YES – Alan White

Alan White of Yes Interview – Tuesday 26th April

Alan White has been a member of YES for over 44 Years and is now the longest surviving member (Steve Howe has left as few times and returned to the fold again) after the sad loss of of Founder member and Bassist Chris Squire last year

DPRP’s John Wenlock-Smith (JWS) caught up with alan in Glasgow for a brief talk about te upcoming tour that kicks off in Glasgow on Wednesday and proceeds via Liverpool and Manchester and ends up at the Royal Albert Hall in early May before embarking on European dates thereafter Alan was in fine form as you can see from this conversation.

JWS: How did the shows that Billy (Sherwood) stepped in to cover work out for you?

Alan White (AW): Those shows at the end of last year (2015) were really very good indeed we played Drama in and half of Topographic Oceans to great responses everywhere

JWS: How did Billy work out ?

AW: You have to remember that Chris and Billy were friends, Billy saw Chris as a mentor and he knew all of Chris’s line s and parts and also Billy handles Backing vocals too, plus of course he had a spell in the band in the late 90’s and early part of the millennium (Playing on the Magnification and Open your eyes and live from the house of blues albums).

JWS: What is the current mood of the Band?

AW: Very positive and focussed, everyone is ready and willing for these shows and it’s going to be great to play _Fragile_ and _Drama_ in full.

JWS: Who’s idea was it to do these two albums and why _Drama_ when it is still a pretty divisive album even 35 years on from its release?

AW: Well we have played songs from Fragile for many years, but less so of Drama as Jon (Anderson) didn’t want to perform those songs and so collectively we thought it would be a great thing to do as we feel Drama is very underrated indeed and deserves an outing as such.

JWS: Is Drama difficult to do live?

AW: Yes it’s a very demanding album to play especially _Does it really happen_ and _Tempus Fugit_both with lots of changes in rhythm and pace

JWS: On Fragile obviously each member had a solo piece will those be covered?

AW:  Yes they are all being done as well.

JWS: And what’s next after this tour?

AW: Well we have a few songs that we want to work on and then in November we have a tour of japan so that should keep us up to the end of the year.

JWS: Are you going to document these show (the last Yes tour performing the Yes album and Going for the one was covered on a live CD/DVD set)?

AW: Yes I think we may record it later on once we’ve got it down and fine tuned the show a bit more probably on the European dates I guess.

JWS: How are the rehearsals going thus far?

AW: They are going really well it is sounding really good and full everyone is really excited and eager to play these shows for the fans and we are especially looking forward to the Royal Albert Hall show as we had a great show there on the last tour we did of the UK , hopefully it will be as goof for us this time around.

JWS: Alan Thanks for sparing the time to talk to us, good luck for the tour as it kicks off tomorow (Weds 27th) in Glasgow.

AW:  Thank you too