Full Name: André de Boer
Year Of Birth: 1961
City + Country: Gouda, The Netherlands
Occupation: Information Manager. Adventurer in new progressive rock, progressive eclectic rock and progressive metal
Instrument: The car’s steering wheel serves as my drumkit and guitar…
Other: Tour de France Competition (


Active For DPRP Since: January 2012
DPRP Responsibilities: Reviewer and Concert filmer


Favourite Prog: In no particular order and by no means complete: Némo, The Pineapple Thief, Opeth, Lazuli, Myrath, Kingcrow, Anima Mundi, Queen, Spock’s Beard, Yes, Neal Morse, Silent Lapse, Day Six, Haken, My Name Is Janet, Fates Warning, Collage, Gazpacho, Riverside, Transatlantic

Favourite non-prog: Classical music, Latin, Vangelis, X-ray Spex, Ultravox

Desert island discs: Ayreon – The Human Equation, Day Six – The Grand Design, Gazpacho – Tick Tock, Fates Warning – FWX, Haken – Visions, Kingcrow – Phlegethon, Némo – Si Partie I + Si Partie II