YUKA & CHRONOSHIP To Release Third Album “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles”

 album art: Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary ChroniclesJapan – The new album by Japanese Prog Rock Band ensemble Yuka & Chronoship will be released on September 25, 2015 via distributor Cherry Red Records Ltd. in the U.K. Titled “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles”, this is marks the third album by the group and promises to take you on a celestial musical journey! The setting of the band’s new album is the Earth or the third planet from the Sun. “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles” is a grandiose concept album themed with scientific/technological revolutions in the human history. The CD booklet is designed by Hideji Oda, a Japanese manga artist associated with the Nouvelle manga movement, known for “Dispersion”, “Coo’s World”, and “Miyori’s Forest”.

Watch the album trailer

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THRESHOLD – ‘Watchtower On The Moon’ live video premieres at Prog Magazine

Threshold European JourneyBritish progressive metal protagonists THRESHOLD announced the release of their new live album »European Journey« recently and today the band is presenting the first track from the forthcoming release. Shot by fans across various venues in Europe, the video for ‘Watchtower On The Moon’ draws a perfect parallel with the new live album. Proudly premiered by Prog Magazine, the video can be seen here: https://prog.teamrock.com/news/2015-09-24/threshold-release-watchtower-video

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Kristoffer Gildenlöw crowdfunding campaign

Kristoffer Gildenlöw has starte a pledge project in order to crowd fund his sophomore solo album. You can preoder the album and merch, or simply support Kris here

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SUBSIGNAL unveil 7 minutes trailer of their new album the “beacons of somewhere sometime”

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VANDENPLAS release video for “Stone Roses Edge”

Vanden Plas have relaeased a video for “Stone Roses Edge”, a song from their forthcoming album “Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II”:

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SYNAESTHESIA quit with label and rename band

While currently on European tour with Spock’s Beard and Special Providence, Synaesthesia have split with their record label as a result of “creative differences” and announced that their delayed second album will be released independently. They also announced to change the band name to Kyros.

Kyros: “The band started life as a studio project between Adam Warne, Nikolas Jon and Giant Electric Pea. The band have parted ways with Giant Electric Pea due to ‘creative differences’ that surfaced during recording sessions. Since July, the band has been working towards an independent release.”

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ROEBERT SCHROEDER announces new album “Dream Access”

This year, the German EM artist Robert Schroeder is able to look back to now exactly 10 years of cooperation with the German Electronic label Spheric Music (Lambert Ringlage). With regard to that Robert tells: “After these 10 years I am especially very happy to made the decision to work with Lambert Ringlage in 2005. Spheric Music is small but perfectly formed. Thank you Lambert.”
So Robert released his new album Dream Access as now the 20th CD on Spheric Music and the 34th solo CD ever.

Cover art: Robert Schroeder - Dream AccessHere are Lambert’s personal impressions: “I like some titles very much, a true bath in sound and music, beautiful melodies fit to wonderful moods, some experimental, from which melody and sequences emerge again, beautiful tom fills, many atmospheres and lots of reverb. This time Robert has added some extraordinary sounds and exciting elements into his work, which let the beautiful long dream phases come into play wonderfully. A varying and well done album.”
Robert himself appreciates the sequencer work and the exquisite solos on his new CD. Robert: “My aim was: Revive the exploring and developing phase of Electronic Music. I guess by Dream Access I got some more closer to that aim. I like the sound and the atmosphere of EM from the 70s and 80s. But of course I still develop further (just listen to the several CDs).”

Track List:
1. Dream Access    5:47
2. SpacePort    8:36
3. Brain Drain    7:36
4. Imagination    4:08
5. Friction Of Time    10:11
6. Solar Streams    8:15
7. Time Axis    6:17
8. Floating In Dreams    6:50

date of release: October 3rd 2015

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New Video of FLYING COLORS Out Now

DPRP is proud to be selected as exclusive presenter of Flying Color‘s video of “Mask Machine: Live at the Z7″ of their upcoming blu ray production! It is a documentation of Flying Color’s concert at the Z7 club in Switzerland in 2014.

Steve Morse abut the track: “I really like Casey’s more aggressive vocal style in this song, and the lyrics are deep enough to appreciate on their own. It’s a fun song to play, and was a great way to end the show!” — Steve Morse

The video is available in all resolutions up to UHD (2160p):

Pre-order your (2CD+DVD, 2CD+Blu-ray or 3LP+MP3 w/bonus track) of “Second Flight: Live at the Z7″. The first 1,000 orders get a signed insert! [http://smarturl.it/FlyingColorsMLG]

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Generation Prog Festival starts sales of single day tickets

Generation Prog Festival Logo

Nürnberg – Generation Prog Festival has started sales of single day tickets. Hotel package deals are also available for single days, but the contingent is limited, so you better order tickets soon here.

Friday November 20:
The Aristocrats (USA/UK)
Panzerballett (DE/AT)
Alessandro Bertoni Keystone Quartet (USA/UK/NL/DE)
Counter-World Experience (DE)

Saturday November 21:
Leprous (NOR)
Subsignal (DE)
Circle of Illusion (AT)
Disperse (PL)

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Stefan Renström died last week

Stefan Renström, guitarist of The Samurai of Prog and Simon Says,has died this week.
Steve Unruh submitted the following message:

“Speaking on behalf of The Samurai of Prog:

Yes, sadly it is true,

Stefan unexpectedly died this week. We (Samurai of Prog) are in shock. Stefan was the primary architect for the arrangements on a huge portion of our upcoming double album, and also principal keyboardist on those songs. As you know, we work with lots of fantastic and talented people, but some rise to a whole other level. Stefan was one of those. Just as Robert Webb was our unofficial 4th member for Imperial Hotel (and thus without Robert it’s impossible to imagine that album), Stefan was our unofficial 4th member for the new album (“Lost and Found”). It would be impossible to overstate his influence and efforts. Stefan completed his work for “Lost and Found” a few weeks ago, but we planned to work with him more in the future (and he had already written an original tune for the *next* TSoP album after Lost and Found). This sudden loss is painful, and also frustrating, because he was such a supreme talent and asset to our musical endeavors. We will miss him terribly.”

-Steve Unruh

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AndersonPonty Band: Live Video of “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”

So the first song that is publihed by this combo is one of Yes’ most hated songs, huh? Well, get over it and give it a try, it actually has good moments and gives us an insght of what we’re  going to hear on their new CD “Better Late Than Never”, out on 25th September!

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DEEP IMAGINATION – New single out in November

cover: Deep Imagination - Dancing With GhostsThe new single “Dancing With Ghosts” by DEEP IMAGINATION will be released on 06. November 2015 and will include three new songs.



Whatch trailer for “Dancing With Ghosts”:

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FRACTAL MIRROR ask fans if crowdfunding would be appropriate to finish their new album

“We are currently busy working on finishing our 3rd album Slow Burn 1. We will be in the studio with Brett Kull again from 22nd of September to the 27th of September. After that the album will be almost finished. We would really like to reach as many people as possible with this album so we want to make it the best album we can possibly make at this time. Making an album (and certainly making three albums in three years) not only costs a lot of time and energy but also a lot of money. Up till now we have financed the making of our albums ourselves but for this one we are thinking of doing a crowdfunding campaign where people will be able to support us financially and in return get the album and some nice extras. Now we are asking you two things;
1. Would you be willing to support us when we would start a crowdfunding campaign?
2. What sort of items would you like to see on offer?

Please let us know what you think! We are also trying to reach out to as many people as possible so please let all your friends know about it!! We really do need your help to be able to continue making the music we’d like to make. There are 618 Fractal Mirror friends on Facebook so please spread the word and remember. PS: Slow Burn 2 has been largely written already!
Send an e-mail at fractalmirror@gmail.com to respond, to learn about the crowdfunding and to keep informed. Please share with your Facebook friends. Thank you very much, we appreciate it!”

Fractal Mirror Album Cover "Slow Burn 1"

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MIKE OLDFIELD’s “The Space Movie” Original Soundtrack To Be Released On CD For The First Time!

London, UK – GONZO Multimedia will be releasing a newly restored and (finally) complete edition of Mike Oldfield and Tony Palmer’s “The Space Movie.” For the very first time the original soundtrack featuring all the talk-back between the astronauts and ground control, as well as orchestral versions of music by Mike Oldfield will be released on CD!

This classic film was originally commissioned by London Weekend Television and Virgin Films in 1979 to mark the 10th Anniversary of the first landing on the moon, July 21st 1969. A recent discovery of a print in mint condition has enabled us to issue the film in a sparkling new (and complete!) edition.

Producer Tony Palmer explains, “The invitation to make the film came out of the clear blue sky from NASA in January 1978. I was invited to Washington and shown the mountain of film NASA had collected from the very beginnings with John Glenn, the first astronaut to orbit the earth in February 1962, until Apollo 17 December 1972. Use whatever I wanted, I was told, plus all the talk-back between ground control in Houston and the various space missions. NASA’s extraordinary and spectacular images made me realize I had access to a treasure house beyond imagination.

“From the beginning, I wanted Mike Oldfield to write the music, and the soundtrack which emerged – a combination of hitherto unreleased recordings including the orchestral versions of Oldfield’s early masterpieces, ‘Tubular Bells’ and ‘Hergest Ridge’ – is remarkable, perfect in every way; evocative, powerful, an inspiring match for the images. And I’m sure it is that, plus of course the astonishing NASA footage and the sound of the astronauts chatting away in space. Virgin Films may have long gone, but together these elements made and make the film what it is – something rather special.”

At a Gala Screening in the Egyptian Cinema in Hollywood in 2008, the film was introduced by Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk upon the moon. He said: “It gives me enormous pleasure, and a thrill, to be able to introduce Tony Palmer’s remarkable film about our space adventures. I say remarkable because at the time it was made, 1978/9, very little of the footage you are about to see had ever been seen in public, images which are now so familiar as to be truly iconic. But it was Tony who used them first, and we are very pleased that he did, even if he did construct the longest take-off in history! I still get a chill hearing some of the talk-back which, like the footage, NASA had provided for Tony to use. When the rocket takes off, boy is that a roller-coaster ride, bumpy as hell. So when you hear my voice saying ‘little bit of shaking there’, you’ll know what I mean! So thank you Tony for what you did.”

The distinguished film critic Alexander Walker said after the first screenings: “The best British film screened at Cannes (in 1980) was Mike Oldfield and Tony Palmer’s ‘The Space Movie’, with unique footage from NASA and music by Mike Oldfield. Palmer’s film combines both in a wonderful, at times profoundly moving, tribute to the astronauts from Cape Kennedy. The film includes one of the finest space launches ever collated, with footage that is unbelievably spectacular. Full marks to director Tony Palmer. The result is breathtaking, beautiful and brilliant.”

This version comes complete with Director’s Cut BONUS DVD of the movie.

For more information:


Release Date: 16th October 2015

An exclusive screening of the 80-minute restored version of “The Space Movie” will be held at Cinema 2 at The Barbican in London on Sunday 15th November at 6 pm. http://www.barbican.org.uk/film/new-cinemas

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Progdreams Festival V Announces Line-Up

Progdreams 2016 Line-Up

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