Full Name: Jon Bradshaw
Year Of Birth: 1963
City + Country: London, UK
Occupation: Theater Director & Acting Teacher
Instrument: Likes to think he can play bass and keys but really is kidding himself


Active For DPRP Since: January 2010
DPRP Responsibilities: Reviewer


Favourite Bands: Flower Kings and all of it’s satellite projects, Ayreon, Camel, Yes, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Echolyn, It Bites, Kaipa, Pendragon, Big Big Train, The Tangent, and The Enid to list but a few of my current prog favourites. There are a whole host of marvelous Scandinavian progsters that I love like A.C.T., Moon Safari, Ritual, and so on. Then throw in artists like Illuvatar, Gargamel, Carptree, Manning, Mostly Autumn, Karnataka, Phideaux, Moongarden and on and on it goes. My tastes veer easily into the prog metal world. As you might expect, the usual suspects like DT, Redemption and Symphony X are among my favourites, but also acts like Evergrey, Vanden Plas, Opeth, Mind’s Eye and many, many more lesser or greater known prog metal act flick my switches. I’m a child of the ’70s (musically speaking) so loads of classic rock artists remain staples of my musical diet today: Deep Purple, Humble Pie, Styx, The Move, ELO, Gentle Giant, Atomic Rooster, Argent, Mountain, Hawkwind, Zep Jethro Tull, Robin Trower, etc. This also manifests itself in a love for more contemporary artists who fit the classic rock mold like Gov’t Mule, Plankton and Kamchatka to name but three. Add to this genre-benders like Frank Zappa and Tom Waits and you have some idea of the fairly mixed bag into which I am constantly probing my fingers seeking sweeties and goodness, old and new. I’ll even eat the ones that have been in my mouth before and now have fluff on them.

Desert Island Discs: If I knew I was going to wind up on a desert island I would ensure a vast, watertight chest into which I could fit a generator that ran on leaves, my hi-fi and all of my music. I usually run around gibbering and eating my own hands when I can’t get near a music-playing device of some description. But if I really had to choose 5 or 10 or 12, I’d be dead long before I made a decision. In fact, I’m already worrying about the ‘Favourite Artists’ list because there are too many bands I haven’t mentioned. I do know that Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish you Were Here’ would be with me and ‘Fragile’ by Yes. I know I would have to have a Flower Kings album and an Enid album and a Zappa album (probably ‘Sleep Dirt’, actually), but by then I have become too bewildered by the stuff I can’t take that I just eat the lot and listen to my stools decomposing

Favourite Gig Experience: Knebworth ’79 seeing Led Zeppelin (Todd Rundgren’s Utopia were damn good too!). I lay claim to starting the Knebworth Food Fight; from flicking bread at the people around the nearest fire to 5000 idiots forming two armies and hurling all sorts of unsavory ‘delicacies’ across a field at each other. I also had an asthma attack running from the campsite to the arena site and had to stand on a stranger’s giant hamper to avoid being trampled to death by the onrushing horde of Afghan coats. Halcyon days. I now like my sofa and my bed and my PC chair and I don’t flick food anymore, you may be pleased to know. I’m still asthmatic.