single, “Grass Is Greener” is now up on his Bandcamp page ( “The single is one of the proggier tracks, the album is more of a mix of styles”, said Tim.

As with Tim’s last two albums, the nucleus of the studio band consists of Monty Oxymoron (also keyboard player for punk legends The Damned), Fudge Smith (ex-Pendragon and ex-Steve Hackett), Keith Hastings on bass guitar, with Tim on guitar and vocals.

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KINGCROW “Eidos” artwork and track listing revealed

As Laser’s Edge division, Sensory Records, prepares to release Kingcrow’s sixth full-length studio recording, Eidos, the album’s cover artwork, track listing and additional details have been revealed.


Following the success of their In Crescendo album released through Sensory in February 2014, Rome, Italy-based progressive metal sextet, Kingcrow, returns with Eidos, a conceptual album about choices, consequences, dealing with regret and disillusion. As their Phlegethon album dealt with childhood, and In Crescendo about the end of youth, Eidos can be considered the third part of a trilogy about the path of life. Musically it sees the band exploring new territories and pushing the extremes of its complex soundscape with a darker atmosphere and a more progressive attitude.

Eidos was recorded at Sound Under Pressure in Rome, with the production handled by Diego Cafolla and Thundra Cafolla. Several guest appearances help create the album’s new atmospheres, including saxophone provided by Stefania Bentivoglio on the track, “Slow Down”, and piano by Fred Colombo of Spheric Universe Experience for the track, “The Deeper Divide”. Mixed by Giampiero Ulacco and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York, the stunning production of the album is matched by visionary artwork by Devilnax. With over an hour of new material, Eidos is the next logical progression in the evolution of Kingcrow, and will open the next doorway for whatever lies ahead.

Sensory Records, who also released Kingcrow’s In Crescendo album, will unveil Eidos worldwide on June 23. Music from the album and new tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks.


1. The Moth

2. Adrift

3. Slow Down

4. Open Sky

5. Fading Out Pt. IV

6. The Deeper Divide

7. On The Barren Ground

8. At The Same Pace

9. Eidos

10. If Only

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RICHARD THOMPSON announces new album “Still”

The renowned guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson will release Still, an album of new music produced by Jeff Tweedy, on June 29, 2015 via Proper Records.


Still will be available in several configurations including a twelve-track CD, a twelve-track double 180-gram vinyl album and a deluxe CD package that includes a five-song EP from a previously un-released session.

Still was recorded in a two-story rehearsal loft in Chicago over the course of just nine days with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy at the helm, backed by several longtime players from both Thompson’s and Tweedy’s bands. Thompson enlisted Tweedy’s production skills in an effort to shake up his own creative approach to making records. “It turned out be really good idea,” says Thompson. “Jeff is musically very sympathetic. Although some of his contributions are probably rather subtle to the listener’s ear, they were really interesting and his suggestions were always very pertinent.”

“I really tried to not have any preconceived ideas,” Thompson says of working with Tweedy, “but of course you do. I tried to shove those to the back of my mind. You don’t really know until you turn up — what the studio is like, what the gear is like. It ended up being a nice unfolding of surprises.”

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New HAPPY THE MAN music – crowd funding project

 A new progressive music project, Zeitgeist is a collaborative music endeavor featuring members of the progressive rock bands Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun, and the Pedal Giant Animals project. The recording project started out as an idea for a Happy The Man reunion CD, but evolved to include many other musicians so another Pedal Giant Animals project was born! The music will be produced in the studios of the respective artists and at Crafty Hands Studio using state of the art recording technologies as well as some old school hardware and techniques. This unique gathering of such great musicians promises to deliver a beautiful and exciting musical experience.

The Artists:
Frank Wyatt: Compositions, Keyboards, Engineering, Project Management
Stan Whitaker: Guitars and Vocals
Kit Watkins: Keyboards
Rick Kennell: Bass Guitar
Mike Beck: Percussion
Cliff Fortney: Vocals
Ron Riddle: Drums
David Rosenthal: Keyboards
Joe Bergamini: Drums
Bill Plummer: Keyboards
Bill Brasso: Drums
David Hughes: Bass Guitar
Chris Mack: Drums
Peter Princiotto: Orchestration, Bass Guitar, Sitar

Please visit the project Kickstarter page and the supporting website and pledge your support.

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GUY LEBLANC passed away at 54

As Camels states on their homepage, Guy LeBlanc passed away on Monday, April 27. LeBlanc has been diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and had to skip Camel’s tour due to medical treatment.

Canadian keyboard player LeBlanc was co-founder of the band Nathan Mahl and joined Camel in 2000.

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SILHOUETTE release new video for their single “In Solitary”

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BILLY SHERWOOD forms band CITIZEN and brings back WORLD TRADE

Former YES member Billy Sherwood announces a new, exciting band and concept album entitled “Citizen”.

The creator of the record is former YES member/producer Billy Sherwood, who is well known for gathering amazing musicians together to perform on his projects. For this record, he has his eyes on some of the best in the business, once again, to help bring his vision to life….

In Billy’s words, “Citizen is the story of a lost soul wandering through time and living through many lives during historic periods of time. A reincarnate, he finds himself as a conscript to the ancient Roman legionaries, fighting in the last battles and as a witness to the fall of the Empire. As a close friend discussing the myth of the flat earth with Galileo. As an apprentice to Oppenheimer, he questions the ethics of splitting the atom and it’s morality. As a messenger to the high command during WWI, racing through the trenches of Belgium and France. As a factory worker during the rise of the industrial age, merging man with machines. As a victim of the great depression with no options left….and more situations that place the “Citizen” in controversial, emotional and historic settings.

In related news, Billy has also reformed his original band WORLD TRADE along with all the original members Bruce Gowdy on guitar, Guy Allison on keyboards and Mark T. Williams on drums. A new album in a musical direction close to Toto’s most recent releases and Yes (90125/Big Generator era) will be unleashed after the release of “Citizen”.

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