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Tuomas Holopainen and Floor Jansen (Nightwish)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock05/2015
Steve HackettLINKAlan Weston05/2015
Tommy KarevikLINKPhil Chelmsford05/2015
Steve WilsonLINKMarcel Hartenberg04/2015
Sel Balamir (Amplifier)LINKMarcel Hartenberg04/2015
Erik NorlanderLINKJohn Wenlock-Smith03/2015
Steve Rothery LINKMarcel Hartenberg03/2015
Jaap Van Eik (Trace)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock03/2015
Dave La RueLINKJohn Wenlock-Smith12/2014
Mike Holmes (IQ)LINKMarcel Hartenberg10/2014
iamthemorningLINKAndy Read10/2014
Joel Cummins (Umphrey's McGee)LINKMark Hughes09/2014
Rob ReedLINKJohn Wenlock-Smith08/2014
The Psychedelic EnsembleLINKGert Hulshof06/2014
Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)LINKMarcel Hartenberg05/2014
HarvestLINKAndré de Boer05/2014
Alan WhiteLINKJohn Wenlock-Smith04/2014
ManningLINKJohn O'Boyle11/2013
Vienna Circle (Paul and Jack Davis)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock10/2013
Guus Willemse (Solution)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock10/2013
Roberto Diaz (Anima Mundi)LINKOlga 'Odessa' Potekhina09/2013
Rosalie Cunningham (Purson)LINKPhil Chelmsford08/2013
Not A Good SignLINKRoger Trenwith07/2013
Andy Tillison (The Tangent)LINKDave Baird06/2013
Neil Campbell (Bulbs)LINKBob Mulvey05/2013
Chris Wade (Dodson and Fogg)Chris WadeBrian Watson05/2013
Mike VartyMike VartyAndre de Boer04/2013
Neal MorseNeal MorseAndre de Boer03/2013
Herd of InstinctHerd of InstinctRoger Trenwith03/2013
Mike KeneallyMike KeneallyMark Hughes03/2013
Diego Cafolla (Kingcrow)Diego Cafolla (Kingcrow)Andre de Boer03/2013
Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf)Robin ArmstrongAlison Henderson02/2013
Rob ReedRob ReedAlison Henderson01/2013
Paul Charles (FRUUPP)Paul Charles (Fruupp)Basil Francis01/2013
Steve HackettSteve HackettJohn Wenlock-Smith12/2012
LandmarqLandmarqPhil Chelmsford12/2012
Michel St-Pere (Mystery)Michel St-Pere (Mystery)Phil Chelmsford12/2012
Keith EmersonKeith EmersonJohn Wenlock-Smith12/2012
Paul Mann (Jon Lord)Paul MannJohn Wenlock-Smith11/2012
Alain LebonAlain LebonRoger Trenwith11/2012
John MitchellJohn MitchellAlison Henderson11/2012
Alan ReedAlan ReedAlison Henderson11/2012
Blackmore's NightBlackmore's NightMenno Von Brucken Fock10/2012
Edgar Froese & Bianca AcquayeTangerine DreamLorraine & Dale Kay10/2012
Rhys Marsh and the Autumn GhostRhys MarshLeo Korperdraat10/2012
Neal MorseNeal MorseJohn Wenlock-Smith10/2012
Craig Kerley (Not Otherwise Specified)Craig Kerley (Not Otherwise Specified)John O'Boyle10/2012
Jelena Perisic (Rodrigo San Martin)Jelena Perisic (Rodrigo San Martin)John O'Boyle10/2012
Rodrigo San MartinRodrigo San MartinJohn O'Boyle10/2012
Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief)Bruce SoordRoger Trenwith10/2012
John Lees (JLBJH)LINKAlex Torres10/2012
Roberto Díaz & Carlos Sosa (Anima Mundi)LINKAndré de Boer10/2012
Pye Hastings (Caravan)LINKBasil Francis09/2012
Big Big Train (Greg Spawton & Andy Poole)LINKAlison Henderson09/2012
Steve ThorneLINKAlison Henderson09/2012
Annie Haslam (Renaissance)LINKBasil Francis08/2012
Bob Catley & Tony Clarkin (Magnum)LINKMenno Von Brucken Fock08/2012
Geoff Downes (Asia)LINKPhil Chelmsford07/2012
Chris Fry (Magenta)LINKBob Mulvey07/2012
Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings)LINKJohn O'Boyle07/2012
Dec BurkeLINKJohn O'Boyle06/2012
Steven WilsonLINKDave Baird06/2012
Leslie Hunt (District 97)LINKJohn O'Boyle06/2012
Galahad (Stu Nicholson)LINKAlison Henderson05/2012
IT (Nick Jackson and Andy Rowberry)LINKPhil Chelmsford05/2012
Steve Hogarth (Hogarth – Barbieri Project)LINKPhil Chelmsford05/2012
Celebr8LINKAlison Henderson05/2012
Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema)LINKDries Dokter05/2012
Dave Cureton (IO Earth)LINKJohn O'Boyle04/2012
These Curious ThingsLINKBrian Watson04/2012
Guthrie GovanLINKLuke Machin04/2012
Darran Charles (Godsticks)LINKJohn O'Boyle04/2012
Sleepin PillowLINKRoger Trenwith04/2012
Steve Davis and Kavus TorabiLINKPhil Chelmsford03/2012
KayaK (Ton Scherpenzeel )LINKMenno Von Brucken Fock03/2012
GazpachoLINKGert Hulshof & Dave Baird03/2012
Knight AreaLINKPhil Chelmsford03/2012
Haken (Richard Henshall)LINKBasil Francis02/2012
Soul SecretLINKEdwin Roosjen02/2012
Steve HackettLINKMenno von Brucken Fock02/2012
Mike Mangini (Dream Theater)LINKDave Baird02/2012
Sean Filkins and Jeff GreenLINKPhil Chelmsford01/2012
Leprous (Einar Solberg & Tor Oddmund Suhrke)LINKDave Baird01/2012
Pallas (Graeme Murray & John Mackie)LINKAlison Henderson01/2012
Øresund Space CollectiveLINKRoger Trenwith12/2011
PhideauxLINKBrian Watson12/2011
Robin ArmstrongLINKAlison Henderson12/2011
Symphony XLINKPhil Chelmsford11/2011
Agents of Mercy (Mickael Walle Wahlgren)LINKDave Baird12/2011
Glass HammerLINKBrian Watson11/2011
Cressida (Iain Clark)LINKRoger Trenwith11/2011
Karmakanic (Jonas Reingold)LINKPhil Chelmsford11/2011
LazuliLINKJoris Donkel11/2011
Guy ManningLINKJohn O'Boyle11/2011
Jeff GreenLINKPhil Chelmsford10/2011
Gary WrightLINKMenno won Brucken Fock10/2011
Derek SherinianLINKPhil Chelmsford10/2011
The Tangent (Andy Tillison)LINKDave Baird10/2011
Steve HackettLINKMenno von Brucken Fock09/2011
Opeth (Mikael Akerfeldt)LINKDave Baird09/2011
Lisa LaRueLINKJim Corcoran09/2011
Dream Theater (Jordan Rudess)LINKDave Baird09/2011
Magenta (Rob Reed & Christina Booth)LINKJohn O'Boyle09/2011
Mariusz Duda (Riverside)LINKAndy Read09/2011
Eddie JobsonLINKMenno von Brucken Fock08/2011
Andrew Roussak (Dorian Opera)LINKJohn O'Boyle07/2011
Hookah The FuzzLINKGert Hulshof07/2011
Joachim 'Eroc' Ehrig
LINKMenno von Brucken Fock06/2011
Eloy (Frank Bornemann)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock06/2011
Jon AndersonLINKLorraine Kay06/2011
Rick WakemanLINKLorraine Kay06/2011
Lost In ThoughtLINKAndy Read06/2011
Angra (Kiko Loureiro)LINK Menno von Brucken Fock06/2011
Credo (Mark Colton & Mike Varty)LINKJohn O'Boyle05/2011
Paatos (Petronella Nettermalm)LINKDave Baird05/2011
Sean FilkinsLINKJohn O'Boyle05/2011
Pendragon (Nick Barrett)LINKJon Bradshaw05/2011
Andrew GiddingsLINKLorraine Kay04/2011
Barbara RubinLINKJohn O'Boyle04/2011
LoreWeaveRLINKJohn O'Boyle04/2011
MastercastleLINKJohn O'Boyle04/2011
Evergrey (Hannes van Dahl)LINKJon Bradshaw03/2011
GazpachoLINKGert Hulshof02/2011
Lee RitenourLINKMenno von Brucken Fock02/2011
Deep Purple (Ian Gillan)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock02/2011
Shadow Gallery (Gary Wehrkamp)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock01/2011
Star One (Arjen Lucassen)LINKMenno von Brucken Fock12/2010
George BellasLINKMenno von Brucken Fock11/2010
GodsticksLINKBob Mulvey & Jez Rowden11/2010
Larry FastLINKLorraine Kay11/2010
Guy ManningLINKGeoff Feakes11/2010
PBIILINKJerry van Kooten01/2010
Porcupine Tree (Steven Wilson)LINKEd Sander09/2009
Zero Hour (Jasun Tipton)LINKAndy Read12/2003