DispersE – Jakub Żytecki

DispersEDISPERSE were founded in the Polish city of Przeworsk in December 2007 by guitarist Jakub Żytecki, vocalist / keyboarder Rafał Biernacki and Marcin Kicyk on bass. During the next six month the group composed four songs, which formed the basis of their first demo release “Promo 2008”. For their first shows including the prestigious GO-Rock Festival DISPERSE worked with session drummer Konrad Biczak, who was permanently replaced by Przemek Nycz in summer 2008.

Dprp: Hello guys, I am Raimond from the DPRP – Dutch Progressive Rock Page.
We’re doing this interview in a series of all bands that play the Generation Prog Festival, together with our German partners powermetal.de.

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