New progressive power metal project THE CHRONICLES PROJECT

The Cronicles ProjectTHE CHRONICLES PROJECT was initiated by mastermind Malte Rathke (former keyboardist of J.R.Blackmore) in June 2011. Malte decided to started a YouTube collaboration where he invited musicians from all over the world to work together on the basis of his ideas. After getting tremendous positive feedback on the material and after realizing that the whole thing began to exceed the expectations of everyone, the bar was raised and the former YouTube collaboration turned into a real studio project … with clear intentions and plans for a multiple albums spanning concept. Over the following years, with a lot of efforts and all the skills of the involved, the songs were arranged, refined and recorded to obtain a maximum and best possible result. In July 2015 the album was handed to talented Simone Mularoni at Domination Studios for mixing and mastering and to create a great sound experience.

With “When Darkness Falls”, THE CHRONICLES PROJECT lays down the first milestone of an epic multipart tale out of another world. The story in brief: “The immortal soul gatherers Twilight, Nightfall and Sirelius came to Earth to collect the souls of the deceased and deliver them to the sleeping god Isaari. But an ancient pact and the murder of the mortal Mary threaten not only their mission, but also the equilibrium of forces and therefore the existence of mankind.”

Malte Rathke merged the different characters of the story brilliantly into a large whole, musically and lyrically implemented in an impressive manner. With the participation of an illustrious family of well-known singers like Andi Kravljaca (Nergard, Thaurorod, Aeon Zen, Temet Nosce, ex-Silent Call), Dave Esser (Dave Esser, Schattenspieler), Rob Lundgren (Powerdrive, Scientic), Vasilis Georgiou (Black Fate, SunBurst, Innosense) and Patricia Romera Holgado, plus a sensational acting instrumental section, consisting of Ivan Ravaioli (Lead and rhythm guitars), Martino Garattoni (Bass) and Sam Tickner (drums), a unique concept album has arisen that will cause a sensation in the world of metal and will leave a lasting and sustainable impression at each listener.

When Darkness Falls
Genre: Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal
Release Date: December 11, 2015
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream

01. Prologue: Our Souls
02. Forever
03. Void Of The Damned
04. The Last Embrace
05. A Dangerous Journey
06. Into Infinity
07. Interlude I: The Confession
08. When Darkness Falls
09. Believe
10. My Revolution
11. Interlude II: Release Me
12. The Dark Symphony
13. Promised Lands
14. Until You’re Mine
15. Conclusion: Still Alive
16. Chronicles Of A Strange Mind (CD Bonus)

You can preview the track “Forever” and pre-order the album at

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Italian post-prog-psychedelic-experimental rock trio STEARICA to tour Europe in October-November

Post-prog-psychedelic-experimental rock outfit STEARICA from Turin, Italy embark on a European tour in October-November in support of their acclaimed second album, “Fertile” – feat. Colin Stetson, Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys) and Ryan Patterson (Coliseum) – which was released worldwide in April on Monotreme Records.

The trio has been busy sharpening their live performance at various gigs and top festivals across their native country this summer, after a short UK tour last spring.

In addition to shows in Belgium, Germany and Italy, the band will return to Spain for a few dates including  AMFest in Barcelona with And So I Watch You From Afar and Maserati.  Their previous visit to Spain included a slot at the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona in 2011, where they arrived in the midst of the Indignants Protests,  an event which, together  with the Arab Spring uprisings, conceptually inspired their latest album, “Fertile”.

STEARICA have recently been back in studio working on fresh material for a new release which should see the light in the coming months.

STEARICA tour dates:

24/10 Gent (BE) @ Achterban
25/10  Liège (BE) @ Cercle du Laveu
26/10  Darmstadt (DE) @ Oetinger Villa
27/10  Bruxelles (BE) @ Concert Pour Ici
29/10  Berlin (DE) @ Urban Spree
30/10  Chemnitz (DE) @ Club Atomino
04/11  Madrid (ES) @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
05/11  Tolosa (ES) @ Bonberenea
06/11  Barcelona (ES) @ La 2 – AMFest w. And So I Watch You From Afar, Maserati, El Ten Eleven
27/11  Roma (IT) @Init

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YES begin preparations for their 2016 UK-European Tour

Yes - Logo

YES have just finished a successful tour in North America with rock legends TOTO, and Billy Sherwood doing an amazing job taking over for Chris. YES are now planning a massive 25 date tour across the UK and Europe. YES, for the first time in their history, will perform 1971’s ‘Fragile’ and 1980’s ‘Drama’.

“This is the first time we’ll be performing ‘Drama’ in its entirety. And most of the songs haven’t been performed in some 30 years,” stated Steve Howe.

Yes 2015

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DRIFTING SUN release new single “Alice”

Drifting Sun - Alice

Drifting Sun have just released the new single “Alice” from their upcoming album.
The three-track “EP” can be streamed and purchased at Bandcamp.

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BILLY SHERWOOD releases single and video “No Man’s Land”

Billy Sherwood has unveiled the first single and music video, “No Man’s Land,” from his album, CITIZEN via Frontiers Music Srl’s Facebook page as well as his own. It can be viewed at this link: The video and the song, which features Deep Purple/Dixie Dregs/Kansas guitarist Steve Morse are about a World War I runner, someone who runs from trench to trench where his fellow soldiers are fighting, to pass messages from their leaders—the generals who are giving orders from behind friendly lines.

In “No Man’s Land,” the Runner sees his buddies die, and, as the video progresses, seems to be walking more and more in a daze. Billy says, “You get the idea that he’s the only guy who walked away from the battle.”

Billy used three distinct sources for footage in “No Man’s Land”: 1) archival footage from World War I, 2) a cameraman taping him up-close and facing front in a brightly-lit room, 3) modern day footage of a tall and powerful looking young man being the runner. “That is David Hussey,” explains Billy. “He’s in the prog band XNA which I produced/recorded. We shot the footage in the desert behind my house.”

The video is directed by Devin DeHaven, and it reflects on war—the losses, pain, and darkness.

Billy Sherwood created CITIZEN, a concept album based on a lost soul that is reincarnated into various periods of history. “I was inspired by the notion that General Patton believed he was reincarnated on various battlefields through time; I wanted to take that concept even further.” As the songwriter/producer, Billy placed the citizen character into significant moments of history.


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New KARDA ESTRA single free to download

Karda Estra have released their new track “Yondo” for free on Bandcamp for a limited time.

Karda Estra: “This slice of cosmic horror is inspired by the weird science fiction story ‘The Abominations Of Yondo’ by  Clark Ashton Smith.”

The song can be downloaded here.

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GALAHAD new ‘Solidarity’ Live album and ‘Sleepers’ 20th anniversary expanded re-master release

Coming from the Galahad camp:

In this our 30th anniversary year, we seem to be more active than ever with yet more releases in 2015.

Galahad - Solidarity‘Solidarity – Live in Konin’, which was recorded and filmed in Poland in October 2013 during our ‘Battle Scars/Euphoria’ jaunt, has now been released as a 2CD/DVD set as has our 20th anniversary expanded and re-mastered edition of ‘Sleepers’ (our 4th release of the year!) our 1995 ‘difficult and slightly notorious’ third album which was originally recorded and mixed by Tony Arnold, who worked extensively with Robert Fripp/King Crimson in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and has been subsequently tweaked and re-mastered by Karl Groom at Thin Ice Studios in the summer of 2015.

Galahad - Sleepers Both are now available directly from the Galahad merchandise page on our official band website at It will also be available from all the usual on-line stores i.e. Amazon,I-tunes, CB baby etc. from Monday 12th October and UK physical distribution will be handled by Gonzo Multimedia in due course.



Oh and we will be playing at the Northern Prog Festival in Siegerswoude, The Netherlands on  Saturday 7th November 2015.”

Poster - NPF - 2015


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New progressive/stoner band MOON launch first single

Fresh Sydney based trio Moon have released their first single “Sidewinder”. It’s the first song off their debut album, to be released in early 2016 of which the band claim to “put a new spin on instrumental prog-rock”.

Listen to the track on Soundcloud

Moon - SidewinderThe band’s self-description:
Moon began as an experiment in a historic recording studio in the inner city of Sydney and from nothing at all the three-piece found a unique synergy, creating “The Orbitor”. Channelling sleepmakeswaves and Mogwai with a side dish of Black Sabbath, MOON creates 21st century rock, taking the expanse and ambition of post-rock, but in tight three-minute packages that explode out of the speakers.

This album is an extraordinarily emotive journey that wreaks havoc with the senses.    An eight-track celebration of rock to particularly showcase guitars and drums, through to quiet introspection and string sections, big beats and delicate synths depicting an unnerving beauty matched only by its frightening eloquence and timeless narrative thread.”

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MONO & THE OCEAN “Transcendental” EP Teaser Revealed

Mono & The Ocean

MONO & The Ocean announce the release of a split EP titled “Transcendental” for October 23, 2015 release via Pelagic Records. They will be on tour together with Solstafir this fall. All infos, tourdates below.

2 bands from very different cultural origins, Japan and Germany… yet spiritually akin and connected by many similarities: a cinematic approach to music, based on lengthy, escalating compositions… the fact that both bands have existed for more than 15 years and released multiple albums since their inception; that they have toured many times around the globe, visiting off-the-beaten-track territories like Siberia, New Zealand, South East Asia and South America; and finally their shared passion for double albums, such as The Ocean’s “Heliocentric“ / “Anthropocentric“, and Mono’s “The Last Dawn“ / “Rays Of Darkness“.

It only makes sense that these two bands will now tour together – and release new music just in time for their extended European run, in form of a split LP. Two songs, only one by each band – but 24 minutes of new music altogether.

The Ocean have gone through lineup changes since the release of their 2013 opus Pelagial: Drummer Luc Hess was replaced by Paul Seidel, and Australian guitarist Damian Murdoch took Jonathan Nido’s place. This recording is the band’s first output featuring these new members, as welll as cello player Dalai Theofilopoulou and piano player Vincent Membrez, who already played on Pelagial. The band will take this extended lineup to the stage on the upcoming tour. The Ocean’s contribution, a 13 minutes song entitled The Quiet Observer, was inspired by Gaspard Noe’s controversial movie Enter The Void. The movie tells the story of a drug dealer getting shot in a Tokyo toilet while tripping on DMT, and entering what is referred to as the ?intermediate state“ according to the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book Of The Dead: the book, which has been a source of inspiration for many writers, artists and musicians from John Lennon to Aldous Huxley, describes a state immediately after a person’s death, when the intellect of the dead person must face its own illusions, in the form of peaceful and wrathful deities, in a protracted psychedelic experience. Only if it manages to expose these horrifying guises as products of its own imagination, can it escape the eternal cycle of rebirth. Noe leaves it open as to whether protagonist Oscar’s death and the following metaphysical experience are actually happening – or whether he is simply tripping…

Mono, who have toured relentlessly since the release of 2014’s double release The Last Dawn / Rays Of Darkness, address similar topics with their contribution, an 11-minutes song entitled Death in Reverse. The song serves as a trailer for the upcoming 9th Mono album, which is scheduled for an early 2016 release through Pelagic Records. Guitarist and main song writer Takaakira Goto comments:

“The theme of this track is life and death and regeneration. Even when our bodies decay and decompose, our souls will prevail unchanged. Our bodies will act as seeds for the next generation, while our souls will journey together into our new eternal life. This is the story we want to explore with our next album, a portrayal of our journey through life towards death; from living out our lives proud and high, to bodies immolating, infused with precious memories… and through the vast, noisy tunnel of space, we become pure souls – a single drop of water in the fountain of life.”

LA-based German cover artist Florian Bertmer was commissioned to transform these themes into cover art. The split EP will be released on a single 12“ slab of vinyl in different colours, matching Bertmer’s lucid illustration, as well as on CD and digitally worldwide through Pelagic Records.

Fall Tour Mono, The Ocean and Solstafir:
12.10.2015 DK Aarhus Voxhall
13.10.2015 NO Oslo Vulkan Arena
14.10.2015 SE Stockholm Debaser Medis
16.10.2015 FI Turku Klubi
17.10.2015 FI Helsinki The Circus
18.10.2015 RU St. Petersburg Zal Ozhidaniya
19.10.2015 RU Moscow Volta
21.10.2015 LT Vilnius New York
22.10.2015 PL Warsaw Proxima
23.10.2015 DE Berlin Heimathafen
24.10.2015 NL Leeuwarden Romein (Into The Void)
25.10.2015 BE Antwerp Trix
26.10.2015 DE Cologne Live Music Hall
27.10.2015 DE Wiesbaden Schlachthof
28.10.2015 DE Munich Backstage
29.10.2015 I Bologna Locomotiv
30.10.2015 I Mezzago Bloom
31.10.2015 F Lyon CCO Villeurbanne
01.11.2015 ES Barcelona Bikini
02.11.2015 F Toulouse Le Metronum
03.11.2015 CH Lausanne Les Docks
04.11.2015 CH Zürich Harterei
05.11.2015 F Paris Trabendo
06.11.2015 UK London Electric Ballroom
07.11.2015 UK Leeds Damnation Fest
08.11.2015 Gr Athens Fuzz Club
09.11.2015 Tr Istanbul Garajistanbul

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YUKA & CHRONOSHIP To Release Third Album “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles”

 album art: Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary ChroniclesJapan – The new album by Japanese Prog Rock Band ensemble Yuka & Chronoship will be released on September 25, 2015 via distributor Cherry Red Records Ltd. in the U.K. Titled “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles”, this is marks the third album by the group and promises to take you on a celestial musical journey! The setting of the band’s new album is the Earth or the third planet from the Sun. “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles” is a grandiose concept album themed with scientific/technological revolutions in the human history. The CD booklet is designed by Hideji Oda, a Japanese manga artist associated with the Nouvelle manga movement, known for “Dispersion”, “Coo’s World”, and “Miyori’s Forest”.

Watch the album trailer

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THRESHOLD – ‘Watchtower On The Moon’ live video premieres at Prog Magazine

Threshold European JourneyBritish progressive metal protagonists THRESHOLD announced the release of their new live album »European Journey« recently and today the band is presenting the first track from the forthcoming release. Shot by fans across various venues in Europe, the video for ‘Watchtower On The Moon’ draws a perfect parallel with the new live album. Proudly premiered by Prog Magazine, the video can be seen here:

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Kristoffer Gildenlöw crowdfunding campaign

Kristoffer Gildenlöw has starte a pledge project in order to crowd fund his sophomore solo album. You can preoder the album and merch, or simply support Kris here

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SUBSIGNAL unveil 7 minutes trailer of their new album the “beacons of somewhere sometime”

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VANDENPLAS release video for “Stone Roses Edge”

Vanden Plas have relaeased a video for “Stone Roses Edge”, a song from their forthcoming album “Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II”:

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SYNAESTHESIA quit with label and rename band

While currently on European tour with Spock’s Beard and Special Providence, Synaesthesia have split with their record label as a result of “creative differences” and announced that their delayed second album will be released independently. They also announced to change the band name to Kyros.

Kyros: “The band started life as a studio project between Adam Warne, Nikolas Jon and Giant Electric Pea. The band have parted ways with Giant Electric Pea due to ‘creative differences’ that surfaced during recording sessions. Since July, the band has been working towards an independent release.”

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