Pete Trewavas – Transatlantic

Pete_Trewavas_thumb_201402In a first instalment of Transatlantic we bring you Marcel Hartenberg’s interview with Pete Trewavas. Tune in tomorrow at the same time for Basil Francis in conversation with Neal Morse!

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Adam Warne – Synaesthesia

AdamWarne0214_thumbVoted ‘Top Tip for 2014’ in Prog Magazine, Synaesthesia have just released their eponymous debut album. DPRP’s Basil Francis was able to catch up with 20-year-old lead singer, keyboardist and founding member Adam Warne to share a few words regarding the band.

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Adrian Belew

Adrian BelewFor the past 40 years, American multi-instrumentalist Adrian Belew has been one of the pioneering artists in experimental rock. Mostly known by prog fans for being a member of King Crimson since 1981, Belew has also worked with many other talented artists from Frank Zappa and David Bowie to Talking Heads . Soon, he will tour Europe with The Crimson ProjeKCt celebrating the music of King Crimson. DPRP’s Basil Francis was able to get the low-down on this new tour and discuss Belew’s philosophy of music.

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Manning (Guy Manning)

manning 7After hearing The Root, The Leaf and The Bone, Manning’s new opus I seriously felt that I needed to speak to this prolific and very, very talented man.  As ever Guy Manning was very accommodating and cordially invited me across to his abode to talk.  On arrival, the door opened, I was graciously welcomed and in I stepped.  What followed was an hour and a half of non stop chat, believe me, I could of talked to Guy all night, as not only is his music / lyrical prose interesting, something that is very much mirrored in his personality, but he is also a very amusing man……… Put your feet up and enjoy

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Vienna Circle (Paul and Jack Davis)

ViennaCircle3Vienna Circle is a project of Paul and Jack Davis. The brothers grew up in the rural Wiltshire (UK) and got hooked on progressive music from an early age onwards. Paul and Jack recently released their second studio album Silhouette Moon and are eager to start writing music for their next album. Paul & Jack were kind enough to explain how it all started and how they manage to control the whole process from writing music to selling an album.

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Guus Willemse (Solution)

Solution-Guus-Bass-800One of Holland’s best ‘progressive’ bands from the seventies and certainly one of the first was a band called Solution. Based in Groningen, built on the ashes of several local bands, Willem EnnesTom Barlage and Hans Waterman played soul music as Soulution. Covers from among other Blood, Sweat & Tears were core business. They had a genuine singer and horns and they played really funky stuff. However once the singer and the horn-section were out of the band, Tom, Willem, Guus Willemse’s predecessor Peter van der Sande started to play a mixture of rock, pop, soul and jazz…………………………

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Roberto Diaz (Anima Mundi)

AnimaMundi-Loreley2013-1Anima Mundi, a Cuban prog rock band, has presented a new album this year. They’ve got a new vocalist who was already on the lineup touring Europe this summer. In fact, it’s a new musical direction for the band, and now we have a chat with one its leaders, Roberto Diaz, about their new music, as well as mysticism, prog, guitars, philosophy and… fun!

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Rosalie Cunningham (Purson)

ROSIE 1 tnPurson is a relatively new band with an early ‘70s retro outlook but yet they are all still in their early 20s. In a Southend-on-Sea pub we caught up with Rosalie Cunningham, the band’s leader and, to date, the creative force behind Purson and their music.  We talked about how difficult it was to get the band up and running, the revolving door of band members, what makes a twenty-something want to play and listen to ‘70s-style music, the album The Circle And The Blue Door, Rosie’s background and influences, and much more.

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Maschine_Thumb_2013Seems like we’ve been waiting a very long time for the debut Maschine release, but with Rubidium finally hitting the streets, DPRP’s Tushar Menon spoke with Luke, Dan and Elliot about the band’s history, compositional approach and of course the album itself.

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James Labrie & Matt Guillory

JLB2013thumbBefore getting caught up in the juggernaut of the Dream Theater machine as they get ready to release their latest album, Impermanent Resonance, James LaBrie and his songwriting partner, keyboards player Matt Guillory had a chat with DPRP’s Tushar Menon.

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