DPRP’s John O’Boyle chats with
LoreWeaveR Band Members

LoreWeaveR is an Italian band that consists of Barbara Rubin (vocals), Francesco Salvadeo (guitars), Giordano Mattiuzzo (bass), Lorenzo Marcenaro (keyboards) and Claudio Cavalli (drums).

John: Hi and thank you for taking the time out for an interview for DPRP.  I had the great fortune of being able to review your album “Imperative Auditions” (Imperviae Auditiones), (an album that was passed to me via a very good friend of mine at the Summer’s End Festival in 2010), which I awarded 8 out of 10.  It is a very powerful album that has received several positive reviews here in the U.K, something that you must be proud of.  How has the reaction been to the album been elsewhere?

ALL: Hi and thanks to you for this, a cheer to all at DPRP.

Francesco: We must say that “Imperviae Auditiones” has been receiving very good reviews not only in UK but also from USA, South America, Netherlands as well as in Italy, where the first reactions to our work came from.

LoreWeaver - Imperative Auditions

John: For the people who don’t know anything about Loreweaver could you tells us a little about the history of the band, what you as a band are about and introduce each band member?

Lorenzo: Well the story of Loreweaver actually starts many years ago, when I joined an ensemble in which Giordano & Francesco played bass & guitar. We were doing power metal covers at the time and I managed to learn how to use synths in order to supply orchestral layers to the songs….even if I was listening totally different things in that period. Then we discovered progressive (that I liked much more!!)…and we managed to eventually find a solid line up, which wasn’t that, easy!

John: Sonically as a band you have powerful melody and the ability to write memorable songs.  Your music is convoluted and intricate too.  Do you find the writing process easy per se?  Do you come up with the melodies first and then add the vocals, or is it a fine balance of both?

Giordano: The writing process is sometimes very easy and sometimes difficult and slow…there are parts  that are solo writings and others which we came up with jamming together during rehearsals…and as well sections that one of us wrote and someone else completely  re-arranged. Usually the vocals layers come after the instrumental ones…sometimes in unexpected ways!

John: The balance of your song writing allows each band member to breathe – never overstaying their welcome – something that is a breath of fresh air.  You get the impression that as a band it is all about creating the best music possible without the inclusion of egos?

Claudio: We think that staying in a band means to share and to mix all the contributions from single members. After all 5 brains works better than 1 or 2….and none of us wants to be a virtuoso at all.


John: Imperviae Auditiones – your debut – features the virtuosity of a band that is at ease presenting the world with intricate musical passages and also with beautiful word play from a very talented vocalist.  How did Barbara become the vocalist in the band?

Francesco: Barbara was introduced to us by a common friend of hers and of one of our former drummers as well…we were auditioning for a singer at the time and we felt she was the right choice.

John: Growing up who were your musical heroes?  Who do you see as your biggest influence?

Barbara: Each of us has very different musical backgrounds: me and Lorenzo are fond of classic rock & vintage progressive, Giordano grew up listening to 80’s hair & heavy metal (Savatage, Def Leppard,) and Queen as well. Francesco is a fan of authentic trash metal (Megadeth & Metallica) while Claudio is a 360° heavy metal fan who fell in love with jazz & swing! So, we are lucky to find the way to make a good blend of these genres.

John: Having just got a record deal, I believe your self financed album is going to be remastered and released in June, something that I personally am looking forward to hearing.  What do you think the new version will bring to the table?

Giordano: Sonically, the final release will be merely the same…with a totally new artwork and booklet of course!

John: The track Ultraworld – for me is a culmination of the band working in perfect harmony producing an epic piece.   I feel that the instrumental Ride The Owl succinctly makes the statement what the band are about musically, each member taking turns, being a great example of how the band works in unity, one player being no greater than the next.   Would you say that this is what best sums up Loreweaver as a band?

Lorenzo: I think that while Ultraworld perhaps shows many of the different “colours” we try to put together as a band, Ride The Owl stretches them  and pushes them to the limit…it’s been a trial for us!

John: That Night is a highly emotional and beautiful ballad which not only relies on strong melodies but also powerful lyrical content, being one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time.  Do you find it easier to write songs of this magnitude or are you more comfortable writing more passages such as Ride the Owl?


Claudio: Actually, That Night was Lorenzo’s solo effort…I would find it hard to write something like “That Night”, as I prefer the harder edge of our music.

John: In my opinion I have always felt that powerful female singers in this genre haven’t always been in abundance. Fortunately with Barbara you have struck gold as she has a very good and powerful range, she can embody the emotion of the song perfectly, almost living the moment, which in turn allows you to have more depth and dimension, especially in the song writing process.  Do you think that this sets you apart from other bands in this genre?

Francesco: I think the strongest point is that Barbara’s voice can be sweet and aggressive at the same time. More, Barbara is an accomplished musician too, and her creativity brings several good ideas!

John: Italy has always been for me a hot bed of stunning but highly under rated bands.  How is the music scene in Italy especially the prog market?

Barbara: Of course we are proud to be Italian. We think that this country has something of magic for the music and other arts. Suddenly we must say that the scene is quite depressing. We have the same two or three cover bands playing 10000 shows in the same two or three venues, again and again. Otherwise its techno & hip hop time… There are a lot of reasons why as well as a lot of amazing bands! Of course we never lose our passion for music!

John: If each band member was to pick their favourite album, what would it be?

Barbara: Sincerely I ‘ve never had a favourite album, but I really love “Images and words” by DT as well as Iron Maiden…and a lot of Baroque music!

Giordano: Queen’s “Innuendo”

Lorenzo: Hard to say…the choice may change heavily according to my mood…could be “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen on Monday and “Nursery Cryme” by Genesis on Saturday 🙂

Francesco: Maybe “Master of Puppets” by Metallica

Claudio: “Cowboys from Hell” by Pantera

John: What does the future hold for Loreweaver?

Francesco: After our British gig we are going to focus on writing and developing brand new material…

John: You are playing The Fused Festival, which will be your debut U.K show.  How does it feel to be playing your first British date, (hopefully one of many more), at this new festival?

Lorenzo: It’s really a great emotion…I still can’t believe we are actually going…I realized it was true in the last three days!

John: What can the uninitiated audience at The Fused Festival expect from Loreweaver?

Barbara: …You will find a big hug of sound…..a solid hour of heavy metal!! Share with us your love for the Prog-Music!

Interview & Photographs by John O’Boyle