Team Archive


Over the years DPRP has had many great contributions from some fantastic people.  Below you will find a list of people who have contributed into making DPRP what it is today.  Testimony for their work can be found in the DPRP site.

Alex Torres2009 - 2014CD Reviewer
Bart Cusveller2004 - 2005CD Reviewer
Bart-Jan van der Vorst1999 - 2011CD Reviewer, Website developer and various
Bob Mulvey2001 - 2013UK & Eire Gig Guide Editor, CD Reviewer, Interviewer
Brian Watson2010 - 2013CD Reviewer, Concert Reviewer, Interviewer
Brendan Bowen2008 - 2014CD Reviewer
Charlie Farrell2001 - 2011CD Reviewer, News contributor
Chris Jackson2007 - 2008CD Reviewer
Chris Meeker2005 - 2007CD Reviewer
Christopher Frick2003 - 2005CD Reviewer
Christos Ampatziz2005 - 2008CD Reviewer & Interviewer
Claude Grégoire2004CD Reviewer
Dave Baird2005 - 2014Main Gopher, Interviews editor, CD Reviewer, Concert Reviewer & photography
Dave Sissons2003 - 2010CD Reviewer
Derk van Mourik1998 - 2005Links Editor, News Editor, CD Reviewer
Dirk van den Hout1999CD Reviewer
Dries Dokter2003 - 2014Technical support, CD Reviewer, Board member
Ed Sander 1998 - 2002CD Reviews Editor & So much more!
Erik Neuteboom2009 - 2010Specials & Forgotten Sons