Current Team


Below you will find a list of the current DPRP Team Members – you can click on the link next to a member’s name to find out more about them.  If you wish to contact a Team Member please use the form on the “Contact us” page. 

NameResponsibilitiesActive SinceLink to Page
Alan WestonReviewer, Interviewer2014LINK
Alison ReijmanReviewer2011LINK
Ale DunzieReviewer, Interviewer2015LINK
André de BoerConcert filmer & reviewer, SFTW contributor, Guest Reviewer2012LINK
Andrew HalleyReviewer2014LINK
Andy ReadCD/DVD Reviews Editor and Coordinator, Reviewer, DPRP Radio show host, SFTW editor, Archives of Prog editor, Interviewer2003LINK
Arno AgterbergReviewer2015LINK
Basil FrancisGuest Reviewer2011LINK
Bryan MoreyReviewer2015LINK
Calum GibsonReviewer, Interviewer2015LINK
Christopher LomasGuest Reviewer2014LINK
Edwin RoosjenConcert Reviews Editor, Reviewer2007LINK
Geoff FeakesReviewer, Interviewer2005LINK
Gert HulshofReviewer, Interviewer2010LINK
Guille PalladinoReviewer, Interviewer, Graphic designer, SFTW contributor2012 (again)LINK
Héctor GómezReviewer2015 (again)LINK
Ignacio BernaolaReviewer, Interviewer2015LINK
Ian ButlerGuest Reviewer2009LINK
James TurnerReviewer2013LINK
Jerry van KootenWebsite Maintenance, Deputy CD/DVD Pipeline editor and Coordinator1995LINK
Jez RowdenDPRP Poll Editor, CD Hub/Distribution for the UK, SFTW contributor, Deputy Competitions Editor, Guest reviewer2006LINK
Jim CornallReviewer, Interviewer2015LINK
Joel AtlasReviewer2013LINK
John O'BoyleInterviews Editor, Reviewer2010LINK
John Wenlock-SmithReviewer, Interviewer2012LINK
Joris DonkelMain gopher, CD/DVD Pipeline editor and Coordinator and distribution, Competitions Editor, PR, New recruits supervisor, Internal affairs & HR, Guest reviewer2004LINK
Kevin HeckelerReviewer, Interviewer2015LINK
Marcel HartenbergCD/DVD Reviews Editor, Reviewer, Deputy Concert Reviews Editor, Interviewer2013LINK
Mark HughesCD/DVD Reviews Editor, Reviewer, Interviewer2002LINK
Martin BurnsReviewer2014LINK
Matt GeorgeReviewer2015LINK
Menno von Brucken FockGuest Reviewer, Interviewer2009LINK
Nathan WaitmanCD/DVD Reviews Editor, Reviewer, CD Hub/Distribution for the USA2014LINK
Niels HazeborgGuest Reviewer2014LINK
Owen DaviesReviewer2013LINK
Patrick McAfeeReviewer, Interviewer2015LINK
Peter FunkeReviewer, Interviewer, SFTW contributor2014LINK
Peter SwansonReviewer2014LINK
Phil ChelmsfordInterviewer2011LINK
Raffaella BerryGuest Reviewer, SFTW contributor2011LINK
Raimond FischbachNews Editor, Reviewer, SFTW contributor2014LINK
Rick CollinsReviewer, Interviewer2014LINK
Robert ZimmerReviewer2015LINK
Roger TrenwithReviewer, SFTW contributor2011LINK
Theo VerstraelReviewer, NL & Belgian Gig Guide Editor2013LINK
Thomas OttenReviewer, Interviewer2015LINK