Full Name: Geoffrey Feakes
Year Of Birth: 1954
City + Country: Wakefield, UK
Occupation: Design Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager and Health & Safety Advisor
Other: Telephone Counsellor and Group Treasurer
Instrument: Guitar. I put it down 20 years ago, and haven’t picked it up since!


Active For DPRP Since: October 2005
DPRP Responsibilities: Reviewer, Interviewer


Favourite Prog: Yes, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson, Ant Phillips, Gryphon, Camel, PFM, Moody Blues, Iona, Transatlantic, Focus, Steve Hackett, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Spock’s Beard, Flower Kings, Glass Hammer, Pendragon, Greenslade, Vangelis.

Favourite Non-Prog: The Who, 10cc, Queen, Red Box, Brian Wilson, John Barry, Leonard Bernstein, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Elmer Bernstein, Aaron Copland

Deserted Island Prog Top 5: Close to the Edge – Yes, Foxtrot – Genesis, Midnight Mushrumps – Gryphon, Amarok – Mike Oldfield, Things to Come – Seventh Wave

Favourite album format: CD, but I have a large vinyl collection that I can’t bring myself to part with.
Best gig experience: Genesis at the De Montfort Hall Leicester, 25 February 1973.