Full Name: Owen Davies
Year Of Birth: 1957
City + Country: Beckenham Kent, U.K.
Occupation: Retired Teacher
Instrument: Voice
Other: Father of Robert Lloyd Davies and Alun Davies whose debut release Home Truths: Robert Lloyd was reviewed in DPRP Volume 8 2012


Active For DPRP Since: 2013
DPRP Responsibilities: Reviewer


Favourite Prog: (In no particular order) National Health, Hatfield And The North, Grovjobb, Solaris, Jethro Tull, Flor De Loto, Artsruni, Return To Forever, Ohm, Manning, Steve Unruh, Phideaux, Ergo Sum (Chile), Focus, KBB

Favourite non-prog: (In no particular order) Eberhard Weber, Azimuth, Robert Lloyd, Harold McNair, Project Trio, Jan Garbarek, Joni Mitchell, The Villagers, Suede, The Drums, Terje Rypdal

Desert island discs: (In no particular order) Thick As A Brick : Jethro Tull, The Rotters Club : Hatfield And The North, Home Truths : Robert Lloyd , National Health : National Health, Creatures Of The Night : Turning Point, The Martian Chronicles : Solaris, Molly Bloom : Molly Bloom, You Are Here, I Am There : The Keith Tippett Band, La Quarta Vittima : Fabio Zuffanti, Fluid Rustle : Eberhard Weber