Full Name: Nathan Waitman
Year Of Birth: 1985
City + Country: Adelanto, USA
Occupation: Quality Inspector for Hydraulic Systems
Instrument: Some piano and guitar
Other: Writing, Reading, Fantasy Novels, TV/Movies


Active For DPRP Since: April 2014
DPRP Responsibilities: Reviewer


Favourite Prog: Neal Morse, Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Dream Theater, Flower Kings, Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, IZZ, Echolyn, Ayreon, Beardfish, Big Big Train, Frost*, Haken, Moon Safari, Phideaux, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, The Tangent

Favourite non-prog: The Beatles, Incubus, Ben Folds Five, Hiromi, MIKA, Nickel Creek, Pentatonix, Punch Brothers, The Reign of Kindo, Steely Dan, Coldplay, Red Hot Chiil Peppers, Boston

Desert island discs: The Whirlwind- Transatlantic, Scenes From A Memory- Dream Theater, Lover’s End- Moon Safari, My River Flows- IZZ, Doomsday Afternoon- Phideaux