SILHOUETTE release new video for their single “In Solitary”

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BILLY SHERWOOD forms band CITIZEN and brings back WORLD TRADE

Former YES member Billy Sherwood announces a new, exciting band and concept album entitled “Citizen”.

The creator of the record is former YES member/producer Billy Sherwood, who is well known for gathering amazing musicians together to perform on his projects. For this record, he has his eyes on some of the best in the business, once again, to help bring his vision to life….

In Billy’s words, “Citizen is the story of a lost soul wandering through time and living through many lives during historic periods of time. A reincarnate, he finds himself as a conscript to the ancient Roman legionaries, fighting in the last battles and as a witness to the fall of the Empire. As a close friend discussing the myth of the flat earth with Galileo. As an apprentice to Oppenheimer, he questions the ethics of splitting the atom and it’s morality. As a messenger to the high command during WWI, racing through the trenches of Belgium and France. As a factory worker during the rise of the industrial age, merging man with machines. As a victim of the great depression with no options left….and more situations that place the “Citizen” in controversial, emotional and historic settings.

In related news, Billy has also reformed his original band WORLD TRADE along with all the original members Bruce Gowdy on guitar, Guy Allison on keyboards and Mark T. Williams on drums. A new album in a musical direction close to Toto’s most recent releases and Yes (90125/Big Generator era) will be unleashed after the release of “Citizen”.

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UK Alt-Rock Prog Group THE DREAMING TREE To Release Fourth Album “Silverfade” on May 4, 2015

The Dreaming Tree Silverfade Cover Hi Res med resLondon, UK – The Dreaming Tree, a UK based alt-rock group with progressive leanings, announce the May 4th release of their anticipated new album “Silverfade”, via their own Bombsite Productions label. “Silverfade” is the band’s first new release since 2010’s “Progress Has No Patience”, and takes the progressive leanings of that effort and marries it to a more aggressive edge, whilst retaining the diversity of the band’s earlier recordings. “Silverfade” is The Dreaming Tree’s fourth album release, and first to be supported with worldwide distribution. This new album has 14 tracks of genre-hopping music, including the live favourite “Zero To Type One”. The Dreaming Tree will be undertaking a substantial touring cycle in support of the album.
Says drummer Neil Ablard, “The album’s songs were written over a period of months, with each song being treated as a separate entity. It’s only when we came to look at the finished body of work that we realised that the album’s lyrical themes seemed to be associated with beginnings and ends. Beginnings and ends of the small, personal microscopic things, like relationships, through to the beginnings and ends of race and species, up to the beginning and end of the universe.”
Track Listing:
11. SONG IN 7
The Dreaming Tree 2015 Hi Res Colour med res


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Cain’s Offering – “Stormcrow (Official Audio)” goes public

‘Stormcrow’ is taken from ‘Stormcrow’, the new album from Cain’s Offering. Pre-order ‘Stormcrow’ at iTunes to get ‘Stormcrow’ & ‘I Will Build You a Rome’ INSTANTLY:

iTunes –

Amazon –

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Superstar Vocalists From Both Sides Of The Pond Come Together For A Special Tribute To The Beatles!

Featuring performances by Heart’s Ann Wilson, Todd Rundgren, Asia’s John Wetton, Judy Collins, Jack Bruce, David Clayton Thomas and more!

BeatlesTributeLos Angeles, CA – An all-star gathering of musical luminaries bring their warmest performances to a brand new tribute album featuring 16 acoustic renditions of the best song’s by The Beatles! Keep Calm And Salute The Beatles offers heartfelt and inviting contributions by artists such as famed Heart vocalist Ann Wilson, who leads an elegant and meditative take on “Across The Universe,” while fellow Brit John Wetton belts out a passionate and playful version of “Penny Lane.” Another of the album’s highlights is a devastating interpretation of the mournful ballad “Eleanor Rigby” recorded by legendary Cream vocalist Jack Bruce just prior to his passing in late 2014. It was Bruce’s last recorded performance and a testament to the man’s prodigious talent and sincere passion for music. Other incredible performers include legendary Todd Rundgren, singer/songwriter Andrew Gold, Martha Davis of The Motels, ‘80s icon Howard Jones, Stephen Bishop and so many more. The entire project was overseen by producer extraordinaire Billy Sherwood (Yes), and will be made available to the public on April 28. Any Beatles fan worth their salt won’t want to miss it!

1. Across The Universe – Ann Wilson
2. Penny Lane – John Wetton
3. Eleanor Rigby – Jack Bruce
4. Blackbird – Liz Madden
5. Norwegian Wood – Andrew Gold
6. Hide Your Love Away – Todd Rundgren
7. All You Need Is Love – Helen Reddy
8. I’ll Follow The Sun – Judy Collins
9. And I Love Her – Howard Jones
10. Ticket To Ride – Felix Cavaliere
11. Let It Be – KC
12. Yesterday – David Clayton Thomas
13. Nowhere Man – Martha Davis
14. All I’ve Got To Do – Stephen Bishop
15. Something – Billy Sherwood
16. Hey Jude – Leo Sayer

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AYREON announces “The Theater Equation”

Nearly 6000 Ayreon fans from 49 different countries will flock to Rotterdam (NL) this September to witness the once-in-a-lifetime theater production The Theater Equation based on Ayreon’s The Human Equation. The album’s original vocalists James LaBrie, Devon Graves, Heather Findlay, Eric Clayton, Marcela Bovio, Magnus Ekwall and Irene Jansen will reprise their roles on September 18, 19 and 20 at the new Luxor theater in Rotterdam. Rounding out the cast are Ayreon veterans Wudstik, Anneke van Giersbergen and Mike Mills.
For years, fans of Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s rock operas have begged for a live performance. The creative team of Shadow Freaks, a theater production company lead by Lucassen’s former manager Yvette Boertje, now answers that call by staging a fan favorite; The Human Equation.
The Human Equation tells the story of comatose man who battles his emotions that have come to life in a frightening and bizarre world: his own mind. After a 20-day emotional rollercoaster ride filled with good and bad memories, shocking revelations and hope-filled desires, the man has to make a decision: wake up or die?
The band features some of Lucassen’s finest guest musicians: Ed Warby, Johan van Stratum, Jeroen Goossens, Ben Mathot and Maaike Peterse. Joost van den Broek is music director and arranger for the band that also features Marcel Coenen, Freek Gielen, Erik van Ittersum and Ruben Wijga. The Epic Rock Choir, assembled especially for this show, will bring an extra dimension to this production as a finishing touch.
The Theater Equation‘s spectacular cast, band, stage design and costumes promise to turn this production into the prog event of 2015! The first three shows sold out so fast, that a fourth (and final) show was added. Tickets for this show are available now via 


18 September (SOLD OUT)
Showtime: 20.00hrs
Showtime: 15.00hrs
19 September (SOLD OUT)
Showtime: 20.00hrs
20 September (SOLD OUT)
Showtime: 15.00hrs
James LaBrie as ‘Me’
Devon Graves as ‘Agony’
Heather Findlay as ‘Love’
Eric Clayton as ‘Reason’
Magnus Ekwall as ‘Pride’,
Marcela Bovio as ‘Wife’
Irene Jansen as ‘Passion’
Anneke van Giersbergen as ‘Fear’,
Jermain van der Bogt (Wudstik) as ‘Best Friend’
Mike Mills as ‘Rage/Father’
Nienke Verboom as ‘Nurse’
Peter Moltmaker as ‘Doctor’
Anita van der Hoeven as ‘Mom’
Ed Warby: Drums
Jeroen Goossens: Flutes and woodwinds
Johan van Stratum: Bass
Maaike Peterse: Cello
Ben Mathot: Violin
Marcel Coenen: Guitars
Freek Gielen: Guitars
Erik van Ittersum: Keyboards/synths
Ruben Wijga: Keyboards/synths
Epic Rock Choir
Shadow Freaks b.v.
Yvette Boertje: Producer/Director
Arlette van Ravenswaaij: Executive Producer
Laura ten Hoedt: General Manager/Vocal Director
Joost van den Broek: Music Director
Arjen Anthony Lucassen: Special Advisor to Shadow Freaks b.v.


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SHINING sign to Spinefarm Records and plan new studio album for 2015

SHINING have joined forces with Spinefarm Records for a worldwide deal that will see a new studio album released later this year supported by international touring, plus a number of high-profile festival appearances (in France, Belgium, Norway & Holland), with more dates to be added.


The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist & songwriter Jørgen Munkeby, Norwegian collective Shining – fresh from a European tour guesting with Devin Townsend – have been breaking down musical barriers for the past 15 years, mixing progressive, technical metal, jazz, avant-garde and experimental sounds with cutting-edge visuals and blazing live performances. Along the way, Munkeby (skilled saxophonist & guitarist, a graduate of the Norwegian Academy of Music) has released a number of Shining albums, collected awards, toured with the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan & Arch Enemy, and effectively forged a whole new musical genre

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ODIN’s COURT Release New Music Video in Support of Their Latest Album “Turtles All the Way Down”

Baltimore, MD – USA based progressive rock and metal band Odin’s Court’s released their 5th full length album Turtles All the Way Down on March 3, 2015, and it has been well received by the press and fans alike. The album deals with ideas and questions relating to the entire universe and mankind’s place in it, using the idiom “Turtles All the Way Down” to describe the challenge of having to solve a new problem every time an old problem is solved.

Check out the newest video single from the album “And the Answer Is…”:


Band leader Matt Brookins comments: “The latest single ‘And the Answer Is…’ deals with the internal thought process people go through as they try to figure out their place in the universe. Attempts at handling the vast scope are a big part of this, because infinity is a concept the human mind has a hard time grasping. Sometimes we think we have things figured out, then we dig deeper and our thought process spirals out of control leaving us as confused as ever. In my specific case, I remember a ‘lazy Sunday’ as a teenager laying on the floor in the sunshine. I fell asleep, but it was that special kind of ‘asleep while awake’ state, where you are conscious and controlling your thoughts…trying to maintain the balance of being aware so you don’t wake yourself up, but also continuing to crunch data in that serene state. I remember thinking ‘that’s it! I’ve figured it out!” only to wake up, and promptly lose everything. I was aware enough while asleep to remember, when I woke, that I was thinking about the meaning of it all and had figured it out – but somewhere between the lucidity of dreaming and waking, I lost the actual answer.”

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ANURYZM Return with New Album “All Is Not For All” and Lead Single “Humanoid”

 “Humanoid” is the first single to be released from “All Is Not For All,” it’s the perfect introduction to the new album combining technical guitar riffs with vacillating harmonious and powerful vocals. The track glides effortlessly through euphonious and symphonic synth and acoustic sections while at times incorporating traces of Eastern and Jazz like arrangements. “Humanoid” has been released as a Digital Single and is available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Tidal, Bandcamp, Xbox Music and more.According to the band “Humanoid is a Sci-Fi epic about being watched by intelligent ETs. They recognize that humans are a flawed and doomed species. They question whether they started us off on the right path to technological awakening or whether it was a mistake to give away knowledge.”

All Is Not For All follows their critically acclaimed debut album Worm’s Eye View” released in 2011. The new album is an uncompromising collection of carefully calculated songs with an esoteric approach to the instrumentation, and masterful compositions on this release. “All Is Not For All” effortlessly melds elements of progressive metal with power, death, and even thrash metal to solidify their own unique sound.

If you listen closely you may even hear elements and an underlying familiarity of bands that have influenced Anuryzm  …….over the years, touches of Opeth, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and even Queensrÿche make for an incredibly compelling listen.

Additionally, the band have raised an army of venerable musicians from the music world to take up arms on the new album, with guest collaborations from the likes of; Michael Lepond (Symphony X), Uri Dijk (Textures & Ethereal), Charlie Zeleny (Whiplash), and interestingly, Christopher Chaplin (the youngest son of the late icon Charlie Chaplin) who plays Cello on Oceans Apart.

According to the band, thematically, “The album’s songs span a variety of topics including humbleness, nanotechnology, illness, astral projection, extraterrestrial encounters, love, longing and remorse, third culture upbringing, displacement and Japanese warrior code (Bushido) to name a few.”

Track Listing:
Full Agonist
The Challenger
Oceans Apart
All Is Not for All

Release Date: 

June 15, 2015

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KINGCROW to release their 6th album “Eidos” June 23

Rome, Italy’s progressive metal masters, KINGCROW, have wrapped up the final touches on the band’s valiant sixth album, Eidos, and is preparing to release it through Sensory Records this June.

Following the success of their In Crescendo album released through Sensory in February Kingcrow20152014, KINGCROW returns this year witih Eidos, a new conceptual album about choices, consequences, dealing with regret and disillusion. After their album, Phlegethon, dealt with childhood, and In Crescendo about the end of youth, Eidos can be considered the third part of a trilogy about the path of life. Musically it sees the band exploring new territories and pushing the extremes of its complex soundscape with a darker atmosphere and a more progressive attitude. With over an hour of new material, Eidos is the next logical progression in the evolution of KINGCROW, and will open the next doorway for what lies in wait for them next.

Also responsible for the release of KINGCROW’s In Crescendo album, Sensory Records – the metal subdivision of progressive music collective, The Laser’s Edge – will unveil Eidos worldwide on June 23rd. Additional album details and audio samples will be released in the very near future.


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SOEN joins 2015 line-up of ProgPower Europe


After Soen’s successful Europe tour, seeing their international crowd of regulars swarming out to the gigs and posting raving comments on the shows, the organisation of the world’s most renowned prog metal festival proudly confirms the bands participation:

“Swedish band Soen plays a mix of different styles, that is best described as melodic, heavy & complex. Formed around drummer Martin Lopez (Opeth / Amon Amarth ) the band is gathering a  growing following. Their recent tour did see a number of sold out performances, proof of the fact that Soen is becoming a better known name in the progmetal genre

Soen’s last release Tellurian got many positive reviews:

“Tellurian is an incredible album, with a couple of dynamic songs. It has a great dynamic arc, where each song leads perfectly into the next. It offers a wonderful variety of styles, blended together seamlessly. All the bands and musicians I mentioned should be seen as a reference, needed to describe the music only. This album is unique from the first to the very last note. It should not be missing in any prog metal collection.”  –

“I am struck over and over by the mastery of the melody and feel that Soen has. These moments of piercing beauty combined with the epic writing, the powerful performances and the next level of heaviness is sprinkled across the record makes Tellurian special. Soen has stepped through Tool‘s shadow and come out the other side—and the light is revealing.” –

” Tellurian took me by complete surprise. Initially going into it, I had not expected myself to enjoy this as much I had. For fans of progressive metal, Tellurian is a must have and must listen this year. Soen are heading in a great direction with their second album, and it excites me to see what the future holds for this band.”

It is because of this that the ProgPower Europe crew takes pride in adding Soen to their 2015 line-up.


Earlier the following 12 bands were announced:

  • Armed Cloud (Netherlands)
    Hailing from the south of the Netherlands, Armed Cloud played a steady stream of live performances, with an album on the way later this year, a promising Saturday’s opener for this year’s ProgPower Europe.
  • Caligula’s Horse (Australia) 
    The Tide, the Thief & River’s End, the album Caligula’s Horse released on October 4th,2013 gained a lot of attention. In fact more than a few webzines mentioned it as one of the albums of that year. Metal Observer: “Uniquely alive and consistently inviting, CALIGULA’S HORSE are not unlike any great ruler: adherent to the people, brilliant in delivery, tender yet domineering, and then entirely worthy of your devotion.”
  • EXXASENS (Spain)
    Post-rock from Spain, that’s what EXXASENS is described as. Their last album promises a band that is capable of a dynamic, melodic live set that can take it’s listeners on a journey into outer space.
  • Obsidian Kingdom (Spain)
    This Spanish five some creates a hard to classify type of metal, Burning Fist wrote: “An expansive mix of complex progressive post-metal interspersed occasionally with icily precise blasting black metal, they were a hypnotic experience that was all the more impressive in capturing the attention in that environment.”
  • Schizoid Lloyd (Netherlands)
    One of the surprises of ProgPower Europe 2011, Schizoid Lloyd returns to the festival in 2015. In 2014 the band released their first full length album: The Last Note In God’s Magnum Opus. An album recorded by a uniquely-minded and talented band.
  • Abnormal Thought Patterns (USA) 
    an instrumental metal band from the USA, formed by Jasun and Troy Tipton(Zero Hour, Cynthesis) who have more than earned there merits in Progressive Metal
  • Leprous (Norway)
    one of the most surprising and refreshing newcomers in the metal genre a few years ago, have now proven that they have matured into one of the top bands in the genre.
  • Myrath (Tunisia)
    return to the ProgPower Europe stage with their oriental style of Prog Metal.
  • Pagan’s Mind (Norway)
    a splendid live band, do not need much of an introduction, due to personal circumstances the band had to cancel 2014, but are eager to play at 2015’s edition.
  • Serdce (Belarus)
    is the first band from Belarus on the ProgPower stage, playing Progressive Death Metal
  • Until Rain (Greece)
    impressed people on their last European tour together with Andromeda, in October 2015 they will be on the ProgPower stage.

ProgPower Europe sees people from over 20 different nationalities travel to Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands each year. A travel made easy because of Baarlo’s location in between the airports of Dusseldorf, Weeze and Eindhoven, a stay made pleasant by meeting fellow visitors at Castle The Berckt. Even though there is still 1 band to be announced the 13 bands in the line-up so far should spark the interest of many prog metal fans.Popular bands to deliver what they are famous for, new and lesser known bands to showcase what is up and coming In the progressive metal scene

Tickets can be bought at:
Stay at Castle The Berckt can be booked at:

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YUKA & CHRONOSHIP’s 2nd crowdfunding campaign for 3rd album

Japanese prog icons Yuka & Chronoship have started a campaign at Japanese service “MotionGallery” already and it appears to run quite successfuly.
However, “we have a lot of feedback from overseas fan that find it difficult to participate” says Mitsuko Inada, so the band decided to run another pledge at Indiegogo to make it easy for European and American fans to help.

To support the production of the well-received Japanes proggers, pledge here:


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KRISTOPHER GILDENLÖW goes wild with Baby Elephant Song!

Multi-instrumental, Kristoffer Gildenlöw, presents his new single, Pass The Torch, a song written for the #BabyElephantSong event. Gildenlöw is best known for his eleven year career as bass guitarist for world-renowned Swedish band, Pain of Salvation. Inspiration to write a song on behalf of baby elephants came after being touched by a video he had seen from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), located in Kenya. DSWT is a non-profit organization with a mission to save orphaned elephants and rhinos whose parents have been killed by poachers and trophy hunters.

In Gildenlöw’s first reaction to the video, he admits, ‘what I’d LOVE to do, is get on the next flight down there, play Tarzan and chase the poachers away and then cuddle with these beautiful animals until they feel good enough to reclaim their life in the wild.’   Fueled with passion, Gidenlöw called on musician friends who added their unique talents to the mix of this sensational song. Alongside many notable Dutch talents, there were guest musicians from Sweden and the UK. The total line up is impressive: Kristoffer Gildenlöw-Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Bass Guitar, Vocals; Guest musicians: Collin Leijenaar (Dilemma / Neal Morse)–drums; Maaike Peterse (Kingfisher Sky / Kovacs)–Cello; Anne Bakker–Musical Saw; Victoria Rule–Trumpet; Rupert Whitehead–Trombone; Ray Hearne (HAKEN)–Tuba; Stephanie Tepper-Flute and Piccolo. Guest Vocalists: Johan Hallgren (ex. Pain of Salvation); Taloch Tony Jameson (The Dolmen); Maria Catharina (Aniday/Epic Rock Choir); Youth Choir: students of Wateringse Veld College, The Hague. Pass The Torch will not be on his next album, but will be an exclusive song for this project only. Gidenlöw will donate all profits from Pass The Torch to DSWT.

How can you help? A minimum fostering fee for an elephant at DSWT is €42, but this very special song created by Gildenlöw allows people to donate as little as €1. With each donation, Pass The Torch will be available for download; €5 donations also receive Africa Bush Creatures Safari Facts From A-Z, an animal book donated by local author; K. J. Keller. Gildenlöw’s original fund raising event took place in December-2014, and the end result was a donation to DSWT for nearly €3,000. It should be noted that a substantial amount of awareness and money was obtained by International Baccalaureate English Students of Wateringse Veld College, The Hague; within the timeframe of four weeks, the students had collected over €1,100. Gildenlöw’s vision for the song included young voices for the choir, so these hard working students were also recorded for the song.

Now that supporters of the original fund-raising event have their pre-release copy of Pass The Torch, it can be shared worldwide, beginning here in the Netherlands, home to Kristoffer Gildenlöw and several guest musicians.

Get your copy of Pass The Torch and help DSWT via PayPal:

For credit cards use donation button on:

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Spectral Mornings – Charity Single by Rob Reed – features Steve Hackett, David Longdon, Rob Reed, Nick Beggs, Tina Booth and more

Esoteric Antenna announce a special charity EP of a newly recorded “song” version of Steve Hackett’s much loved track “Spectral Mornings” – Release date is 27th April and the record will be available both as a physical EP and download.



The project was the brainchild of ROB REED (of Magenta & Kompendium) who explains; “I’ve always loved the piece Spectral Mornings by Steve Hackett, (the classic instrumental from his 1979 album of the same name). It had a great guitar melody and thought it would be amazing to re-record with the addition of some lyrics. I contacted David Longdon from Big Big Train who I wanted to sing it.  David wrote the lyrics and we did a demo, which sounded fantastic.

Here’s the link for preorder for the physical EP.  

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New Mandala Album “Midnight Twilight”

Mandala’s debut album, ‘Midnight Twilight’, is an exhilarating combination of western and eastern folk music, mixed with heavier forms of progressive rock, all wrapped in an early-seventies glow.

Mandala was formed in London in 1997, by Rhys Marsh (voice, guitar), Francis Booth (bass) and Will Spurling (drums). After playing hundreds of concerts across Europe and North America, though never recording an album, they disbanded in 2006.

Now, they’re back together and are ready to present their debut album, featuring songs written during their first time around, between 1997—2005, and recorded in 2014. The main tracks were recorded live in the studio, in Autumnsongs Recording Studio in Norway, with overdubs being added both there and in London.

As soon as you push the play button, the blistering energy explodes from the speakers. This is what they were known and loved for, and this is exactly what they captured on tape. It’s not often that a debut album could’ve been a greatest hits album, but having played these songs to hundreds of audiences, this is what ‘Midnight Twilight’ is set to become to those who’ve followed the band since its inception.

This album has been eighteen years in the making.

Midnight Twilight is released through Autumnsongs Records on
4th May (UK via Burning Shed & Europe), 5th May (North America & R.O.W.),

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