Dave Cureton (IO Earth)

DPRP’s John O’Boyle caught up with Dave Cureton on the bands warm up date for the RoSfest and boy  they were on fire.  IO Earth are two albums in both of which have received high acclaim, being a band that doesn’t conform to  musical boundaries.  In this interview Dave discusses Moments, the three elements, their song writing processes and how there is only two types of music……….

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  1. Jay says:

    Ian, thank you so much for taking the tblruoe to make such lovely comments. I did not have to twist their arms too far up their backs to get the necessary answers out of them. See you at the Peel on February 25. In the meantime, the next interview is a under wraps at the moment because it is a world exclusive for DPRP. All will be revealed soon enough.

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