DPRP Writers Top 15 Progressive Rock Albums of 2013


dprp1To wrap-up the year and to offer a few ideas for the DPRP End Of Year Poll, submissions for which are now open, we offer you the Top 15 Prog Albums of 2013 – as selected by the DPRP writers.

We asked all 30 of our prog-scribes to select their magical musical meanderings of the year.

A total of 76 different creations were chosen from over 520 discs reviewed on this site in the past year. We list the 15 which gathered the most love. Where votes were tied, we used the DPRP review score to separate them.

Some old favourites and some brand-new names, some heavy, some light but all of the highest quality. Read on to peruse our 15 most perfect Progressive proclamations of 2013.

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